Business Administration CSS Syllabus Pdf 2024

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The CSS BUSINESS Administration paper has 100 marks. The Occupational Administration CSS Syllabus 2024 It is an optional paper in connection with the Candidate’s Basic understanding of Business Administration including management and HR. Below you can find this CSS Business Administration Paper 2024. You can download or view the CSS Business Administration Paper 2024. It is a Business Administration paper on CSS that was presented on the 24th of February, 2024.

Business Administration CSS Syllabus Pdf 2024

R management financial management, etc. These questions were included in the CSS Business Administration Paper of 2024. To successfully complete the CCSs  ADMINISTRATION exam, a candidate must earn at least 33 % marks. Calculate the period of payback The required return rate is 12.5% in net present value and a profit index. Business Administration Css Syllabus 2024

Definition of Organization, Management, and Management in the context of organizations. A multinational manufacturing company has supplied the information on the income statement. Explain the formulas used to calculate the subsequent proportions. Explain how to interpret the results. Four Management functions, management roles Management Skills. Discuss the advantages and drawbacks of the various approaches a supervisor may choose to use for effective appraisal of employee performance.

Business Administration CSS Paper 2024

Designing Adaptive Organizations. Examine the advantages of mass-marketing to those of market segmentation to the company. Consider relevant business cases.m Management of Change and Innovation. The name is Ruby Nawaz! The co-founder of, PUGC Alumna, Business Post-Grad, Teacher and Book Enthusiast, and Content Blogger/Writer.

The About Business Administration

In simple phrases, Occupational administration refers to the task of managing the resources, time and personnel. Occupational administration professionals work to ensure that businesses and organizations are run effectively, efficiently and profitably.15-Nov-2024

Business Administration Book For CSS

Planning and Forecasting Needs for Personnel. In accordance with the latest syllabus for CSS, PMS, as well as other competitive examinations In 2016, the CSS Syllabus, PMS, and other Competitive Examinations, have were revised by Administration by Salman Hassan HSM Publisher. The paper below was released by the Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC) for CSS Competitive Exam. Selected and Recruitment. Note The information provided is meant to be used for reference only. Original copies of papers are available for download on the official website of FPSC. Education and Training.

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Group – I

  • Accountancy & Auditing 200
  • Economics 200
  • Computer Science 200
  • Political Science 200
  • International Relations 200

Group – II

  • Physics 200
  • Chemistry 200
  • Applied Mathematics 100
  • Pure Mathematics 100
  • Statistics 100
  • Geology 100

Group -III

  • Business Administration 100
  • Public Administration 100
  • Governance & Public Policies 100
  • Town Planning & Urban Management 100

Group -IV

  • History of Pakistan & India 100
  • Islamic History & Culture 100
  • British History 100
  • European History 100
  • History of USA 100

Group -V

  • Gender Studies 100
  • Environmental Sciences 100
  • Agriculture & Forestry 100
  • Botany 100
  • Zoology 100
  • English Literature 100
  • Urdu Literature 100

Group -VI

  • Law 100
  • Constitutional Law 100
  • International Law 100
  • Muslim Law & Jurisprudence 100
  • Mercantile Law 100
  • Criminology 100
  • Philosophy 100

Group -VII

  • Journalism & Mass Communication 100
  • Psychology 100
  • Geography 100
  • Sociology 100
  • Anthropology 100
  • Punjabi 100
  • Sindhi 100
  • Pashto 100
  • Balochi 100
  • Persian 100
  • Arabic 100
 IR paper  Economics Paper
 Economics Paper- Political Science-
 Political Science- Accountancy & Auditing Paper-  Computer Science Paper-
 Anthropology  Geography
 Chemistry Paper-  Chemistry Paper-
 Physics paper-  Physics Paper-
 Botany  Statistics
 Sindhi  Psychology
 Agriculture & Forestry  Public Administration
 Town Planning

Business Administration CSS Syllabus 2024

Unless stated otherwise within the Question Paper, all other questions must be addressed in English. Risk Return and the Introduction to Measures of Pricing for Return and risk. Failure to adhere to these guidelines could cause the paper to be removed and ZERO marks awarded for the appropriate paper(s).

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