Muqeem Online Registration 2024

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Muqeem Online Registration 2024. The lifting of COVID-19 restrictions has made it possible to travel to Saudi Arabia once more. arrival. Muqeem Register Link to travel to Saudi Arabia. Muqeem Registration Vaccine checks on arrival for Vaccinated or Non-Vaccinated Tourists. Visitors and ex-pats who are planning to visit Saudi Arabia must complete an arrival registration form before they depart. Saudi Arabia has now been freed from all COVID-19 restrictions. This makes it an attractive destination.

Muqeem Online Registration 2024

Saudi Arabia has removed the requirement for vaccinations, PCR, and quarantine. This means that non-inoculated travelers can also be welcomed in the Kingdom. You must still be careful and follow the covid guidelines of each country.


To the delight of all who wish to travel to Saudi Arabia, bans on several countries have been lifted. Saudi Arabia is a popular destination for tourists who want to create unforgettable memories that will last a lifetime. Learn more about Muqeem Registration to Saudi Arabia for Vaccinated and Non-vaccinated. Saudi Arabia has also published some guidelines for travelers from other countries.

Muqeem Registration For Ofw

Saudi Arabia has decided to remove its entry restrictions and all foreigners are allowed to enter the Kingdom regardless of whether or not they have had their required vaccinations. Register on the Muqeem portal if you want to experience Saudi Arabia after a frustrating lockdown.

Muqeem.Sa Vaccine Registration Online

As was the case previously, new entrants no longer need to register their arrival and vaccinations on the muqeem website. Saudi Arabia has announced a relaxation in the tourism sector. People from other countries can enjoy their vacations in Saudi Arabia with no complicated procedures.

What is Muqeem Arrival Registration

Registration for arrival is required. You can do this by visiting the Muqeem portal. Saudi Arabia has eliminated the requirement for vaccination, PCR, and quarantine.

Muqeem Arrival Registration

This means that non-vaccinated travelers are welcome to visit the Kingdom. Below is a description of the procedure for arrival registration on muqeem portal. Many people are now able to travel to Saudi Arabia for different reasons.

About Muqeem

Muqeem allows organizations to see the details of their residents and to quickly execute their passport transactions online.

Muqeem Vaccine

Muqeem Registration Those who have had all their immunizations are recommended to register muqeem. This is for people who want their ‘immune status’ displayed on their tawakkalna applications. They must complete the Muqeem portal registry before they travel to Saudi Arabia.

Apply Online

Access to public buildings, airports, and workplaces is possible with immunity. On the Tawakkalna app, you will need an immunity certificate. You can electronically register your immunization data through an online portal (electronic Registration of the Vaccine).

Muqeem Registration 72 Hours

This allows non-Saudi travelers to enter the Kingdom with their vaccinated passports and helps to streamline the procedures once they arrive.

Muqeem Apply Online

Everybody who has not had vaccinations or is not vaccinated must register on the Muqeem website. All restrictions relating to the Covid-19 virus in Saudi Arabia have been removed. Failure to comply with the following procedures will result in you being banned from traveling to Saudi Arabia.

Absher Muqeem

Pilgrims do not need to show proof of vaccination at the time they enter the country. Follow the steps below to register on the Muqeem portal. Pilgrims who are not vaccinated can now enter Saudi Arabia to perform Umrah.

​The Service Points Fees (SAR)
Issue Iqama 250 50
Renew Iqama 375 75
Issue exit re-entry visa (Single) 250 50
Issue exit re-entry visa (Multiple) 375 75
cancel exit re-entry visa 175 35
Issue final exit visa 250 50
Cancel final exit visa 175 35
Transfer resident service 250 50
Modify Profession 225 45
​Resident Query ​50 ​10
​Information Update ​300 ​60
​Resident Entry Permit to Mecca ​250 ​50
​Iqama printing ​75 ​15
​Postal Packages ​150 ​30
​Extend visit visa ​250 ​50
​Muqeem report ​125 ​25
​Extend ER Visa ​450 ​90
​Final exit visa during the probationary ​300 ​60

Muqeem.Sa Login

Here are some requirements for visitors who have been vaccinated. International pilgrims who are fully vaccinated against COVID-19, and plan to travel to Saudi Arabia for Umrah, may register online for their complete vaccination against COVID-19 before they arrive. Select one of the vaccines that Saudi Arabia has approved.

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