Fazaia Housing Scheme Karachi 2024

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Fazaia Housing Scheme Karachi Is a Nationally Acknowledged Corporate Organization Which Has Strived To Offer The Residents Of Pakistan An Possibility To Live In The Most Innovative Lifestyles Of The Modern Age. ISLAMABAD President National Accountability Bureau Justice (Retd) Javed Iqbal Has Praised For The NAB Karachi For The Return Of The Sum Of Rs15 Billion To 5,305 Residents From Those Affected By The Fazaia Karachi Housing Scheme (FHSK) As Well As Other Individuals In Connection With Accusations Of Bribery And Corruption In The People In General. Staying Up To The Latest Global Developments In The Area Of Town And Community Management, It Has Enhanced The Glories Of Our Communities And Cities.

Houses for Sale In Fazaia Housing Scheme Karachi 2024

Chairperson NAB Justice (Retd) Javed Iqbal Presided Over A Meeting To Discuss The Latest Developments On The Investigation Of The Fazaia Housing Scheme Karachi (FHSK) At The NAB Headquarters On Monday. Based On The Principles Of Urban Planning Strategic Development, Sustainability, And Sustainable, It Has Developed Its Commercial And Residential Projects.

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DG NAB Karachi Dr. Najaf Quli Mirza Stated That The Complainants Had Made Payments Of Hundreds Of Thousands Of Rupees to FHSK’s Management FHSK However, Neither Of The Units They Booked Were Handed Over Neither Did FHSK Returned Their Investment Funds. Through The Introduction Of Contemporary Designs In The Building Of Homes As Well As Infrastructure And Other Essential Services, It Has Brought An Entirely New Look To Fazaia Living, That Is Stunning, Appealingly Vibrant, And Easily Accessible. He Claimed That A Complaint Was As Well Received By The Director Of Projects (South) Of AHQ Project I Karachi, A Subsidiary Of PAF Towards Maxim Properties And Its Partners.

Fazaia Housing Scheme Karachi Owners and Developers

Fazaia Housing Scheme Karachi Has Set Out To Offer A Contemporary And Luxurious Living. He Informed The Group It Was The Fazaia Housing Scheme Karachi Has Been Initiated Through Maxim Properties And The Directorate Of Estate Projects And Maxim Properties Through A Joint Partnership Under Their Contract That Was Signed On 16.01.2015.

Fazaia Housing Scheme Karachi Map

This Is A Housing Project That Represents The Highest Point Of Urban Planning And Modern Infrastructure. According To The Terms Of The Agreement, M/S Maxim Properties Would Be Transferring The Land Of 402 Acres Within Deh Taiser And Deh Allah Phiahi To PAF As Maxim’s Equity. PAF Will Allow Its Logo And Brand Name To Be Added To The Program In Exchange For PAF Equity, Thus, Sharing The Housing Units On A 50:50 Basis.

Fazaia Housing Scheme Karachi NOC

Fazaia Is The First To Introduce The Highest Quality Of Sustainable And Green Construction. Both Parties Reached An Agreement That PAF Would Offer Its Units In Quota To Employees Of The Company, While The Company Maxim Properties Would Sell Its 50pc Unit Quota In The Open Market To The General Customers At A Prices That Were Higher.

Fazaia Housing Scheme Karachi Master Plan

Fazaia Housing Scheme Karachi Is Being Created In Collaboration With The Pakistan Air Force (PAF). The Agreement Also Stipulated That The PAF Will Not Sell Or Make An Offer For Sale Of Its Unit Quota Directly On The Markets To Consumers, Unless Via M/S Maxim.

Fazaia Housing Scheme Karachi Rates Today

The Program Is Being Designed Not Just For The PAF Personnel Of The PAF But As Well For Civilians Of Pakistan. In This Case The Difference Between Market Prices And The Price At Which PAF Was Able To Offer These Units To Its Employees Will Be Shared Among All Parties In A Proportional Manner.

  1. Fazaia Housing Scheme Karachi Site-1 Accessibility:
  2. Nearby Housing Societies:
  3. Fazaia Housing Scheme Karachi Site-2 Accessibility:
  4. Nearby housing societies:
  5. Fazaia Housing Scheme Karachi NOC:
  6. Fazaia Housing Scheme Karachi Residential Apartments:
  7. Fazaia Housing Scheme Karachi site-1 Apartment Sizes:
  8. Fazaia Housing Scheme Karachi site-2 Apartment Sizes:
  9. Fazaia Housing Scheme Karachi Bungalow Sizes:
  10. Fazaia Housing Scheme Karachi Overseas Bungalow Sizes:
  11. Fazaia Housing Scheme Karachi Payment Plans:
  12. Fazaia Housing Scheme Karachi site-1 Payment Plan:
  13. Fazaia Housing Scheme Karachi site-2 Payment Plan:
  14. Prices & Payment Plans of Fazaia Housing Scheme Karachi Bungalows:
  15. Fazaia Housing Scheme Karachi Payment Plans of Overseas Bungalows:
  16. Features of Fazaia Housing Scheme Karachi Site-1, Site-2, Bungalows, Overseas Bungalows:
  17. Facilities and Amenities:
  18. Gated Community:
  19. Basic Services:
  20. Planned sewerage system:
  21. Road Infrastructure:
  22. Recreational spaces and parks:
  23. Quality educational institutions:
  24. Jamia Mosque:
  25. Document Verification:
  26. Financial Safety:
  27. Plot Visit:
  28. No Objection Certificate (NOC):

Fazaia Housing Scheme Karachi Scandal

Pakistan Army Is Recognized For Their Integrity And Professionalism, Therefore Investors Needn’t Be Worried About Anything.

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In Accordance With The Final Layout Plans, An Estimated 8,083 Housing Units In Different Types And Categories Were Planned On Sites Belonging To FHSK.

Pros & Cons

PAF Is Taken The Decision To Transfer Apartment Ownership To Allottees In The Highest Quality Infrastructure Development. He Informed The Gathering That In Order To Collect Funds From The General Public And For Incurring Expenses For The Project, The FHSK Management FHSK Created Bank Accounts In Habib Bank Limited And Meezan Bank Limited.

Guidelines to follow while purchasing/Sale Fazaia Housing Scheme Karachi

The Timing Of Completion Was Also Planned In Advance. These Accounts Are Managed Jointly With Maxim PAF And Maxim PAF With Signed-Off Signatories Who Are Authorized From Each Of The Parties. If You’d Like To Learn More About These World-Renowned Real Estate Builders And Their Plans They Have Planned, Then You’re Only A An Easy Click Away To Go To Skymarketing.

Benefits Drawbacks
24/7 Water (Water treatment plant) Perception of high prices
24/7 Electricity
24/7 Gas
Planned Parks/Recreational Areas
Grocery/shopping center
Community centers
A peaceful and healthy environment
Gated community with security gates and trained security staff
Close to the main locations & other societies
Wide carpeted Roads & Passages
Properly planned drainage systems
Lush Green society
Maintenance Staff

Why You Should Consider investing in the Fazaia Housing Scheme Karachi?

The DG NAB Karachi Told The Meeting That The Investigation Revealed That, Out Of 8083 Units Of Housing, The Administration Of FHSK Has Sold Five,732 Units Of Housing To The Population And Received Rs18.2 Billion As A Result Of Registration Installment, Booking, And Registration From Affected Persons.

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