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PFTP is federal or private? This question is asked by many people who want to know whether it is a good idea to be admitted into the PFTP program, so it is important to be aware. Pakistan Freelancing Training Program (PFTP) is now open for application and applicants can apply online on their site within a matter of minutes. It’s a private company, but it is backed by the government. Its goal is to impart smart skills to the youngsters of Pakistan.

PFTP Scholarship 2022 Last Date

The program will help young people to develop essential skills for the world of freelance work and help them become self-sufficient. The cost of registration is 2500 dollars per course for the base and 4500 for advanced courses. Scholarship 2022

Pakistan Freelancing Training Program (PFTP) is the nation’s biggest initiative that provides free training in skill development to empower the youth of Pakistan. The application period is open from now until the 6th of July. Apply before that date to enroll in the PFTP batch program that has so many courses. Check out the full list of classes offered by the Pakistan Freelancing Training Program at the end of this post.

How To Apply For PFTP Scholarship 2022

The program has been developed with the help of the Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunication (MoITT) and offers modern-day training to potential freelancers in all provinces in the country.

PFTP Internship 2022

The minimum requirement for qualification is matriculation. This program is an excellent opportunity for youngsters to receive hands-on training in a variety of courses given by experts from the industry that can equip them with the information and abilities to become self-sufficient by working online via freelancers’ platforms.

PFTP Laptop Scholarship 2022

It is an online system. The registration period to apply for Pakistan Freelancing Training Program (PFTP) and young people can apply online with a simple fee of Rs. 2500 for each class. The students will be provided with recorded lectures weekly via the LMS you are registered to.

PFTP Registration Last Date 2022

The whole process of registering for this program Pakistan Freelancing Training Program (PFTP) is described in this article to make it easier for our readers. The cost of registration is 2500 for the basic course and 4500 for advanced courses.

PFTP Free Course 2022

There are five courses offered as part of the Pakistan Freelancing Training Program (PFTP). Update, Batch 6 is now open to sign up, so take advantage of this opportunity if in the market for it. These modules consist of the following: The Pakistan Freelancing Training Program(PFTP) is a program that is highly valued by the Government of Pakistan to train youngsters in various skills.

PFTP Courses List

PFTP Is Offering  Certification Courses In The Following Domains:
#Website Development
#Emerging Technologies
#Accounting And Marketing
#Apps Development
#Video Editing And Designing
#Feelancing Track

Advance Online Programs Are:

Advanced Cyber Security
Advance Graphic & Logo Designing
Advance Freelancing
Advance Amazon
Advance Digital Marketing
Advance Andriod Development
Python With Django
Advanced Video Editing &Production

PFTP Online Apply Last Date 2022

Additionally, there is in addition, the Pakistan Freelancing Training Program (PFTP) also provides the following advanced classes: The goal of PFTP scholarships is to provide opportunities for youngsters to be placed under the umbrella of higher education and provide an equal education opportunity for all and this is what our scholarship program is comprised of.

PFTP Scholarship 2022 Application Form

It is important to note that on success in completing the above-listed courses and exams, you will receive an award of completion from the Pakistan Freelancing Training Program (PFTP).


Apply Online

Pakistan Freelancing Training Program (PFTP) will also offer a platform for our most brilliant students to take part in international FULLY / SEMI FINANCED scholarships across the globe.

PFTP Laptop Scholarship 2022

Based on the criteria for course completion for the Pakistan Freelancing Training Program (PFTP) The participants must earn 60% to be qualified for a certificate. Each PFTP participant will be granted this chance after completing the 3 months of freelancing, as well as IT-related courses.

PFTP Scholarship 2022

Each element (Video or Quiz, as well as hands-on exercises) has a certain percentage of the overall score of 100. This is as shown as follows: Pakistan Freelancing Training Program (PFTP) offers no-cost courses However, there is a tiny amount of Rs. 2500 registration fee for each course offered under the program. PFTP program is designed to create opportunities for employment in the government sector as well as in the private sector, to improve the proportion of employees.

PFTP Scholarship Program 2022

This could help to rule out candidates who are not serious so that more attention is paid to those who are actually here to discover something.PFTP Students who are certified are offered a paid or unpaid internship in their field of expertise.

PFTP Fake Or Real

The requirements for acceptance into the Pakistan Freelancing Training Program (PFTP) are a minimum of matriculation as well as a basic understanding of computers as well as the ability to speak basic English. Following the completion of their courses, the students who have passed will be given internships on a prioritized basis.

Fundamentals of UI and UX See Online
Excel Basic See Online
Python See Online
Website Development See Online
Accounting and Marketing See Online
Apps Development See Online
Virtual Assistant Amazon See Online
IOS Development See Online
Graphic Designing See Online
Cloud Computing See Online
APlus much more See Online

PFTP Free Courses

PFTP encourages all those who meet the conditions to participate in the course and to take advantage of the training courses. The choice of candidates remains at the sole discretion of the companies. You could apply for Pakistan Freelancing Training Program (PFTP) through their official website and follow these simple steps:

PFTP Contact Numbers

Address: Suite # A1 AMANAH mall, Lahore, 54700

Phone: 0303-4321118

Email: [email protected]

NFTP Programs 2022

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