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Download and look through the past papers of Teaching of Pakistan Studies code number 6511 (AIOU) for the academic year of the autumn and spring. The main goal is to teach the value of love and solidarity as well as the process of what Pakistan was born, how it grow, and how youngsters will defend the country when they are grown up. This is a 3-credit hour book. This subject is crucial for students. The old papers will give an understanding of the most important areas or parts of the subject. It is up to the teachers ‘ methods of instructing, are they lecturing in a way or are they giving lessons based on a rational foundation?

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Previous examination papers may give a hint of the examination to come. The subject should be taught in a rational manner so that students are given proper instruction regarding the country of their birth. Below is a table that contains past papers. Past Paper 2022 2022

They need to be taught to respect their country their culture, religions, and languages, as well as the societies they live in. Click the link to see the following: Disclaimer: If you’re copyrighted content has been published on Skilling. But they do not just respect their own religion, culture, or state, but all other countries as well. or when links to your copyrighted content are returned by our search engine, and you would like the material removed from this site, then you have to send a letter with the specific information provided below.

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The “two-nation theory is the primary and major reason behind it all in its glory and intricate history. Document the authority of the person to take action as the representative of the exclusive right that has been believed to be infringed. Every nation is preparing its next-generation with knowledge about their geography, history, and their beliefs.

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Give us enough contact details to allow us to be in touch with you. To let them know who they are and to connect them with their origins. Also, you must provide an email address that is valid. In the instances of Pakistan and Israel, it is essential to be able to understand the history or their sovereignty could be at risk.

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You should identify in sufficient detail the copyrighted works that are claimed to be infringed and include at least one search term that describes the work that appears in Results of a search.

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Similar to Israel, Pakistan was also built on the basis of ideology but the difference is that Pakistanis weren’t the settlers who ruled, lived, and owned their land for long before Pakistan the country was already present in their private lives.

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It was only through the formal procedure of establishing their belief in ‘two nations’ that the movement for independence was initiated.

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A declaration that the person who is complaining believes in good faith that the use of the content in the manner that is complained of is not permitted by the owner of the copyright or its agent, or by the law.

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In the larger India, Pak and India were already present beneath the Mughal umbrella, and then the British one, but when the British were forced to leave, many realized that they were tired of being in shelters and umbrellas, and they must be open to the skies of freedom.

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AIOU Past papers AIOU Past papers in all forms, Aiou matric past papers, Aiou B. Muslims and Hindus in every aspect of their customs, religious practices as well as food, were two distinct nations, and in total stark difference to one another. A past papers, Aiou B-ed past Papers, Aiou M-ed past papers, aiou M.a past papers.

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Hindus revere cows and Muslims love eating then how do you explain that they live together in one country, despite the majority. Allama Iqbal Open University Aiou was founded in May 1974, and since then has been operating regularly throughout Pakistan and even today.

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Two giants who are averse to each other and share one house are bound to result in some negative consequences. It has become one of the most popular and become the biggest school in Asia with a lot of students. Today, Indian Muslims and Pakistani Hindus Minorities in both countries suffer due to their faiths, and also due to the ineffective government, the failed policies, and the plight of the poor.

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Girls are enrolled and obtaining degrees in various areas from them. They’ve been living in refuges and shelters for Iranian, Turkish, Arab, and British shelters where they are unable to control themselves. They are able to find new jobs at various businesses, both public and private, according to the papers they get at Allama Iqbal University. In the context of this issue, it is crucial to comprehend the issues and reasons for the separation.

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