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This Page Link Www.StudyHelp.Pk . This year’s Aga Khan University jobs have been advertised in the newspaper and applications from qualified candidates are accepted using the form that is prescribed for application. These. Aga Khan University was chartered in 1983 as Pakistan’s first privately owned internationally oriented university. It is dedicated to providing education, research, and health care that is of the international standard applicable to Pakistan and the surrounding region. Aga Khan University jobs 2024 in Pakistan qualified candidates are Male and Female across the nation.

AKU Jobs 2024 – Aga Khan University Hospital Vacancies

Its affiliated Aga Khan University Hospital has excellent investigative facilities and the latest in medical facilities. Candidates can apply by following the process set out by the institution and will be able to get these jobs in Pakistan in 2024 once they have completed the selection process.

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As the Dean of Medical College and Associate Dean for Research, Medical College, this post of leadership requires leadership in research administration, strategic management, and research and research administration. These positions are open for Qualified and Experience candidates for each post. Analytical abilities to lead and oversee a variety of hospital-based, community, or multi-center medical research initiatives across The Faculty of Health Sciences with special attention to Division as well as Departments that comprise the Medical College as well as the School.

More About Aga Khan University

Aga Khan University is a non-profit university and an agent part of the Aga Khan Development Network. It was founded in 1983 as the first Pakistani private university. Since 2000, the university was expanded in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and in the United Kingdom and Afghanistan.

Latest AKU Jobs 2024 – Join The Aga Khan University Hospital

Candidates are also able to read the advertisement on the advertisement for vacancies for more details. Recent AKU jobs 2024- For those who are waiting to find the perfect door for the Medicine industry to grow their career you’re at the right place. we have some great positive news for them. They are able to pursue AKU Positions.

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List Of Available Vacancies

  • Clinical Officer
  • Chief Research
  • Chief Clinical Laboratory
  • Anesthesiology Medical Officer
  • Information Collector
  • Expert Information Technology
  • Schooling Advisor
  • Examiner IT
  • Educator Research
  • Right hand
  • Homegrown Aide
  • Academic administrator Anatomy
  • Field Forester
  • Wellbeing Director
  • Change Office Analyst
  • Specialist
  • Specialized Expert

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How To Apply?

Applications are now open to applicants from Karachi, Lahore, Hyderabad, and all over Pakistan for the latest opening that they have published. Global Affairs Canada and the Aga Khan Foundation Canada fund this program via Foundations for Health & Empowerment (F4HE) and Foundations for Education & Empowerment (F4EE) grants.

Eligibility Criteria

If you’re looking to stay connected and refreshed you can do that by requesting you may allow us to notify you when we make changes to a job. WLA is seeking young women and girls who are aspiring to the management or supervisory position with previous experience in community-based organizations in the education and health sectors as well as non-governmental organizations in Kenya as well as Uganda.

Organization Name The Agha Khan University
Employment Type Full Time
Location Pakistan
Education: Bachelor and Onwards Bachelor and Onwards

AKU Medical Officer Jobs

An award will be given following graduation, then you can join the alumni network for networking and mentoring. It’s an amazing half-breed business that offers students scholarly excellence and a major practice, in addition to social work.


National Stadium Rd, Aga Khan University Hospital, Karachi, Karachi City, Sindh

Phone: (021) 34930051

Aga Khan Residency Program 2024

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