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The topic of the study of politics for CSS candidates is crucial and applicants should be attentive to it. CSS Political Science syllabus and past papers are available to download here. The subject of Political Science in the CSS written examination is a CSS Optional Subject within Group 1 with 200 marks. The 2018-2024 Political Science Past Papers are here. The subject of political science consists of two exams that have the equivalent of 100 points each. Comparative as well as Analytical studies on Political Systems are part of the Political Science CSS curriculum for 2024.

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Part 1 of the paper’s section A is comprised of the following components of the syllabus for political science. Download and view CSS Past Papers from 2018 through 2024. You can also download an optional Political Science Past Papers pdf. Here is the link to Download this Political Science CSS Syllabus in PDF format.

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Check out the Past Papers area for additional details. Here are all the CSS Exam Political Science Past Papers. This section focuses on the various political ideologies and the thinking of Western philosophers, including Machiavelli Hobbes, Aristotle, and Hobbes, Bentham, Marx, Foucault, Jean-Paul, Karl Popper, and Lenin among others. Previous papers from exams for the Federal Public Service Commission Exams in Political Science are available to Pakistani students.

CSS Political Science Syllabus Pdf

The state system is a discussion of the state system and covers subjects like the rise of the Islamic notion that includes Ummah and state, as well as the development and character of the modern nation-state system.

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Central Superior Services (CSS) is a name used in Pakistan. In Pakistan, students are required to take this type of test.

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The political concept section focuses on the various concepts of political thought in Islamic and western nations and covers topics such as justice, liberty, equality as well as human rights, freedom as well as political authority, and sovereignty, among others.

CSS Political Science Past Papers

On this page you’ll get information on the Pakistani CSS exam, the admission process for CSS, CSS age limit, CSS eligibility criteria, examination pattern, application process as well as the curriculum.

CSS Political Science Syllabus Past Papers Download

The section on participation in politics focuses on the political contributions of different types of political parties and groups and covers subjects such as Elections,

FPSC Political Science CSS Syllabus

The 2024 course for the study of political sciences in the College of Social Sciences is the research and analysis of political systems and the integration of regional.

FPSC Political Science CSS Syllabus | Free PDF Download

The international political systems and the political developments that took place in Asian countries (during the colonial period), Pakistani politics and government, international relations, etc.

Political Science Syllabus Punjab University

Public opinion, political parties lobbying, political change as well as revolutions, pressure groups, and lobbies, to name a few. For additional past papers,

Important Topics For Political Science CSS

please refer to the section on the previous paper. The CSS Papers Past from optional Subject Politics and Social Science from 2018 through 2024. They have been updated recently.

Code No. Subject Marks
11. Accountancy & Auditing 200
12. Economics 200
13. Computer Science 200
14. Political Science 200
15. International Relations 200
Code No. Subject Marks
16. Physics 200
17. Chemistry 200
18. Applied Mathematics 100
19. Pure Mathematics 100
20. Statistics 100
21. Geology 100

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The sections of the political institution focus on the roles of the various government agencies and cover issues such as Political elites, the Executive, military and civil bureaucracy, the judiciary and legislature, as well as others. Here, you’ll discover crucial information on the Pakistani CSS test.

CSS Syllabus 2024

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