PMS Islamiat Paper 2024

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Islamic Studies PMS 2024 today’s paper was held on the 24th of August 2024. PMS Islamic Studies Past Paper 2024 by PPSC is available on StudyHelp.PK. Download past papers from Islamic Studies Paper PMS 2024. The paper was conducted in preparation for PMS Exams by the Punjab Public Service Commission. Take a look below for the entire paper If you are able to recall Multiple Choice questions (MCQs) from Islamiat today’s PMS 2024 paper Please share your questions in the comments section. Islamic Studies is a compulsory subject that is worth 100 marks.

Islamic Studies PMS 2024 Paper – General Knowledge Online

Here you can download PMS Punjab Islamiat’s paper for 2024. 20 Marks are for Objective & 80 Marks are for the Subjective Part. You can attempt to solve your Islamic Studies Paper of PMS in Urdu or English. Additionally, the objective portion of the PMS Punjab exam solved Islamic studies, Mcqs section. Islamic Studies PMS 2024 Paper

Try to answer five questions in total including question No. 7 Which Is Compulsory? Attempt In Urdu or English. Here you will find the most recent important Islamic Studies Mcqs on CSSMCQs. What is the distinction between Deen and religion? Explain the necessity and significance of religion in the current time. (20 Marks) The Islamiat Mcqs is built on the historical background of Islam and the fundamental Islamic knowledge and the beliefs of Islam and the history of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) MCQs and his companions. PMS Islamic Studies 2024 Paper – CSS MCQs.

PMS Islamic Studies Paper 2024

In the spotlight, what are the diplomatic and administrative accomplishments that were made by the Holy Prophet (POOH) within his context in the framework of Medina? (20 Marks) The most crucial and frequent MCQs from the latest examinations in the field of Islamic Studies MCQs are included here.

Information Islamiat Paper 2024

Islamic studies is the term used to describe the study of academics of Islam. It also refers to multidisciplinary academic “studies” programs – like others that concentrate on the textual history, theology, and theologies of different religions, for example, Eastern Christian Studies or Jewish Studies however, there are also disciplines like (environmental study, Middle East studies, urban studies, race studies etc.)¬†where scholars from a variety of disciplines (history literature, culture and art, literature, etc.)) collaborate and share ideas related to the particular area of study.

PMS Islamic Studies Past Paper 2024 by PPSC

Draw the administrative and judicial structure of Khulfa and Rashideen. How has the present time benefited from their work? (20 Marks) There is a vast array of Multiple Choice Questions over the study of Seerah of Prophet Mohammad (PBAH) as an example for people diplomats, educators, diplomats, Peacemakers, and military strategists.

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PMS Islamic Studies 2024 Paper

How has the Islamic state safeguarded Muslims’ rights? Study this statement with particular attention to the Pakistani Constitution. In addition, the Islamic Code of Life MCQs, as well as other Islamiyat-related MCQs will publish regularly.

PMS Papers 2024: Islamic Studies

Note down your thoughts in detail on any of the following subjects. (10+10=20 Marks) Shortly, every one of the previous MCQs from the papers of CSS Islamiat will also include here along together with CSS reference to the paper and CSS Islamiyat paper MCQs section A.

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If you’d like to stay up to date with PMS Syllabus as well as Exam Material and daily news, join our Facebook Group to PMS. Within this post, you’ll be able to download this document: PMS Islamic Study Paper 2024. Get Islamic Studies Paper 2024.

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