DLSEI Registration 2024

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DLSEI Registration 2024. The Digital Learning & Skills Enrichment Initiative (DLSEI) is an initiative of the Higher Education Commission (HEC) Pakistan in collaboration with Coursera. If you have completed at least three courses and have achieved 75% progress for every course, the cost of registration in the amount of 4000 Pakistani PKR is refunded to them. Digital Learning and Skill Enrichment Initiative (DLSEI) created by the Higher Education Commission (HEC) is designed to improve online learning and develop skills for students who are passionate about learning.

DLSEI Registration 2024

Students with disabilities: DLSEI project is offering special licenses to students of PUBLIC SECTOR universities that are disabled due to intellectual or physical impairment. DLSEI will help to improve the learning process online and foster skills in students who are enthusiastic.

Www.dlsei.hec.gov.pk Registration 2024

A small number of free-of-cost licenses will be dispersed to the students on a first-come-first-served basis. They can gain access to courses and certificates at the top universities in the world and have a chance to join the top-ranked and expensive online classes.

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They can gain access to courses and certificates from the top universities in the world and also have the opportunity to join the top-ranked and expensive online courses for free.


They’ll be able to get courses and certifications from the top universities around the world and have a chance to join the most expensive and highly rated online classes. The course will improve students’ capabilities and skills, and also prepare students in a more effective manner for real-life problems, self-development, etc.

Digital Learning And Skills Enrichment Initiative (Dlsei) And Hec Pakistan

The technology that is part of the Digital Learning and Skills Enhancement Initiative (DLSEI) which will be offered by Coursera will aid in the training of young people, which will enable them to find jobs in the local and international markets.

DLSE Phase I

A registration portal online is now available to students to sign up for the DLSEI Programme. For registration, click here https://eservices.hec.gov.pk/
A particular quota is set aside for Ehsaas Scholarship recipients and students with disabilities on FCFS.


DLSEI serves by providing an online portal, to bring together students from across Pakistan Join this amazing initiative, and help them profit from the opportunities.


Digital Learning & Skills Enrichment Initiative (DLSEI) offers Students and Faculty a great opportunity to improve their skills and certifications from the top universities on the Coursera platform. This program gives students an opportunity to take advantage of online courses and the certifications offered by world-class universities. The chances to take part in the most highly ranked in-demand online programs. This program will help students improve their abilities. Abilities and help them prepare to better prepare for real-world issues such as self-development, self-development, etc. For more information, please visit HEC website https://dlsei.hec.gov.pk.


A special offer is available for public sector institutions i.e. 100% REIMBURSEMENT OF FEES subject to the completion of three classes. For more details, please visit: https://dlsei.hec.gov.pk/

Online Registration

Fill the registration form by clicking here Click Here
Pay the registration fee for a license in listed bank accounts Click Here
Upload the Bank fee receipt along with the Latest Tuition Fee Proof/ Student Card Click Here
Start Learning Click Here
On completing at least 3 courses on a single license, FEE will reimburse Click Here

DLSEI.Pk Registration

DLSEI has the FEE REIMBURSEMENT MODEL faculty and students from PUBLIC SECTOR universities on a first-come basis, first-served basis. When you pay 4000 Pakistani rupees for faculty members. Students can access classes and certificates under one license from the top universities in world-class institutions.

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