HJRS-HEC Pakistan 2024

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HJRS-HEC Pakistan 2024. HEC Journal Recognition System (HJRS) The HEC Journal Recognition System (HJRS) is a collection of scientific journals which are divided into three distinct categories: W, both X, and The Y -(where W represents the most recognized category, followed by X and then Y). HJRS | HEC Journal Recognition System.

HJRS-HEC Pakistan 2024

Within their specific expertise areas according to an array of internationally recognized and benchmarked metrics that evaluate the quality of the journal. HEC Journal Recognition System is the repository of genuine research journals, arranged in categories based on various ranking parameters.

Www.hjrs.hec.gov.pk Pakistan 2024

It is the relative location and the category of each journal calculated by a proprietary algorithm that was designed with the intention of encouraging high-quality research across different disciplines. It is based on an original algorithm that was developed with the aim of encouraging quality research across a variety of disciplines.

Journal Recognition System (HJRS)

Are you in search of the list of journals for research recognized by the Higher Education Commission (HEC) of Pakistan to aid you in your research or studies?


With the recent introduction of the HEC Journal Recognition System (HJRS) accessing this list of HEC acknowledged journals is now simpler than ever before.


HJRS lets you view an indexed position within the journal as global within the subject and subcategories.m Research journals are described as publications that are scholarly and consist of articles written by researchers, professors, and experts from various disciplines.


If you’re eager to download this List of HEC-accredited journals, then you’re in the right place. The reason for publishing such journals is to showcase new research that is focused on the study of a particular area.

HEC Recognized Journals

In this blog entry, we will show how to download the HEC acknowledged journal list.

Understanding HJRS (HEC Journal Recognition System)

We have already covered how to access an index of HEC-recognized institutions in Pakistan in greater detail We will now be looking at how to utilize the.

HEC Approved Supervisor List

HEC Journal Recognition System to access this list of HEC recognized journals in medicine, and social sciences along with other areas of study. Additionally, you will be able to determine whether a journal has been HEC recognized?

HEC Journal Recognition System HJRS, Category W, XY & Z

The Higher Education Commission, more often referred to as HEC is an institution that is a part of the Government of Pakistan to provide and oversee the main funding, regulation, and accreditation of higher education institutions in Pakistan.


HEC Journal Recognition System is an assortment of research journals that are classified into three distinct categories – W three categories.

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X, W, and Y within their respective areas of expertise in light of an array of internationally recognized and benchmarked indicators that assess the quality of the journal.


Accreditation Section Universities
Recognized Universities Universities
Illegal/Fake Universities & Campuses Universities
Universities Ranking Universities
Universities Statistics Universities
Grievance Redressal Portal Universities

HEC Services

For Students HEC Services
For Faculty HEC Services
For Universities HEC Services
For Overseas Pakistanis HEC Services
Degree Attestation HEC Services
Degree Equivalence HEC Services
Undergraduate Education HEC Services
National Academy of Higher Education (NAHE) HEC Services
HEDP Project HEC Services
Monitoring & Evaluation Division HEC Services
Disabilities Policy HEC Services
Sexual Harassment Policy HEC Services
Drugs and Tobacco Control Policy HEC Services


National Scholarships Scholarships
Foreign Scholarships Scholarships
Learning Opportunities Abroad Scholarships
Scholarship for Foreigners Scholarships
Approved PhD Supervisors Scholarships
Interim PhD Placement Scholarships
International Research Support Scholarships

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance Agency Quality Assurance
Online Education Readiness Quality Assurance
Tenure Track Statutes Quality Assurance
Faculty Appointment Criteria Quality Assurance
NoCs for M.Phil and Ph.D Quality Assurance
Plagiarism & Blacklisted faculty Quality Assurance

HEC recognized journals (arts and humanities)

In 1947, it was established as the University Grants Commission (UGC) prior to being reformed into HEC in 2002. The Commission is accountable for the improvement and improvement of higher education in Pakistan.

Serial No. Description Download
1 Impact Factor Journals – 2018 Download
2 Impact Factor Journals – 2017 Download
3 Impact Factor Journals – 2016 Download
4 Impact Factor Journals – 2015 Download
5 Impact Factor Journals – 2014 Download
6 Impact Factor Journals – 2013 Download

HJRS Stands For

Go to the Official Website of HJRS.m Higher Education Commission (HEC), Pakistan has designed the journal portal, where each HEC recognized journal is listed according to their respective categories (W, Z, X, Y & Z). Select an area from the dropdown. Select the subject, then select a subcategory depending on the topic, etc.

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