FBR Filer Registration 2024

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Online registration is only for individuals and not for the Association of Persons or Companies. An internet connection, scanner, and computer. A SIM card is registered to their CNIC. When an individual, company, association of persons (AOP), or foreign national is e-enrolled through the Iris portal, they will be considered registered. A personal email address they can use for communication. Scanned pdf files: Evidence of tenancy of the premises. FBR offers E-Enrollment.

FBR Federal Board of Revenue – Government of Pakistan Filer Registration

This provides you with a National Tax Number or Registration Number, as well as a password. Pay your utility bills within three months if you own a business. Iris makes it easy to register online for REGISTRATION at FACILITATION COUNTERS OF TAX HOUSES ALL are welcome to register for the Facilitation Counters of Tax Houses.

www.fbr.gov.pk Filer Registration 2024

Individuals will use the 13-digit Computerized National Identity Card CNIC (13 digits) as their NTN or Registration number. EASY INDIVIDUAL, ASSOCIATION OF PEOPLE AND COMPANY SALES, and INCOME TAX REGISTRATION are AVAILABLE. NTN or Registration Number for AOP/Company is the 7-digit NTN that was received after e–enrollment. You can visit any Tax House Facilitation Counter. You should bring the following documents with you: Original CNIC Mobile phone with SIM, which is registered against the CNIC of the owner;

Register for Income Tax – Federal Board Of Revenue

Your personal email address. These credentials enable you to access the Iris portal, an online income tax system. This is the only way online income tax returns can be filed. Original certificate of maintenance in his name. If you own a company, original evidence that the premises are tenancy/ownership.

FBR Uploads Income Tax Return Forms for Tax Year-2024

A number of the principal officer of the company (or AOP) have cell phones. The original paid utility bill must not have been older than three months if you own a business. Anyone can register an AOP. You should bring the following documents with you to any Tax House Facilitation Counter:

Online Registration


all directors on company letterhead verifying principal officer and authorizing him/her to register for income tax/sales tax Register number and date of branch registration with Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan.

Information about FBR Filer Registration

  • Online registration is only available for
  • Individual, not intended for Association of Person or Company;
  • Before beginning online registration Taxpayers must possess:
  • Learn the the User’s Guide;
  • A scanner, computer and internet connection
  • A cell phone with a SIM that is registered against their CNIC;
  • An email address that is personal to them.
  • PDF files that have been scanned from:
  • The certificate of maintenance of a personal bank account in his name;
  • The evidence of tenancy or ownership of the premises of a business, you own a business
  • A valid utility bill for business premises , not older that 3 months you operate an enterprise.

FBR Tax Return

Mobile phone with SIM registered against the CNIC owner, but not yet registered with FBR Company Email address Original certificate for a maintenance bank account under Company’s names. Email address of principal officer/authorized representative of the company.

 Register For Income Tax Check Online
 Requirements before Registration Check Online
 Registration process Check Online
 Modification of Income Tax Registration Check Online
 Cancellation of Income Tax Registration Check Online
 Change in particulars of Registration Check Online

FBR Tax Return

Original evidence of tenancy and ownership must be provided if you own a company. If you are a business owner, you must provide proof of payment for utilities within three months. Tax Registration/Incorporation Document from the concerned regulatory authorities in the foreign country.

Contact Information FBR

FBR Helpline can be reached through phone (051-111-772-772) and email (helpline@fbr.gov.pk), plus complaints can also be lodged through the website {www.fbr.govt.pk}

PBTE Roll No Slip 2024 – pbte.edu.pk

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