Pakistan Engineering Council Trainee Program 2024

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Apply now for the Pakistan Engineering Council Trainee Program 2020. The application period for the PEC Trainee Program is open. Recently, the Pakistan Engineering Council announced the PEC Trainee Engineers program for the Pakistani nationals. Acceptance of graduate registrations is now possible For the Fresh Graduates, the program has been announced. This training program was compensated. All Engineers looking for work are encouraged to apply to the Trainee Engineers Program 2024. All graduates are welcome from Pakistan.

Pakistan Engineering Council Trainee Program 2024

Pakistan Engineering Council took the initiative to establish quality standards for engineering education, professional practice, accreditation by global experts, and prestige regional forums. Engineers of all disciplines are encouraged to apply if they want to move up in their careers. The Pakistan Engineering Council announced the Trainee Engineers Program, which aims to recruit new engineers from different areas. Trainee Engineer Program 2024

PEC Trainee Program provides individuals with practical experience, job knowledge, and skill development. This program enables them to be professional in managing the most current techniques and technologies. This program provides an opportunity to gain working knowledge, skills enhancement, and professional competency in the most recent technologies.

PEC Jobs 2024

Students in Pakistan have several training and internship opportunities in 2024-2023. The PEC Trainee Program is open to students who have not been offered an internship in the Government sector, or who have not taken part in any trainee programs.

Brief Details About Scholarship Internship

Select trainers will also receive Rs. As a stipend, 30,000 All male and female candidates are invited to apply for the Pakistan Engineering Council Trainee Program 2024. Both men and women can participate in this 6-month-long training program.

Information About Organization

Check out the details below to learn more about the program and submit your application. The Pakistan Engineering Council, a professional organization in Pakistan, accredits and regulates the engineering profession. Did you know that Emirates also offers multiple positions? You can apply here if you are interested.

Successful Candidates Will Get Below Benefits

It was created in 1976 by the 1976 PEC Act. PEC Internship 2024. The Pakistan Engineering Council Trainee Program offers the following benefits: Trainees receive a monthly allowance in the amount of 30,000 PKR. Recently, the Pakistan Engineering Council announced its PEC Trainee Engineers Program to Pakistani citizens.

You Need To Submit The Below Documents To Apply For This Opportunity

Six months of placement and a bonus This program is open to fresh graduates. Upon completion of the program, participants will receive an experience certificate. Resume updated. All engineers who are interested in pursuing a career in the Trainee Engineers Program 2024 are encouraged to apply.

Procedure For Program

Complete the application form with all details. Since its inception, the Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC), has taken many initiatives and has been recognized internationally for high-quality standards in engineering education, professional practice, and accreditation through top regional and international professional forums.

Program Duration

Candidates can come from any part of Pakistan. Are You A PEC Member? The PEC approved the “Trainee Engineers” program for new graduates during its 43rd governing board. Both male and female candidates are eligible.

PEC Trainee Engineer Program 2024

The scheme will allow 2,000 engineers to complete engineering degrees between 2020-2021 and work in various fields. Both male and female graduates are eligible.

Apply Online

The scheme’s main purpose is to give new graduates hands-on experience, knowledge, skills enhancement, and professionalism in handling the most recent techniques and technologies.

  • PEC Trainee Engineers Program 2024
  • PEC Trainee Engineers Program 2024 at Pakistan Engineering Council
  • Pakistan Engineering Council Trainee Program 2024

PEC Internship

The applicant must have graduated in the past two years. Graduates who have not completed any training or internship program under any government scheme or program, or are not employed in any public institution or full-time students in any field. Candidates must also have a minimum GPA of 2.5 in their previous degree.

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PWC Internship

Those who have been registered with PEC and have at least 50% marks (January 2020-2021) in their final degree should submit their applications. The degree must come from a PEC-approved institution Domicile.

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The Pakistan Engineering Council has initiated initiatives to improve engineering education, professional practice, and accreditation by international professionals. A document containing information about your discipline.  The PEC announced the Trainee Engineers Program. This program aims to recruit engineers in many fields.

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