Gold Rate In Pakistan Today 25-10-2024

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In Pakistan today, on May 28, 2024, will be sold at Rs.114460 each 10g. The cost of Gold is currently Rs. 13500 for a tola in Pakistan the present. The price of gold is generally determined on a fractional basis. For 22 Karat gold, it’s 22/24. The 22k gold has 8.33 percent alloy metal and 91.67 percent gold. Thus, a 22K 10gm gold bar is 9.1666 grams of gold alloy. The current Gold Rate on the gold market in Pakistan is PKR 121,742 out of 10 grams.

Gold Rate In Pakistan Today 2024

The price of gold is typically determined on a fractional basis, and for 22 Karat gold, the ratio is 22/24. But, the 22k gold has 8.33 percent alloy metal and 91.67 percent gold. Therefore, a 10g 22K gold bar is 9.1666 grams of gold alloy.

Latest Gold Price in Pakistan

In Pakistan this day, 28 May 2024 is available for the price of Rs. 114446 per 10 grams and the cost of Gold currently is Rs.133500 for a tola. Pakistan at the present time. The use of gold is widespread in Pakistan for a long time, the majority of women in Pakistan are likely to use gold as a jewelry item, while others use it as a reliable source of capital.

About Gold Rates In Pakistan

Gold is among the most dense of metals. It is a very good conductor of electricity and heat. Additionally, it’s soft, and the most malleable, ductile and malleable of the elements. An one ounce (31.1 grams of gold) (which is measured as troy troy pounds) can be crushed up to an area of 187 sq feet (about 17 square meters) in thin sheets known as gold leaf.

1 Tola Gold Price In Pakistan Today 2024

Gold is considered to be an extremely valuable and precious metal in comparison to other metals. Hence its importance and importance cannot be ignored. Karachi is the primary center of the gold market located in Pakistan, Karachi is leading in the gold price. each city follows the Karachi Sarafa Bazar Association in the price of gold.

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Bullion / Gold Price Today

The gold prices can vary from city to city based on a range of variables including interest rates, demand and state taxes, bullion traders’ transport costs, fabrication charges, and more. is not accountable or responsible for any transactions that are based on this gold rate.

Gold 24K per 10 Grams Rs. 128,344
Gold 24K per Tola Rs. 149,700
Gold 22K per 10 Grams Rs. 117,648
Gold 22K per Tola Rs. 137,225

Gold Price in Pakistan

Gold is an investment instrument all over the world, with a particular focus on Pakistan. Current Gold Price in Pakistan Gold Price is updated on Saturday 28th May 2024. The Gold rate for the current time in Pakistan is 24K. at Rs. 43000, and the rate for 22K Gold in the present time is the price of Rs. 131082.

Gold Rate In Pakistan

Gold Rate 24K Gold 22K Gold 21K Gold 18K Gold
per Tola Gold Rs. 133500 Rs. 122374 Rs. 116813 Rs. 100125
per 10 Gram Rs. 114460 Rs. 104921 Rs. 100153 Rs. 85845
per Gram Gold Rs. 11446 Rs. 10492 Rs. 10015 Rs. 8585

Latest Gold Rate on Saturday 28th of May 2024 in Pakistan

The 21K rate per tola amounts to Rs. 125125, and an 18k gold rater costs Rs. 107250.00 per tola. 1 Tola Gold Price in Pakistan is Rs. 142,000 according to the most recent updated price on May 27, 2024.

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