HEC Indigenous Scholarship 2024

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HEC announces Indigenous Scholarship for Ph.D. students. The Higher Education Commission of Pakistan (HEC), is offering 5000 Indigenous fellowships to MS/M.Phil/Ph.D. student. These scholarships are available for local students who wish to pursue their MS/M.Phil/Ph.D. degree programs in different universities in Pakistan. Candidates who are eligible can find out more about the Scholarship program and submit an application before the deadline. Outstanding Pakistani/AJK citizens who plan to do a Ph.D. at a Pakistani Higher Education Commission HEC Recognised University/Degree Awarding Institution (DAI) are eligible to apply.

HEC Indigenous Scholarship For Ph.D. 2024

The applicant must be a citizen of Pakistan/AJK. This scholarship is only available to HEC students. Applicants who are pursuing MS/M.Phil/Ph.D. programs in HEC or their recognized colleges are eligible for HEC 500 HEC Indigenous Scholarship 2024.

Www.hec.gov.pk Indigenous Scholarship 2024

Direct Ph.D. scholarships require candidates to have a minimum CGPA of 3.0 (out of 4.0 in the semester system) or First Division (in the year system). Candidates who are applying for any other scholarships will not be eligible. These scholarships are available for 2020 and can be used in any area of study/discipline under the “indigenous Ph.D. fellowship for 5000 scholars-

Overseas Scholarships for Ph.D. in Selected Phase-III

Phase II” project. The minimum age for a candidate should be 16 years old, and the maximum age should not exceed 40 years. The following four categories of students are eligible to apply:

HEC Indigenous Scholarship 2024 Last Date To Apply

Approval of PH.D. synopsis by Board of Advanced Studies and Research at Rs.50,000 Masters (16 Years). OR Upon publication, with co-authorship by HEC supervise in HEC approved Journal @Rs.15,000 twice a year for three years.

HEC Indigenous Scholarship 2024

The successful completion of a Ph.D. Thesis writing, sending for evaluation abroad Rs.50,000/– once are being paid. Successful evaluation from foreign reviewers Rs.20,000./- one is being received. PhD Completion/degree notification Rs.50,000 is being paid. Masters/Mphil (18 years) Completed Masters/Mphil 18 years Enrolled In Ph.D. Pakistani/AJK Nationals.

HEC Indigenous Scholarship Eligibility Criteria

Eligible applicants must apply via the official website http://hec.gov.pk before the deadline. The minimum age requirement for MS/Mphil is 16 years.

HEC Indigenous Scholarship For Ms

To find out more information about the eligibility criteria, candidates may visit http://hec.gov.pk to access the official website of Pakisthan HEC.

About HEC

The Higher Education Commission is a statutorily-created body in the Government of Pakistan which was founded in 2002 under chairmanship of Atta-ur Rahman. Its main responsibilities include funding monitoring, overseeing, regulating, and accrediting higher education institutions across the country.

How To Apply For HEC Indigenous Scholarship

March 28, 2024, without any 3rd divisions or grades-D in degrees/certificates throughout the entire academic career. Once are paid, Publication in ISI Journal with co-authorship. HEC supervises in ISI Journal @Rs.30, 000 Candidates who have already received any other HEC/Government Scholarship will not be eligible to apply. Supervisors will be paid once a year, for a maximum of Rs. 70,000)

Apply Online

HSC Indigenous Scholarship Award Value

The 5000 HEC Indigenous Scholarship Scheme’s primary purpose is to provide a significant pool of highly qualified human resources for all aspects of reporting, trained at the highest levels in local universities. Hand copies of applications and other documents are not necessary at this stage.

Last Date of Receipt of Applications:


Value of Scholarship Award

Scholar’s stipend Rs. 10,000 per montd in MS/MPhil
Support to University for tuition fees, reference books, back volumes, chemical abstracts, stationery, software, internet, etc. Rs. 13,000 per month in PhD Rs.75,000/ per year
Support to University for laboratory/workshop equipment, lab material, consumables, and supplies, etc. Rs. 75,000/- per year
Book allowance (for scholar) thesis evaluation from abroad charges on completion.
thesis charges to a scholar last year.
Only in Ph.D. Sciences Subjects Rs.5,000/- per year
Rs.18,000/- once during the award period.
Rs.5,000/- once at the time of completion of the study.

HEC Scholarship 2024

For the awarding of scholarships for Ph.D. programs in Pakistani HEC universities/Degree Awarding Institutions, exceptional Pakistani/AJK citizens are required to apply.

Complete Details HEC Scholarship 2024

HEC Scholarships 2024

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