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Welcome to the website for TESCO Billing. Tribal Areas Electric Supply Company is known as TESCO [TESCO Online Bill]. You can acquire a free duplicate TESCO bill here. Tribal areas receive energy from TESCO. You can view the whole bill after simply viewing the bill amount and due date. TESCO enhances customer service and offers a variety of facilities to its clients. The finest service is online billing. The bill image can be downloaded or printed as well. Your electricity bills can be viewed and paid for online.

TESCO Online Bill 2024 – Download Duplicate Bill

To view your Tesco online bill, enter the bill reference number below. Do you have questions about the TESCO Online Bill? How do I check my online duplicate electricity bill? What is the most efficient way to pay my bill online?

Nepra.org.pk TESCO Online Bill 2024

How do I use convenient payment options? Your issues are now solved as you will find all of the solutions on this website. Please input your new 14-digit reference number, which is listed on your printed electricity bill, since some reference numbers have been changed. We will provide you with all the information on how to carry out all of the aforementioned chores using only a mobile phone and the methods we will explain;

TESCO Online Bill 2024 – Check Latest Electricity Bill

all you need is a bill reference number. You don’t need to worry if you’re looking for TESCO online bill because our website provides you with a number of solutions to your various TESCO-related concerns.

Check, Download & Print the TESCO Online Bill of Month October 2024

TESCO provides a wide range of services to make its clients comfortable. The fact that this incredible organization is run by PEPCO and the Power Division.

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which is the Ministry of Energy Pakistan, is the basis for its secret code. Online bill paying is among the top services.

TESCO Duplicate Bill Online

(Tribal Areas Electric Supply Company) TESCO The Trible Areas Electric Supply Company is known as TESCO. You already have the reference number, so don’t worry, and pay attention. Under the supervision of WAPDA.

TESCO Online Bill 2024 – Online Bill Check and Download

Tribal Territories Electric Supply Company provides energy in tribal areas and also serves the other adjacent zone. TESCO is a sizable power supply company that was only recently founded in August 2004.

Check Your TESCO Bill

The fundamental idea behind this company is that it provides power to Pakistan’s old-age communities, the FRs, and the tribal areas. The process of checking and paying the bill online is not very challenging. Its employees are diligently working day and night to supply public keys for the tribal territories’ electrical needs.

TESCO Online Bill

You may find detailed instructions on how to locate the reference number on our website. It takes a lot of time to submit an electrical bill in today’s modern world.

How can you check TESCO Online Bill?

You only need your previous bill to complete this process. It is the most time-consuming payment method and it has restrictions because you must first go to a post office or bank and wait for your turn.

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Obtain Reference Number

Take your most recent bill, and in the right top corner, you will notice a 14-digit reference number indicated. Additionally, you frequently don’t get your monthly bill, which leaves you broke for the month.

Contact details of TESCO

TESCO Head Office: 213-Mini WAPDA House, Shami Road, Peshawar, Pakistan

Phone Number: 091-9212964

Fax Number: 091-9212950

Email ID: contact@tesco.gov.pk

Website: www.tesco.gov.pk

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