Jamia Baitussalam Result 2022

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Jamia Baitussalam Entry Test Result 2022 can be checked online. The results can be viewed on the internet using the roll number. The 3-year Aalimah course is one program that has been taught and taught in the Jamia with huge popularity and success. The final results will be released between the 13th and 12th of May 2022. The program attracts a lot of students from all over the world and is ideal for those who are looking to learn Islamic Sciences at an advanced stage within an English medium.

Jamia Baitussalam Result 2022

On this website, you will find information more about Jamia Baitussalam Entry Test Result 2022 Last Date. This course is intended for older students who have reached 16 years old. International and local students interested in learning more about how to study the Quran and the origins of Islam can visit the link below to download the entry test for students.

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The course is a condensed version, leading to an advanced degree that is awarded in Islamic Sciences and Arabic Language commonly referred to by the name of Our Aalima Diploma. This is the ideal institute to know the number of Midrash are found in Pakistan. The Jamia encourages students to finish a fourth year that is not compulsory in order to reach the Bachelor’s level, which is the level our students get from the seven-year Aalima course.

Jamia Baitussalam Entry Test Result 2022

However, they’re not associated with other institutes and this one has the sole authority that grants institutions to smaller institutions. Students learn to read The Holy Quran fluently and beautifully. All students from Islamic nations were informed by this institution that they can sign up on the internet.

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The Tajweed rules are based on topics like a proper pronunciation of the Arabic alphabet, Sifaat (attributes of letters), Madd (elongation), Waqf (rules of stopping), and the styles of recitation. Students from other countries who haven’t visited Pakistan and do not take classes in Pakistan can enroll in online classes and receive an official certificate at the institution.

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Students are taught how to improve their confidence, voice control and manner of the recitation. The test for entry will be announced between 12 and 14th May 2022. This course also assists students to improve their skills in memorizing while also memorizing certain chapters from the Holy Quran.


  • Arabic Language and literature
  • Citizenship – Rights of everyone
  • Spiritual & Moral Development (SMSC)
  • Self-development/Citizenship – health & hygiene
  • Memorisation Skills
  • Speech development
  • Reading & speaking skills
  • Essay planning & writing skills
  • Fiqh (Islamic rulings)

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The final report can be viewed online here. Institute will notify the candidates who were selected. All in all the minimum requirement is 3 Juz (parts from 30 total) throughout the duration of the course is a requirement from students. The majority of parents believe that they need to educate their children on how to become HAFIZ.

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This course also covers the translation of the Quranic text, as well as an introduction to interpretation at intermediate levels. Students at higher levels are required to learn the various interpretations of scholars and understand the range of their interpretations.

Jamia Baitussalam Talagang Entry Test Result 2022

They’d like to go to this school however if they don’t satisfy the standards to be admitted, they won’t have the chance to. Students learn about in-depth the Hadith (Prophetic Narrations) from the beginning to an advanced cross-curricular.

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The institute also plans to conduct an admission test. The course assists students in attaining goals such as Hadith comprehension and translating understanding.

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As well as moral and legal extractions. If students do not appear for the test, they will not be allowed to take the test or pass it, and those with higher scores won’t be allowed in.

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The subject helps students to improve their skills at memorizing while they learn a range of Prophetic Narrations, which concentrate on enhancing their behaviors, attitudes, and social growth.
At a higher level, students are able to grasp how legal issues are a part of Islamic law that is derived from the narrations.

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Students who are in this session would like to apply for QIRAT in the future, and after that to HIFZ which is a class that’s open to competent students. Additionally, students are expected to be role models in the respect to the compassionate and compassionate doctrines of Islam.

Arabic Language and literature Citizenship – Rights of everyone
Citizenship – Respect for the law and upholding the law Spiritual & Moral Development (SMSC)
Self-development/Citizenship – health & hygiene Reading & speaking skills
Logical reasoning and understanding Essay planning & writing skills
Quranic Tafseer (Interpretation), Hadith & Usool

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If they fail to satisfy the QIRAT requirements the student won’t be able to qualify for the next class.n Rights of relatives, neighbors as well as non-relatives of different religions and beliefs and the human race as a whole will be a constant subject throughout. If you’re trying to be accepted into this school, you may use this website and it’s right there to make it easy.

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