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The University of the Punjab Lahore provides scholarships to needy students. With the convening of the first meeting of its Senate at Simla on October 14, 1882, the University of Punjab was officially established. The university’s goal is to offer financial assistance and facilities to students in order to help them achieve their goals. It was the fourth university established by British colonial authorities in the Pakistani Sub-continent.

University Of The Punjab Lahore Scholarship 2024

Below is a list of university scholarships: Punjab Educational Endowment Fund. British colonizers established the first three universities at their initial strongholds in Bombay, Madras, and Calcutta. British Council Scholarship (Pakistan Scottish Ph.D. Travel Grant for Women 2016).

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After a long struggle by the people of Punjab, the University of Punjab was established in 1857. Diya Pakistan Scholarship. The University of Punjab, unlike the other three universities that were only examined, was both a teaching and examining institution from the start. Phase II of the Pak-USAID Merit- and Needs-Based Scholarship Program. He was the first to be a Registrar. Prof. A. C. Shahbaz Sharif Merit Scholarships (SSMS).

Punjab University Lahore Scholarships 2024

Woolner, who was Vice-Chancellor from 1928-1936, played an important role in the university’s development in the first decades of this century. The University of Punjab was established in Lahore, Pakistan in 1882. It is Pakistan’s oldest and largest higher education institution.

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The statue of his remains is still visible in front of the Allama Iqbal Campus. It was the first sub-continental establishment in an area with a Muslim majority. The University of Punjab was the only institution that could fulfill the educational needs of large parts of the Subcontinent, up to independence in 1947.

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This university is located in Lahore, a historical and culturally rich city. It has been a leader in spreading higher education throughout the country.

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The geographical boundaries of the university were somewhat diminished by the Partition of India. Balochistan FATA Scholarship It can be found on Lahore’s Mall Road. DEO Scholarship.

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The University strives for a supportive environment that encourages academic activity. It remained in control of vast areas, including Punjab, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, and Balochistan for many years after independence.

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The university is a top choice because of its internationalized faculty and pleasant environment. Later, new universities were established in the country in order to share responsibility for higher education. The University has five campuses, 19 faculties, 08 constituent colleges, and 138 departments and centers.

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Due to the influx of non-Muslim scholars and teachers during independence, the strength of the university faculty was significantly reduced.

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There are 658 colleges and universities that are affiliated with the University. Due to the efforts of prominent educationists such as Dr.

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There are 991 faculty members on campus, 300 part-time faculty, and 49,520 students.


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Umar Hayat Malik was the first Vice-Chancellor to be elected after independence. (29,588 Students in the Morning, 18,838 at Night, and 1,094 Diploma students.

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Soon after independence, new academic programs and departments were established. Allama Iqbal Campus is named after the great South Asian poet-philosopher.

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Department-Wide Scholarships Its Indo-Islamic architecture contains Colleges of Art and Design, IT, and Pharmacy, as well as the oldest Oriental College, which is the original avatar of the University, established in 1870.

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