ECAT Syllabus 2024 Entry Test, Pattern Download PDF

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Each year, the Engineering College Admission Test (ECAT), is conducted in Pakistan for admission to a BE/BS/BSc Engineering degree. All information about ECAT Test Pattern 2024, Syllabus, and Engineering College Admission is available to candidates who are interested in Engineering College admission. Official ECAT Test conducted by University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore. You can also access the online MCQ test for all subjects in the ECAT syllabus.

ECAT 2024 Syllabus And Test Pattern By UET Pdf Download

Below is the ECAT 2024 Syllabus & Test Pattern. You can also download the PDF official here. ECAT must be passed by all students. ECAT is required for admission to UET Lahore, its affiliated institutions, and all other public sector engineering colleges in Punjab. Engineering College Admission Test is the complete form of ECAT. ECAT Syllabus 2024

Private institutions may also require ECAT. ECAT syllabus and Test Pattern 2024 must be understood by all students in order to pass the ECAT exam. ECAT is a multiple-choice question (MCQ) exam. It is considered the best tool for engineering by almost all prominent engineering universities in Punjab. Their admissions decisions are based on it. Each MCQ is worth 4 marks, while a negative marking of 1 mark will be given for an incorrect answer.

ECAT Syllabus 2024 Entry Test, Pattern Download PDF

The University of Engineering & Technology Lahore conducts and appraises the ECAT entrance test for students from the Province of Punjab. You will need to pass the Engineering College Admission Test (ECAT) if you wish to be an engineer.

ECAT Test Pattern 2024 Syllabus, Past Papers, And Courses

Every year, more than 45000 students apply for 3000 places in the public sector engineering colleges of Punjab. The University of Engineering & Technology offers an admission exam to students who have successfully completed their Higher Secondary School Certificate.

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ECAT 2024 Syllabus Subject

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1. Physical Quantities and Measurements Download Now
2. Motion and Force Download Now
3. Circular Motion Download Now
4. Vectors and Scalars Download Now
5. Equilibrium Download Now
6. Work and Power Download Now
7. Waves Download Now
8. Oscillations Download Now
9. Electrostatics Download Now
10. Electromagnetism Download Now
11. Electromagnetism Induction Download Now
12. Electronics Download Now
13. Current Electricity Download Now
14. Alternating Current Download Now
15. Thermodynamics Download Now
16. Physics of Solid Download Now
17. Atomic Spectra Download Now
18. Nuclear Physics Download Now
19. Dawn of Modern Physics Download Now
20. ECAT 2024 Mathematics Syllabus Download Now
21. Number System Download Now
22. Trigonometry; Fundamentals, Inverse Functions, and Applications Download Now
23. Matrices and Determinants Download Now
24. Partial Fraction Download Now
25. Probability Theory Download Now
26. Quadratic Equation Download Now
27. Sets and Functions Download Now
28. Integration and Differentiation Download Now
29. Analytic Geometry Download Now
30. Conic Section Download Now
31. Linear Inequality Download Now
32. Vectors Download Now
33. ECAT 2024 Syllabus for Chemistry Download Now
34. Basic Concepts of Chemistry Download Now
35. Atomic Structure Download Now
36. Chemical Bonding Download Now
37. Chemical Equilibrium Download Now
38. Electrochemistry Download Now
39. Experimental Chemistry Download Now
40. Thermochemistry Download Now
41. Environmental Chemistry Download Now
42. Liquid and Solids Download Now
43. Gases Download Now
44. Phenols and Ethers Download Now
45. Solutions Download Now
46. Alcohols Download Now
47. Alkyl Halides Download Now
48. ECAT English Syllabus 2024 Download Now
49. Sentence Completion Download Now
50. Active Voice and Passive Voice Download Now
51. Synonyms and Antonyms Download Now
52. Direct/Indirect Download Now
53. Error Detection Download Now
54. Punctuation Download Now
55. Comprehensions Download Now
56. Correct/Incorrect Sentences Download Now
57. ECAT Computer Science Syllabus 2024 Download Now
58. Basics of Information Technology Download Now
59. Information Networks Download Now
60. Data Communications Download Now
61. Computer Architecture Download Now
62. Window Operating System Download Now
63. Word Processing Download Now
64. Fundamentals of Internet Download Now
65. Databases Download Now
66. Database Designing Download Now
67. Microsoft Access Download Now
68. Elements of C language Download Now
69. Function and File handling in C Download Now
70. Decision and Loop Construct Download Now

ECAT Syllabus 2024 Karachi

The following syllabus and past Tests are available to help you prepare for the ECAT Test. Students who plan to take the ECAT exam will find their ECAT syllabus 2024 on this page.

NTS GAT General Schedule 2024

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