European History Css Syllabus 2022 Pdf

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European History CSS Syllabus 2022 Pdf Download On StudyHelp.PK. The 2016 European History CSS Syllabus is available here. Candidates for the CSS Written Examination will need to work hard and focus with dedication if they want to pass their chosen optional subject in European History. The CSS Syllabus 2016 Review will assist you in passing the most difficult examination held by Federal Public Service Commission Islamabad (FPSC). It is impossible to underestimate the importance of European history. Stay connected to Dogar Brothers for updates and to be selected for the CSS 2016 exam. Candidates who want to score high in their written CSS exams will need to learn about different historical eras and European history.

European History Css Syllabus Pdf 2022

French Revolution Background, Old Regime, Philosophers, Estate General. The total mark for the paper on European History is 100 Marks. It can be divided into two parts. National Assembly, England’s Reaction to England’s Panies in Legislative Assembly. The fall of the Monarchy. European coalition against France and War. Second and third partitions of Poland. Terror and the End of Terror. European History Css Syllabus Pdf European History Css Syllabus Pdf 2022

The first section begins with The Napoleonic Era and French Revolution (1789-1815), The Concert of Europe (1815-1830), Forces of Continuity and Change in Europe (1815-1848), The Easter Question (1804-1856), Unification of Italy and Unification of Germany and The Origins of the First World War (1890-1914). France and Europe 1793-95. Napoleon’s rise to power. The first part will discuss the French Revolution, its history, England’s reaction, and the fall of the monarchy. It will also cover the fall of Poland, Poland’s second and Third Partitions, Terror, and the end of Terror.

European History CSS Syllabus – Dogar Brothers

Napoleon as Emperor, statesman, and warrior, Napoleon and Europe. The continental system, Napoleon’s fall, Napoleon’s defeat, and England’s involvement in the Napoleonic catastrophe. Napoleon Bonaparte’s rise to power, his victory as an emperor, soldier, and statesman, and the fall of Napoleon. Treaty of Chaumont, First Treaty of Paris

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Further, you will learn about the Vienna settlement and the first treaty in Paris. Treaty of Vienna. Effects of the war period. Forces of continuity. Nationalism, liberalism. Democracy. France Revolution in 1848. Revolution sequences in Europe.

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We will be discussing the Greek rebellion that led to Independence in 1832, 1877’s Russo-Turkish War, and the treaty at Berlin. You’ll also learn about Italy’s revolutionary movements and architects of Italian unity and Italian foreign policy.


Treaty of Vienna, Second Treaty of Paris, Treaty of Vienna. Holy Alliance, Quadruple Alliance. Congress System and Failure of Congress System. British Leadership. Further information will be provided about the unification of Germany, revolutionary movements, and Italian unification architects, as well as the foreign policy of Italy, the German Revolution of 1848, the rise and fall of Austria, Denmark, and France wars, and the German foreign policies from 1890 to 1914.

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The effects of war, period of constitutional development, progress made in the industry, Agriculture, and Culture Further research will be done on the growth of Colonization and French colonial policies. The forces of reaction and continuity You will learn about England’s development from 1893-1910, as well as its constitutional reforms, culture, and social thought.

European History CSS Syllabus PDF Download

The Metternich system, the force for change and progress, Nationalism. Democracy. Liberalism. Socialism. The road to the First World War,


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Austro German Alliance 1879, the formation of dual alliances 1891-93, caused of First World war and Balkan crises. Revolution in France 1830, Revolution In France in 1848, and the series of revolutions throughout Europe.

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The second part will focus on the First World War and its aftermath, Dictatorships, and European Politics, The Second World War and Its Effects on Europe, Post War Europe (Col War Europe), and Europe. The Eastern Question, 1820-1878 This course will cover the United States’ entry into the war, their choice of the Turks, and the Balfour declaration. It also covers Britain’s Middle East policy, the defeat of Germany, and the effects of war.

European History Class Syllabus 2022

Background: The Greek Revolt 120 to Independence 1802, the Crimean War 1853-1856, and the Peace Treaty of Paris. Pan Slavin. The Russo-Turkish War (1877), the treaty of San Stefano. The Versailles Treaty, Treaty of US, and Versailles. The Berlin 1878 Treaty and the Congress.

Napoleon Bonaparte and French Revolution Check Here
Concept of Europe, Vienna Settlement and Progress of Europe (184 to 1848) Check Here
Eastern Question (1820 to 1878) and Union of Italy Check Here
German Unification Check Here
Colonization Growth and Empires (1815 to 1892) Check Here
League of Nations, Soviet Union and Marxism Check Here
England from 1893- 1910 and First World War Check Here
The First World War Check Here
Italy Fascism and Germany’s Nazism Check Here
England role between wars and 2nd world War Check Here
U.N.O and Rise of Russia Check Here
France and England after 2nd world war and Europe Common Market Check Here

CSS European History Syllabus 2021

Risorgimento e la Union of Italy Revoltary movements in Italy, Mazzini, and Cavour, and other architects for Italian unification, Napoleon Ill, and Italian Unity After unification, the Foreign Policy of Italy was changed to 1914. Candidates who want to score high in their written CSS exams will need to learn about different historical eras and European history.

CSS Syllabus 2022


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