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You may now check your gas and electricity invoices on our website. Wapda Bill Online 2024:  View, Download, and Print (Mepco, Lesco, Qesco, K-Electric, Gepco, Hesco, Fesco, Pesco & IESCO Duplicate Bills) Post are used in Pakistan to deliver electricity bills.  We’ll provide you with the most recent details about your bills.  Customers may fail to receive their bills on time due to subpar delivery services. Additionally, you can now view your internet bill information.  Due to carelessness, several also misplaced their Wapda invoices.  The water and Power Development Authority is referred to as WAPDA.  https://nepra.org.pk/

WAPDA Online Bill 2024 Check Your Electricity Bills Online

It oversees Pakistani water and power businesses. It is owned by the Pakistani government.  On our website, you can also verify the Wapda duplicate electricity bill for 2024 for any Pakistani city.  Terbela and Mangla dams are part of WAPDA, which provides the nation with power and electricity.

Www.wapda.gov.pk Online Bill 2024

Prior to a few years ago, customers in each of these circumstances had to go to their local Wapda office to obtain a duplicate electricity bill.  It offers the ability to pay WAPDA bills online.  Now that e-governance measures have been implemented in Pakistan, all of the country’s electric power supply firms have developed web pages with the ability to view and download duplicate invoices online.  Below are links to each of Pakistan’s nine electric power supply companies (Mepco, Lesco, Qesco, K-Electric, Gepco, Hesco, Fesco, Pesco, and IESCO).  Lahore is where WAPDA House headquarters are located.  You can quickly obtain your online replica Wapda electricity bill by clicking the link for the area of concern.

Bills & E-Payments WAPDA Online Bill Checking 2024

On “A4” size paper, consumers can also print their electricity bill.  The Wapda electricity bill can be printed using the Internet Explorer browser. We offer options that allow you to print and check your statement online. Choose “Page Setup” from the file menu, and then choose A4 for the paper size. After that, delete the header and footer values.

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Multan Electric Power Company is known as MEPCO.  This electrical firm generates energy from water and supplies electricity to 34 million people in 13 districts around south Punjab.  It was started back in 1998.

MEPCO Online Bill 2024


Faisalabad Electric Power Supply Company referred as FESCO.  Many Punjabi districts receive electricity from it.  This company, which was established in 1998, generates electricity from water as well.  It serves 4 million residents of Punjab with its services.

FESCO Bill Online 2024


Gepco’s full name is Gujranwala Electric Power Company(GEPCO).  It is an electric power supplier that offers its services in the Punjabi city of Gujranwala.  Sialkot, Narowal, Gujrat, Gujranwala, and Mandi Bahaudin are among them.

Check GEPCO Online Duplicate Bill 2024


The WAPDA manages the power supply firm HESCO.  It established in April 1998 as well.  The area around Hyderabad supplied with electricity by it.

HESCO Bill Online 2024


Hyderabad Electric Supply Company has established Sukker Electric Power Company (SEPCO) ( HESCO).  Hesco split in two by it.  It started back in 1998.  Sukker, Larkana, and Dadu the regions covered by SEPCO.

SEPCO Online Bill 2024


In 1998, the Islamabad Electric Supply Company (IESCO) established.  From Attock to Jehlum, electricity supplied by it.  Hindus from the rivers to Kashmir.  It powers a sizable portion of Punjab.  It provides services to 6 districts in Punjab, which has a population of roughly 2 million.

IESCO Online Bill 2024


In 1998, Lahore Electric Supply Company (LESCO) established.  Lahore is also home to the WAPDA headquarters.  Its services are available throughout Punjab.  Lahore, Okara, Sheikhupura, and Kasur served by it.

LESCO Online Bill 2024


Electricity is provided to Quetta and the territories around it by the enormous Queta Electric Power Company.  Under the direction of the WAPDA Online bill, this company provides its services to the entire Balochistan.

QESCO Bill Online 2024


FATA uses the facilities that the tribal electric distribution power corporation offers. On our website, you may check your Tesco online bill.  It makes its facilities available to FATA while governed by WAPDA.

Information About WAPDA

The Pakistan Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA) created by a law passed by the parliament in February 1958, to facilitate an integrated and rapid development and maintenance of the power and water resources of the country.

Contact Info:

Lt Gen Sajjad Ghani (Retd)

Room No. 701,Wapda House, Sharah-e-Quaid-e-Azam, Lahore, Pakistan

Tell No.(Off) +92-42-99202222-3, Fax No. +92-42-99202505

Email: chairman@wapda.gov.pk

TESCO Bill Online 2024

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