HEC Approved Supervisor List 2024

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LAHORE: The Higher Education Commission is at the center of controversy after it unilaterally announced a policy that allows candidates to pursue Ph.D. degrees following their BS degrees. Doctoral education is designed to help students develop the skills and knowledge needed to conduct independent research. Stakeholders, including academics and administrators of public and private universities, claimed that the commission did not consult them when drafting and launching the new Ph.D. policies.

HEC Approved Supervisor & List 2024 PDF

This is where supervisors can play a significant role, providing guidance and mentoring to students on research trends and conduct as well as guiding them in their academic careers. The new policy, which Dawn has made available to you, allows applicants with a BS or equivalent degree to be admitted to a Ph.D. program. They can also pursue a degree in another field.

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University Grant Commission was the first to establish the approved Ph.D. Supervisor Program. The University Grant Commission was eventually replaced by the Pakistan Council for Science and Technology (PCST), which became the principal agency responsible for approving Ph.D. supervisors and faculty. This policy no longer requires that Ph.D. dissertations be sent to foreign experts for review. Dissertations can now also be sent to Pakistani experts.

HEC Approved Supervisor list 2024

PCST was a purely technical program that focused on Science and Technology. The Higher Education Commission Islamabad took over the entire program in February 2004. A Ph.D. degree can be completed in up to eight years. The minimum is three years.

HEC Approved Supervisor Criteria

This program had the specific purpose of registering active, qualified, and experienced researchers/scholars among faculty members of HEC-recognized Universities/Degree Awarding Institutions. During their Ph.D. studies, students will need to spend at least two years in the country they are from.

HEC Approved Supervisor Renewal

This activity was designed to select Ph.D. supervisors for doctoral students funded under the various HEC Ph.D. Scholarship Programs. All universities, public and private, in the country were required to adopt this new policy by January 1, 2021.

HEC Approved Supervisor list 2024

HEC Approved Supervisor is a program that assists Ph.D. students by matching them with experienced faculty members from HEC-recognized universities, degree-awarding institutions, R&D organizations, and other educational institutions.

Approved Supervisors Via Manual System

HEC has declared the policy binding on universities, citing the authority conferred on the regulator by the Higher Education Commission Ordinance 2002.

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HEC-approved supervisors will supervise Ph.D. students who are funded by HEC-in-country scholarship programs for three years.

  • HEC Criteria For Mphil Supervisor
  • HEC Application Tracker
  • HEC Guidelines For Research Journals
  • HEC Criteria For Ph.D. Supervisor

HEC Approved Supervisors Portal

“Violation of the HECs policies or failure to conform may result in regulatory action being taken against non-compliant HEIs (including, but not limited to, HEC restructured the process to become an ‘HEC Approved Supervisor’ in December 2016. It is now online and manual.

HEC Approved Supervisor List

Warnings and directions to stop admission. All Ph.D. supervisors have been approved. If they are not yet filled, new applicants will need to register on HEC E-portal and complete their profiles. Suspension or cancellation of NOCs, issuance of alerts to the public, and non-recognition deficient degrees.

Important Links

  1. Introduction
  2. Current Status
  3. Progress & Achievements
  4. General Requirements
  5. How to ApplyCurrently selected
  6. Financial Privileges
  7. Responsibilities
  8. Search Engine for HEC Approved Supervisors (Eportal)
  9. Approved Supervisors Via Manual System
  10. Related Documents
  11. User Manual
  12. Contact Us
  13. Objectives
  14. Terms and Conditions
  15. Monitoring of Supervisors
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Approved Supervisors Via Manual System – HEC Check Online
Recognizing Approved Supervisors for Ph.D. Students – HEC Check Online
Approved Ph.D. Supervisors – HEC Check Online
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Current Status – HEC Check Online

HEC Approved Supervisor Benefits

Already linked to the online system are profiles of Ph.D. faculty who were approved and updated up until November 2016. (List available on the right navigation). A minimum CGPA (out of 4.0) is required to be admitted to Ph.D. programs under the new policy. To be included in the Online database, they will need to create a new profile on E-Portal.




Maqsood Haider Assistant Professor Management
Javed Iqbal HOD Geological Engineering
Adil Hussain Assistant Professor Cell & Molecular Biology
Alia Niaz Assistant Professor Environmental Sciences
Bushra Assistant Professor Biochemistry
Gauhar Rehman Assistant Professor Molecular Genetics
Hazrat Hussain Associate Professor Polymer Physical Chemistry
Majid Khan Assistant Professor Materials Processing
Maqsood Hayat Assistant Professor Computer Science
Muhsin Jamal Assistant Professor Virology and Immunology
Mukhtaj Khan Assistant Professor Computer Engineering
Nadeem Iqbal Assistant Professor Bio & Brain Engineering
Shahid Jan Associate Professor Management Science
Rehana Rehman Assistant Professor Physiology
Atif Hasan Soori Assistant Professor Pure Mathematics
Muhammad Shoaib Arif Assistant Professor Applied Mathematics
Rubina Nasir Assistant Professor Physics
Shahryar Saleem Assistant Professor Electrical Engineering
Zareena Kausar Assistant Professor Robotics
Adnan Riaz Assistant Professor Human Resource Management
Attaullah Shah Director Civil Engineering
Hidayat Khan Assistant Professor Shari’ah & Law
Muhammad Arshad Awan Lecturer Computer Science
Muhammad Tarique Tunio Lecturer Animal Nutrition & Feed Sciences
Aamer Ikram Professor Microbiology
Muhammad Tahir Khadim Professor Histopathology
Saleem Ahmed Khan Professor Pathology
Faisal Hafeez Assistant Entomologist Agriculture Entomology
Farhad Ali Assistant Professor Biotechnology
Muhammad Iqbal Lecturer Chemistry

HEC Approved Supervisor Required Documents

The document also stated that the MS or MPhil degree leading into a Ph.D. program will no longer be offered. Candidates would still be eligible to obtain an MPhil or MS degree. HEC-attested Ph.D. degree/ Equivalence certificate must also be uploaded (both HEC and Non-HEC Scholars). Applications submitted to E Portal will be reviewed and approved if they meet the criteria.

HEC Approved Supervisor Contact Number

Saima Naurin

Project Director, (HRD)

Higher Education Commission,

H-9, Islamabad

Email: snaurin@hec.gov.pk

Research Assistant, (HRD)

Higher Education Commission

H-9, Islamabad

Email: phdsupervisor@hec.gov.pk

HJRS-HEC Pakistan 2024

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