HEC Talent Hunt Youth Sports League 2024

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The current prime minister of Pakistan and the Captain of the Pakistan Cricket Team Imran Khan The Pakistan Cricket Team launched Kamyab Jawan Sports Drive Program for the Youth of Pakistan. Talent Hunt Youth Sports League under the Prime Minister’s Youth Program comprises Badminton, Boxing, Cricket, Football, Handball, Hockey, Judo, Squash, Table Tennis, and Volleyball for women and men along with Weightlifting and Wrestling for males only. Prime Minister Imran Khan has inaugurated the largest sports initiative in Pakistan, the Largest Sports Initiative Kamyab Jawan program. The Higher Education Commission (HEC) has invited elite athletes from all over the world for participate in the Youth Sports League under the Prime Minister’s Youth Programme (PMYP Kamyab Jawan Sport Program 2024 Application Form

Kamyab Jawan Sports Drive Application Form 2024

Registration for the Kamyab Jawan Sports Drive Registration begins on the 10th of December, which is today. 2024. The league’s sports include the games of volleyball, badminton, table tennis, and squash, in 25 districts. Students from the Universities, Youth, and college students are able to register online with the Kamyab Jawan Sports Drive Program which will showcase the potential of sports at the National level.

pmyp.gov.pk Sports Program 2024 Application Form

Interested sportspersons are able to apply online on PMYP’s website. Kamyab Jawan Sport Program 2024 Application Form PMYP website. Imran Khan Brigs is the perfect chance for Sports Man or Sportswomen to showcase their Sports potential in the eyes of the entire world on a national level. The league mentioned above will provide those who are selected with the chance to play in national-level competitions within their own categories. The Prime Minister has already announced a variety of programs in the Kamyab Jawan Program that allow registration of business or student loan programs.

https //pmyp.gov.pk/hec/sports form

Javed Ali Memon, In-charge of the Sports and Co-Curricular Division of the HEC explained, “The opportunities include the providing of a development and coaching facility under the guidance of the Pakistan Sports Board and award of scholarships to students pursuing the higher educational path”.

Talent Hunt Youth Sports Initiative Gains Momentum

Kamyab Jawan’s Jawan Sports Drive program will include cricket, volleyball, Athletics championships, and many other sports under Kamyab Jawan’s Sports Drive Program. He further explained that the chosen athletes.

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will receive professional assistance through an athletic academy (High performance and Resource Center) to help them refine their skills and increase their physical condition to match that of an elite athlete.Kamyab Jawan Sport Program 2024 Application Form

www.hec.gov.pk Sport Program 2024 Application Form

It’s good to think that you can watch all sports in one place. The long-term objective as per the planned method of the Talent Hunt program is to establish HEC’s team as well as a pool of talented and young players, and then develop the players into professionals that could play and represent the nation at the top standard.

PM Talent Hunt Youth Sports League Online Registration

It’s also a great thing for fans of football. An HEC official revealed that institutions of higher education across the nation have joined the project with enthusiasm. Participation continues in extremely successful young sports drives.

HEC Launches Talent Hunt for Youth Sports League

He expressed his sorrow over the lack of action by the previous government in regard to extracurricular activities for students. Pakistan Youth can sign up by clicking the link below to join a successful youth sports drive.

Talent Hunt Youth Sports League Trials Registration

He cited an earlier UNDP survey report that noted that of 7,000 teens surveyed, in the survey, when asked about access to facilities for recreation and other events, 78.6 percent said they were not able to access parks.

Talent Hunt Youth Sports League 2024 Registration

94.5 percent were not connected to libraries, and 97.2 percent were not able to go to an event with live music. Kabaddi training camp is being held in the Pakistan Sports Complex Islamabad After the official launch of KJ, Sports drive under Kamyab Jawan Program.

Talent Hunt Youth Sports League Registration

In the same way, 93.9 percent of the people who responded had not attended an event for sports and 93 percent didn’t possess access to sporting equipment, 97 percent have never been to a movie and 71.7 percent stated that they were unable to access or attended any of the above-mentioned occasions or activities.

Kamyab Jawan Program.Gov.Pk Online Registration 2024

The national registration period for hockey tryouts is now open through a partnership with The Higher Education Commission of Pakistan (HEC) as well as a variety of colleges and universities (men both women and men).

Kamyab Pakistan Program

He said that the program to find talent could be a huge initiative that will bring back these forgotten tasks. Is the Talent Hunt Youth Sports League program is the reason behind the trials?

Kamyab Jawan Internship Program 2024 Online Apply

Female and male athletes aged between 15 to 25 can join the sport. Documents such as Form-B/CNIC as well as the home address of the young athletes will be scrutinized. Players who are registered may nevertheless, attend trials at the closest provincial locations. The winner of the trials is eligible to play in national and provincial leagues.

Trials Location Across Pakistan
1. Balochistan Check Online
2. Dera Murad Check Online
3. Jamali/Sibi/Turbat Check Online
4. Khuzdar Check Online
5. Uthal-Hub Check Online
6. Quetta Check Online
7. Loral ai Check Online
Federal,GB &AJK
9. Mirpur Check Online
10. Islamabad Check Online
11. Gilgit Check Online
12. Muzaffarabad Check Online
13. Skardu Check Online

Prime Minister Loan Scheme 2024

From the initial trial phase to in the National League, players will continue to receive coaching and guidance that offers numerous opportunities to advance in the future as well as represent Pakistan on the international and national levels.

Kamyab Jawan Program Phase 3 Online Registration

PM Youth Internship Program Online Apply 2024

PM Laptop Scheme 2024 Online Registration

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