9th Class Urdu Pairing Scheme 2024 All Punjab Boards

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In the lead-up to the annual examinations, The Punjab Board authorities issue the syllabus for students to be aware of the format to be followed during the annual examinations. Paper patterns are an instrument that gives you an impression of how the paper will look when it comes to the board exams in 2024. 9th Class Urdu Pairing Scheme 2024 For All Punjab Boards. This pattern for paper is sketched on paper, and all questions are described in detail. It gives complete information about the most important information and details about the tests so that students can gain a notion of how to prepare to be able to score high.

9th Class Urdu Pairing Scheme 2024 All Punjab Boards

Students can get some idea about how their paper will be organized, and which questions will be asked from what portion of the curriculum. Students are now given some time to get ready for the 2024 examinations. The syllabus for the 9th grade is already available.

Urdu Pairing Scheme 9th Class 2024


Based on the 9th grade Urdu paper plan 2024, the test will be built on objective and subjective questions. However, this time, I’ve shared the paper pattern from Urdu for class 9th. A lot of students are so enthusiastic that they’ve been studying for their exams from the start of class However, some students aren’t as skilled as the other students. The paper scheme or paper pattern for the class 9 exams in 2024 is provided.

Urdu Pairing Scheme Class 9

According to the syllabus announced The topics included include letters, translations applications, stories complete sentences as well as corrections to sentences. The subject of Urdu is frequently viewed as a breeze by students. However, most students do not score well in Urdu for board exams.

9th Class Urdu Pairing Scheme 2024

They did their best to be examined, but in the end, they had to face many challenges. The applicants are instructed to prepare their essays by analyzing this plan to score the best scores. They put in a lot of effort to be examined, however, in the end, they were faced with numerous difficulties.

9th Urdu Pairing Scheme 2024 Punjab Boards

You can find out the pattern of paper for Urdu 9th class in accordance with the Punjab Board examination in 2024 in the following table. To make it easier for students, the subjects have been listed that will aid them in the preparation for the examinations.

9th Class Urdu Pairing Scheme 2024 For All Punjab Boards

Certain students have a great knowledge of Urdu and so taking the Urdu test for students is a breeze. Furthermore, the concerned officials are expected they design the exam in accordance with the syllabus, and don’t include any outside syllabus questions.

Pairing Scheme 2024 9th Class Urdu

On the other side, some students did not have Urdu proficiency, which meant they had many difficulties studying from memory or trying to perform the entire role.


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The applicants who are scheduled to take part in the annual examinations 2024 are informed to verify the structure of the exam and the questions.

Urdu Pairing Scheme 2024 9th Class

9th Class Urdu Pairing Scheme 2024 For All Punjab Boards. . The same 9th grade Urdu assessment scheme 2024 was designed specifically for Punjab boards like BISE Lahore.

Paper Pattern Of 9th Class Urdu Federal Board

BISE Gujranwala, BISE Sahiwal. The scheme of comparison is designed to help students who have difficulty understanding word for word.

Multiple Choice Question (MCQs)

12 MCQs in the 9th Urdu paper, and each MCQ has 1 Mark. Thus, the total mark of this section is 12.

  • Below are the details about Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs).
9th Urdu Chapter Number No. of MCQs
01 01
02 02
03 01
04 01
05 02
06 01
07 01
08 01
09 02

Short Questions

In this part, the students have to attempt a total of 15 questions, five from each question. Each question has 02 marks. (15×2=30 marks).

Question #2:

  • From here, students have to attempt any 05 (five) questions out of 08 (eight).
9th Urdu Chapter Number No. of questions
01 03
02 03
03 02

Question #3:

  • From here, students have to attempt any 05 questions out of 08.
9th Urdu Chapter Number No. of questions
04 03
05 03
06 02

Question #4

  • From here, students have to attempt any 05 questions out of 08.
9th Urdu Chapter Number No. of questions
07 03
08 02
09 03

Urdu 9th Class Pairing Scheme

  1. Q#5 (a) Chapter 02 ; (b) Chapter 03
  2. Q#6 (a) Chapter 04 ; (b) Chapter 06
  3. Q#7 (a) Chapter 07 ; (b) Chapter 08
  4. Urdu paper pattern of 9th class 2023
Objective Type Subjective Type
Total Marks 15 Total Marks 60
Time Allowed 20  minutes Time Allowed 2:10 hrs
Number of MCQs 15 Number of Questions 8
Distribution of Marks Each MCQ of 1 mark Distribution of Marks Attempt 3 rhymes out of 4 from Nazam part and  2 rhymes out of 3 from Ghazal part having 10 marks
Total 15 MCQs Explanation of paragraphs from chapters having 10 marks
Attempt 5 questions out of 8 having 10 marks
Attempt abstract of 1 chapter  out of 2 having 5 marks
Attempt abstract of nazam having 5 marks
Attempt application OR letter having 10 marks
Write a story OR dialogue having 5 marks
Sentence correction OR Idioms completion having 5 marks
Total 60 marks

9th Class Urdu Pairing Scheme 2024

BISE Sargodha, BISE Rawalpindi, BISE Faisalabad, BISE DG Khan, BISE Multan, and BISE Bahawalpur. After the pairing process, Students can unwind to unwind a bit. You’re on the right track If you’re looking for the 9th class Urdu Pairing Scheme 2024 session.

9th Class Urdu Pairing Scheme 2024

They need only to complete specific studies in order to be able to participate in tests and solve the entire work. Here, you will discover the pairing scheme for 9th grade Urdu This will be useful for all boards of Punjab.

Pairing Scheme Of 9th Class 2024

Students may skip certain classes that they find difficult using the pairing scheme. In addition, Lahore Board, Multan Board, Gujranwala Board, Sahiwal Board, Sargodha Board, DG Khan Board, and Faisalabad Board as well as BISE Jammu and Kashmir. It’s a great benefit for students to establish an effective paring plan to prepare for the test without a lot of effort.

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