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King Khalid University (KKU), is a public higher education institution located in Saudi Arabia. King Khalid University is #1172 on Best Global Universities. KKU was established in 1998. Abha is the location of the university’s urban campus. His University is located in Aseer, in the southwestern region of Saudi Arabia. Schools are ranked based on their performance in a range of widely accepted indicators that indicate excellence. Aseer is a region covering approximately 80.000 kilometers. It is home to more than 1.600.000 people, spread across seventy-eight governorates and centers.

King Khalid University Online Admission 2022

13 indicators were used in calculating King Khalid University’s global Best Global Universities ranking. Ranking of universities. King Khalid University was ranked among the top 10 universities in Saudi Arabia. Below is a breakdown of the ranking this school received for each indicator. Online Admission 2022

King Khalid University is a young educational institution, but it ranks 5 in Saudi Arabia’s national ratings. King Khalid University is a public University in Abha and Saudi Arabia. According to international rankings, King Khalid University ranks in the top 5%. 1998: HRH Crown Prince directed the merger of Mohammad Ibn Saud Islamic University, and King Saud University within the Southern Region to one entity under the new name of ‘King Khalid University. The application process and tuition costs.

Admissions and Registration | King Khalid University

King Khalid University was founded in 1998 by King Fahd bin Abdulaziz al Saud. The exam results will determine the eligibility for enrollment. Four colleges joined the university’s operation. After reviewing the applications, approximately (80%) receive a positive reply. Over the years, many colleges have been established including some for women.

Internal Scholarship Applications for Non-Saudi Students Begins

The academic year is traditionally divided into semesters, just like many universities in Saudi Arabia. There are currently 29 colleges that offer many different disciplines, including medicine, engineering, computer science, and computer science. Students can also obtain their degrees online.

Admission Dates | King Khalid University – جامعة الملك خالد

Based on the increasing population in the region, King Khalid University was created. The university’s composition. Students pursuing higher education had previously to go to satellite campuses at other universities in Saudi Arabia. Around 60,000 students are served by King Khalid University as of 2019.

King Khalid University Admission, Courses, Fees

King Khalid University is a large university that has more than 39,000 students concurrently. Recently, King Khalid University was ranked fourth among Saudi Arabia’s universities for overall performance. Applications from foreign citizens are accepted by the admission committee.

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KKU Online Admission 2022

Quacquarelli (QS) ranked King Khalid University 24th in the MENA region for overall performance in 2019. About 9% of students are foreigners.


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King Khalid University was recently ranked 448th on the international QS World University Rankings. More than 3000 specialists make up the academic staff. The university’s strategic plan includes the goal of increasing its ranking to the top 200 by 2030.

KKU Fee Structure

Many teachers are foreign specialists. On the 7th March 2012, during the 2011-12 Saudi Arabian protests women, and students protested against “injustice, inequality” and “discrimination, and mistreatment” by security personnel at the university.

Eligibility Criteria

The university actively participates in international programs that promote academic exchange between educational institutions. Security forces attacked the students and they called for Abdullah al-Rashid, the rector, to resign on March 10. You can find more information on the university’s social media pages.

Admission to Postgraduate ( free Programs ) For the Academic Year 1444Ah The Deanship of Graduate Studies at King Khalid University announces open admission to postgraduate free programs for both master’s and Ph.D. programs for the academic year 1444 Ah. Admission is remain open to the 18/7/1443Ah, corresponding to 19/2/2022 AD.
Postgraduate Second Stage Admission Results The Deanship of Post Graduate Studies at King Khalid University is pleased to announce the names of candidates accepted to fee-paid postgraduate programs.
Complementary Bachelor Degrees Admission
General Eligibility Percentages for Undergraduate… General Eligibility Percentages for Undergraduate and Diploma Program Admissions

The Deanship of Admissions and Registration at King Khalid University has announced the measured degree percentage and eligible degree p

King Khalid University Receives More Than 20K Admission Requests The Deanship of Admissions and Registration received more than 20K admission requests over the last three weeks for the 1439/1440 AH academic year.
Admission and Registration Deanship participates in the 15th meeting of the deans of Gulf universities. The Admission and Registration Deanship of King Khalid University (KKU), has participated in the 15th meeting of the Deans of Admission and Registration Deanships in the Universities of the Gulf Cooperation Council co
The university has received more than 16.000 acceptance applications within 3 days. Launching two sections for the students of King Khalid University in Mahayal and Sarat Obeida
University determines the dates of registration and admissions for the next academic year. The Dean of Admission and Registration, Dr. Sultan Al Farah, has announced the dates of registration and admission for the academic year 1437 / 1438 AH, for the Bachelor Degree and Diploma programs. Dr.
More than 16 thousand applicants were admitted at the University King Khalid University (KKU), represented by the Admission and Registration Deanship has completed all three stages of admission for the academic year 1436/1437 AH. The Dean of Admission and Registration Dr.
Initial registration for the summer semester. Announcement on the beginning of initial registration for the summer semester

The deanship of Admission and Registration is announcing the date for the initial registration for the summer semester which will start on Sun

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The goal of King Khalid University was to operate from a single location since its inception. Due to the sheer size of the project, and the immense infrastructure requirements, this was impossible at first. The university initially occupied many buildings at different locations.

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