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Are you going to take the MCQ-based preliminary CSS test? Then you can search for the CSS MPT Syllabus. Syllabus of CSS MPT by FPSC to be used in the CSS competitive examination. The CSS MPT will be held on October 2, 2024. MPT stands for MCQ Based Preliminary Testing, which is a screening test before the CSS Written Examination. MPT stands for MCQ Based Preliminary Testing. This test reduces the workload on CSS Written Examination. The CSS MPT is 200 multiple-choice questions, with 1 mark per correct answer. Let’s find out more about the CSS MPT Syllabus. Federal Public Service Commission FPSC approved a new screening test named MPT.

CSS MPT Syllabus 2024 Download Pdf

For incorrect answers, there is no negative marking. You have 200 minutes to complete the test or 3 hours 20 minutes. This is a test that will allow you to sit or not in the Central Superior Service Examination. The Federal Public Service Commission has published the syllabus of the Central Superior Service of MCQS-Based Preliminary Test (MPT) for session 2024, according to the most recent notification.

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You can’t apply to CSS Written Exam if you fail the CSS MPT Test. If you have applied for the MPT exam and are looking for an authentic syllabus, you can get it here. It is essential that you pass the MPT test in order to appear in CSS Exams. Details indicate that the MPT test will take place on February 20, 2024. The CSS Aspirants can find all details about the CSS MCQ-based preliminary exam Exams, i.e.

Syllabus Of CSS Mcq Based Preliminary Test (MPT)

This syllabus will help students pass the CSS MCQS Preliminary exam easily. CSS MPT Syllabus and MPT’s Rules, MPT Amendments, CSS MPT Notes, and other related details. The MPT Syllabus contains the following mandatory subjects: Ethics and Civics.

  • CSS Screening Test Syllabus 2024

CSS MPT Syllabus By Fpsc

Federal Service Commission of Pakistan (FPSC) has published the details of CSS Screening Test 20,22 in a notice shared on 4th November 2021.

MPT CSS 2024

Below are some of the subjects of these two subjects. This screening test, as per FPSC is called MCQ Based PREliminary Test (MPT). FPSC also issues roll number slips for MPT 2024.MPT will become effective with CSS CE 2024.

CSS MPT Syllabus By Fpsc

Definition, Nature, and Significance. Organ of state. Fundamental Human Rights. Rights and obligations of non-Muslims.

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This is a Mandatory Qualifying Test to be eligible for Main Written CSS CE 2024. UN Objectives and Goals, main organs, and Agencies.

CSS MPT Syllabus 2024 Pdf

For a better understanding of the syllabus, we have created a micro-listing with topics from the CSS 2024 MCQs-based Preliminary Test.

MPT CSS Preparation

This will make it easier for CSS candidates to pass the screening test without anxiety and stress. Students can also sign up for our module through our social media handles. The zoom app will be used to conduct exclusive classes.

MPT Syllabus Pdf 2024

The time for each class will be at 9:30 pm (3 per week). You will be provided with referral links or pre-recorded material for some topics.

CSS MPT Syllabus 2023

You will also receive notes in hard copy via leopards services. Each topic will have an online test that is in line with the study plan. Click here if you are interested in preparing for it. We are grateful.

MPT Exam 2024 Marks Division

Subject Total MCQs
Urdu 20
Islamic Studies/Civics and Ethics 20
General Knowledge 50
General Abilities 60
English 50

MPT CSS Syllabus Pdf 2024

An appearance in MPT is not considered a chance. Human Values, Role and Function of Family, Society, and Educational Institutes towards inculcating universal Moral Values, Integrity and Impartiality, Nonpartisanship and objectivity, dedication, public service, empathy, and tolerance towards the poorer sections.

CSS Syllabus 2024

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