Aga Khan Residency Program 2024

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AKU’s Postgraduate Medical Educational Residency Programs are available for 2024. Aga Khan University Karachi held an entry test to determine eligibility for the postgraduate medical education PGME residency program 2024. This page contains the AKU Residency Result 20022 Merit List as well as the list of qualified candidates. Aga Khan Medical College Admission 2024-22-23 Apply Online at Admission 2020 – The Bachelor of Science in Nursing program (BSCN), equips students with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes needed to practice as nurses. The following people have been accepted into the Residency Programs for the academic year 2024.

AKU Residency Result 2024 Merit List

The residency program requires applicants to have a medical degree (MBChB or equivalent) that is recognized by Agha Khan University and Kenya’s Medical Practitioners and Dentists Council. You can find the passing score for the AKU Residency Programmes test here. This is a 4-year program of education that includes a year of internship. Residency Program 2024

It was created to help professionals in clinical practice. For more information, please see the following. After completing the program, nurses will have the ability to use critical thinking to provide full nursing care. They will also be able to act as agents of change in their education in all areas of healthcare. It provided the final list of candidates selected in the order they were submitted. You can apply online if you prefer. This selection has been made conditional upon the submission of all required documents by the deadline.

AKU Residency Result 2024 Online

It doesn’t matter if the candidate passed the FCPS One or not. They must still sit for the residency exam. Students must sit for the PNC License Examination at the end of their five-year education period. Before being interviewed, you must pass FCPS 1. Students who pass the exam are eligible to receive the Registered Nurse certificate.

AKU Residency Programs Test Results 2024

Over 70 programs are offered by the Aga Khan University (AKU), including an Internship Program for House Job, a Residency for FCPS Training, and a Fellowship Program for Sub Specialization.

AKU Residency Test Passing Marks

We at Aga Khan University would like to thank you for the chance to work with you. You can find the passing score for the AKU Residency Programmes test here. We offer challenging careers in East Africa, South, and Central Asia as well as the UK.

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AKU Residency Program 2024 Result

No matter if they pass the FCPS, applicants who show up for the residency test will be considered. We provide friendly, supportive communities that offer competitive benefits and compensation.

Apply Online

In return, we give you the chance to grow in your chosen field. We are happy to assist you with any questions or difficulties in checking your AKU Residency Program 2024 result online.

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Check out the various job opportunities on campuses around the globe to find out how you can become a faculty member or staff member. It is mandatory to pass FCPS at least one meeting before the meeting.

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AGA Khan Residency Program 2024

The two-year Master of Philosophy (M.Phil.) education program helps students to build a solid research base that covers everything from the classroom and school-led teaching to topics related to educational policy, governance, and governance.

Psychiatry Pediatric Surgery
Operative Dentistry​ Paediatrics & Child Health
Ophthalmology Pathology and Laboratory Medicine​
Orthodontics Plastic Surgery
Orthopedic Surgery Prosthodontics​
Otolaryngology/ Head & Neck Surgery Obstetrics & Gynaecology
Radiation Oncology ​Adult Cardiology​​​
Anesthesiology and Intensive Care Cardiac Surgery
Clinical Haematology Community Medicine
Dermatology Emergency Medicine
Diagnostic Radiology Family Medicine
Gastroenterology Internal Medicine
General Surgery Medical Oncology
Nephro​logy Neurology
Pulmonary Medicine Urology

AKU Residency Program 2024 Application Form

Aga Khan University (AKU) offers 70 projects, including an Internship Program for House jobs, a Residency for FCPS Training, and a Fellowship Program for Sub Specialization. This tool allows you to research important questions. The AKU Residency Results for 2024 are available.

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i am post imm resident in gastro in hmc peshawar , can i apply for gastro residency in aku

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AoA I want to know can a dentist other than AKU apply for residency programme in AKU? and if yes then when will you announces the residemcy programme

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