9th Class Chemistry Past Paper Papers 2024

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The science field where we study various chemical compounds and their properties, as well as reactions, and how they are used in everyday life is referred to as Chemistry. 9th Class Chemistry Guess Paper 2023 Punjab Board. Chemistry is a vital science subject for 9th-grade science students. Essays that are guessing are essential to students in the ninth grade. For students in 9th grade, we designed the 9th-grade Chemistry Guess Paper 2024 that you can download here. The papers cover subjects like computing, physics, chemistry biology, mathematics, and biology. The chemistry guess papers 9 classes are crucial in relation to your exam on the board.

Past Paper Of Chemistry 9 Class 2024

To better prepare for the test For better preparation, here’s this 2023 type 9 Questioning Paper. 9th class Chemistry Guess Paper Punjab Board 2023 These guess papers are specifically designed for 9th Class students.

Class 9 Chemistry Past Papers 2024

Our team of experts tried their best to give you the most important information that will be required in the exam for chemistry on the board. 9th Grade Chemistry Guess Paper Punjab Board 2023 It is the perfect chance for all students in the 9th grade. We’ve prepared these essential question papers on chemistry for students in the science class 9th. Students in the 9th grade can access these important tests for guessing online and easily practice. You’ll be able to score well in chemistry if you the effort to practice these useful guessing papers. 9th Class Chemistry Guess Paper 2023 Punjab Board.

9th Class Chemistry Guess Papers 2024 Punjab Board PDF

If you’ve practiced these guessing papers, you’ll be able to take the chemistry test with ease. However, you will need to take BISE 2023 Level 9 Chemistry Guessing Essay. BISE 2023 Chemistry Guessing essay. There are many advantages to this We will go over these advantages in the near future. You will now only require 9 kinds of 2023 Chemistry playing games.

About Nineth-Class Chemistry

Chemistry is the research into the physical properties and behaviour of matter. It is a field of study in natural sciences that studies the elements that compose matter, as well as the compounds composed of molecules, atoms and ions. They are their structure, composition as well as their properties, behaviour and the modifications they undergo in reaction when they interact with different substances.

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The number of naturally occurring elements is.

  1. O –Shell
  2. N – Shell
  3. L – Shell
  4. M – Shell

_________ consist of three sub –shell.

  1. M –Shell
  2. L – Shell
  3. N – Shell
  4. O – Shell

Which one of the following is the Empirical formula of Benzene?

  1. C2H2O4
  2. C2H2O
  3. C6H6
  4. CH

Empirical formula of Glucose is.

  1. CH2O
  2. CHO
  3. C2HO
  4. C2H2O

The valance of iron in ferrous sulphate is.

  1. +2
  2. +3
  3. +4
  4. +5

Molecular mass of water is.

  1. 18 amu
  2. 18 g
  3. 18 mg
  4. 18 kg

How much mass is in one mole of water?

  1. 2
  2. 3
  3. 16
  4. 18

One amu is equivalent to.

  1. 1.66 x 10-24 mg
  2. 1.66 x 10-24 g
  3. 1.55 x 10-24 kg
  4. 1.66 x 10-23 g

Which one of the following molecules is not tri-atomic?

  1. H2
  2. O3
  3. H2O
  4. CO2

All of the following are triatomic molecule examples

  1. H2
  2. O2
  3. H2O
  4. CO2


  1. What is meant by element? Explain with example
  2. Define Valency. Write the Valency of Na.
  3. Define Avogadro’s number.
  4. Define mole and give an example
  5. Calculate the gram molecules in 40 g of phosphoric acid.
  6. Define atomic mass unit.
  7. Difference between Compound and Element.
  8. What is meant by mixture? Give one example.
  9. Define relative atomic mass on the basis of C-12
  10. Define the molecular formula and give an example
  11. Write down the chemical formula of water and sugar.
  12. Differentiate between molecular mass and formula mass
  14. State any three/five differences between compound and mixture.
  15. The number of (CO2) molecules in a pot is 3.01 x 1030 calculate the moles and mass.
  16. Explain two types of molecules on the basis of types of atoms.
  17. Define Atomic number and Mass Number for example.

9th Class Chemistry Paper 2024 Lahore Board

All levels 9 of the Punjabi Quiz Papers will be accessible on this site, and you’ll be able to access the Quiz Papers. 9th Class Chemistry Past Paper Papers Guess papers on all subjects in the 9th grade are available here for download for no cost. “Remember that 9th class Guess Paper for the pure study is updated each year. Paper is prepared each year in accordance with the latest calendar.

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