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Review Aga Khan Lab Report Online Aga Khan Lab Report Online- Aga Khan University Hospital Clinical labs are well-known and the is the most reliable source in Pakistan. Aga Khan Hospital Karachi now implemented an online system for laboratory test reports and checking system, Aga Khan Hospital take this step to help their patients across Pakistan as well as across Pakistan. Aga Khan Hospital is one of the most prestigious Private sector health facilities in Pakistan.

Aga Khan Online Report 2024 Check Online

Anyone can access his/her lab results and tests at any time, from anywhere, and reduce time and cost. They offer their patients modern labs and allow patients to access Aga Khan Lab results online. Online Report 2024

Doctors trust all the time the results of Aga Khan’s lab tests. Hospital is part of the umbrella of the Aga Khan Development Network all across the globe, including Karachi, Dubai, Nairobi, and many more. It was established in the year 1985 to serve as the principal teaching facility of Aga Khan University’s (AKUH) Faculty of Health Sciences. We provide regular updates on Aga Khan Hospital’s online test and laboratory report system.

Khan Lab Online Report Check Karachi

which is an easier and more excellent option for patients. Aga Khan Hospital provides lab facilities in all major cities in Pakistan. By following these easy steps, you can look up reports online.

Check Online Aga Khan Laboratory Test Report Online and Charges Details

Aga Khan Hospital was established by Sir Aga Khan. The Hospital is a component of Aga Khan University (AKU).

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located in Karachi which was the first private chartered university of international repute in Pakistan in 1983.

The Aga Khan University Hospital Pakistan

A majority of people come to Aga Khan Lab to get the diagnostic test or for the. Franchises of Aga Khan hospitals have been launched across the nation.

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They are equipped with the latest and most advanced equipment and provide services that are priced at a reasonable price. Aga Khan hospital laboratory test costs are quite affordable.

Check Aga Khan Lab Reports Online

Methods to check Aga Khan Medical Reports Online The method of checking Aga Khan’s laboratory test results online is easy. You can obtain 100% authentic reports at an affordable cost through.

AKU Online

Aga Khan Hospital Lab. To view the Aga Khan Lab reports online it is necessary to follow a few simple steps listed on this page.

Get Online Reports of Aga Khan Laboratory Tests

Aga Khan hospital lab test charges are not listed on the official site of The Aga Khan University Hospital. This huge database is comprised of Aga Khan Lab’s research reports.

Aga Khan Hospital

was created to provide you with the convenience of reviewing your reports from the convenience of your own home or at work. Aga Khan hospital offers the option of online reports on Agha Khan lab tests.

Online Laboratory Reports

Follow this simple procedure to make the most of your time and obtain the most reliable results when you check on the internet for Aku Lab Reports. You will receive reports online from Agha Khan’s laboratory test through your email address.

How To Check Reports Online

Simply click the link in front of the URL. It will redirect users to AKUH Official website. First of all, visit to get your online reports of Aga Khan laboratory tests. Select “Request Laboratory and Diagnostic Report’ from the Patient Service tab.

Name Date of Birth Gender
Unit Number Visit ID Request Date and Time Location

Online Reports

On this page, you’ll be required to enter your username and password to sign in. After logging in successfully you will be able to load and print the reports available. Then you’ll need to log in using your email IDs to view or download your reports from Aga Khan lab tests.

Aga Khan Lab Contact No and Address Details

Contact Number: +92 21 111-911-911



Address: Stadium Road, P.O. Box 3500 Karachi 74800, Pakistan

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