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The Higher Education Commission (HEC) has been able to establish its primary library as the central repository that houses Ph.D./M.Phil thesis as well as research journals published at public universities. The work of students who attend government-run universities and institutions that award degrees across the nation can be accessed through the Higher Education Commission library. An official statement stated. The HEC library will be an omnichannel library of research journals for universities of all kinds, awarding institutions, and research and development agencies in and out of the country.

HEC Pakistan  Research Repository 2024

The PHEC Indigenous Research Repository (IRR) is an attempt to store, collect and disseminate locally-produced research coming from Punjab. While high-quality research is carried out in the United States but there’s no single location from which one can obtain research papers or a thesis for reference purposes.

eprints.hec.gov.pk Research Repository 2024

This platform will provide academicians as well as researchers with access to indigenous scientific publications from Punjab. Thus this library, which is part of the Higher Education Commission central library will be a huge benefit to students who are studying according to the statement. Research documents, thesis, or other research was done by students, faculty, or researcher who is affiliated with a private or public sector institution.

Phd Thesis Of All Public-Private Sector Universities-DAI

In this respect, it was said that Higher Education Commission chairman Prof (Dr) Attaur Rehman had given the direction. Research organizations will be listed within this repository to be used for research and academic purposes only.

HEC Thesis Repository 2024

The library will be a great help to those conducting research in the fields of applied and natural sciences and engineering sciences, health as well as humanities and social needs, and more.

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Furthermore, research papers/articles submitted by faculty members/researchers at international conferences are available through.

Higher Education Commission Library

all vice-chancellors, heads, and vice presidents of public sector institutions and universities of higher learning to supply copies of PhDall vice-chancellors and heads of public sector universities to provide copies of Ph.D. M.Phil thesis PHEC International Travel Grant (ITG) is available through this repository.

HEC Thesis PDF

Every discipline that is offered at their schools in addition to any additional publications like research journals. The home page of the Pakistan Research Repository (http://prr.hec.gov.pk/jspui/).

HEC PCD List 2024

A project by an initiative of the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan which serves as an open-access national repository of digital research papers published within the country.

HEC Phd Thesis Directory

EUI Working Papers are born digital since the year 2000. EUI Working Papers before 2000 were digitally digitized in EUI Library EUI Library in the year 2020. The entire collection is available as Open Access. PHEC International Travel Grant (ITG) is available through this repository.

HJRS-HEC Pakistan 2024

HEC Journal Recognition 2024

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