PESCO Online Bill 2024

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You can check your PESCO invoice online via Instead of making lengthy trips or spending more money, you can now receive an additional utility bill. PESCO online bill – Available Now is the time to search for Pesco bills to obtain your duplicate bill from PESCO just enter your reference number in the box above to see the total cost of your invoice. If you’ve not been able to receive the WAPDA electricity bill, don’t be concerned. Here’s how to do it: Visit the billing page, type in the reference number on the invoice you received and you will receive the PESCO duplicate bill online immediately.

PESCO Online Bill 2024

It’s a no-cost website that lets you check your pesco bill quickly. Yes! It’s as easy as that. However, not too long ago people weren’t so fortunate to have access to the internet. Here, you can get an exact duplicate of the PESCO bill. Online Bill 2024

The only method to get a duplicate copy is by calling the service provider in person this was a major waste of time and energy. Here you can look up your latest bill amount along with the due date. You can also look over the complete bill. Let’s discover how to retrieve your PESCO bill online with our service. It is possible to deposit your payment on this duplicate bill.

PESCO Bill June 2024

You can download a copy of the bill or print your Pesco wapda invoice to pay. Peshawar Electric Supply Company (PESCO) was founded on the 22nd March 1998.

Www.Pesco.Gov.Pk Online Bill Check

You can enter your 14-digit reference number below to view the pesco electricity bill. To see your online bill from Pesco it is necessary to know your 14-digit reference number.

PESCO Circles

PESCO is a new model from the Peshawar Area Electricity Board (PAEB) established in 1982. founded in 1982. If you aren’t sure where to look then please look at the highlighted red area in the following image Here’s the link if you’re searching for Pesco mis or for Pesco gov. pk to obtain the duplicate bill from Pesco.

Bill Information

For a smooth and efficient running of the day-to-day operations of PESCO the company is broken down into eight (08) Sub-Regions i.e. 1:Bannu, 2:Hazara-1, 3:Hazara-2, 4: Khyber, 5: Swat, 6: Swabi, 7: Mardan, and 8:Peshawar.

PESCO Peak Hours

Simply enter your reference number into the field above to input and you will see the amount of your bill. is a simple-to-navigate website and app that allows you to receive pesco utility bills. You can check your PESCO account online via

How to check PESCO Bill?

PESCO is the acronym in the form of Peshawar Electric Supply Company. You can check your PESCO bills online on Peshawar District Electricity Council Peshawar District Electricity Corporation was transformed into a comparable legal entity known as Peshawar Electric Supply Company (PESCO). Peshawar Electricity Supply Corporation (PESCO) for commercial purposes and later privatization.

New Connection or Transfer Procedure:

This is a free website on which you can download PESCO duplicate bills. Pesco offers electricity distribution to over 2.6 million customers across all urban regions of Pakistan. Here you can find the latest Pesco Wapda bills by entering the reference number.

Taxes in PESCO Bill

In PESCO Networks, there’s a KPK energy distribution network, which is serviced by 132, 66, and 33 VK substation lines. 11 kV and 440 V high voltage substations, and lines that connect your house or company to power.

TR Surcharge

It is easy to see the total amount of the bill as well as the due date, and you can also view the entire bill, print copies, or download the electricity bill.

PESCO-Online-Bill 2022

Check Online

If you’re looking to know the Peshawar electric invoice (bijli bill) or the Rwanda bills in any other city shown on the above table, then you are in the right spot.

FC Surcharge

Please enter your reference numbers below to verify the pesco bill online. Enter the reference number of your bill and get the latest Pesco bill immediately. Here you can find the duplicate pesco bill for June 2024. If you’re looking for older bills from May 2024, look up the bill’s old history.

Deferred Amount

If you’re looking for an app for mobile to download, you can get the Pesco bill app here. You can review the amount of your bill and download the Pesco KPK bill in jpeg or pdf format to backup locally or for later on use.

HESCO Bill Online 2024

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