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Eportal.hec.gov.pk is yet to be evaluated through Alexa for the amount of traffic and rank. Additionally, E Portal HeC has not yet gotten its social media presence, because it’s comparatively small at present one Google+ vote and 1 LinkedIn share. The site’s reputation is pretty acceptable, but it’s crucial to be aware that safety for children is not rated by the users. HRM Division envisions providing quality HR services to recruit/hire as well as developing and creating efficient and motivated human capital to fulfill the objectives of the Commission. Proposals can be submitted as a response to a solicitation to submit a proposal.

Higher Education Commission Online E  Portal 2024

The greatest asset of any business can be found in its Human Resources, Human Resource Development is a dynamic and effective process developed to enhance the physical, cognitive, professional, and emotional aspects of employees with the aim of achieving performance high-quality in all positions and functions of an organization.

Hec.Gov.Pk E Portal 2024

Submissions must be submitted to the HEC online portal (eportal.hec.gov.pk) within 25.3. 2020 in accordance with the guidelines contained in the document requesting proposals in”Downloads. “Downloads” section. In this regard it is the Human Resource Management Division of HEC strives to create people who are skilled and motivated, as well as committed and ready to take on the responsibility of influencing transformation, and work for HEC from good to most outstanding. Create an account at eportal.hec.gov.pk.

Eportal HEC 2024@ Hec.Gov.Pk

In general, it is the Human Resource Management Division of the Higher Education Commission is committed to providing a welcoming environment

HEC E Portal

A the comfortable and productive working environment for all employees of the institution. Log into eportal, then start your application under the Research & Development tab.

Higher Education Commission Online Portal

Choose the kind of research grant you would like to apply for. The Higher Education Commission of Pakistan is an autonomous, self-governing, and constitutionally.

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a constituted institution that is the primary source of funding and is responsible for overseeing, controlling, and accrediting the educational efforts of higher education in Pakistan.

Hec.Gov.Pk Online Registration 2024

Complete the required online information including the budget section. HRM Division believes that every employee must be appreciated, and supported.

HEC E Services Portal

And developed to carry out their entrusted duties in a timely and effective manner to ensure the achievement of satisfactory performance within the organization.

Eservices HEC

Upload your project proposal using the template you have chosen (available from the downloads page) as well as other required documents. HRM Divisions’ core services and expertise include recruiting and staffing.

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organizational and employee development Compensation, benefits, welfare, and HR information management. succession planning, and compliance with the law. Note: Once an application has been completed, is not editable or resubmitted.

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