1st Year English Pairing Scheme 2022 All Punjab Boards

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1st Year English Pairing Scheme All Punjab Boards. For the first year Board Examination, several pairing schemes are released in The Punjab board. Are you searching for 2022’s 1st Year English Pairing Scheme 2022? This is the right place. The papers are announced in order to assist students in preparing better for their final exams. We’ve posted the pairing scheme for 11th class English which is equally useful for all boards in Punjab. It will not only assist in preparing for the final exams but also give an idea of the format for paper and division of marks. Including BISE Lahore, BISE Multan, BISE Gujranwala, BISE Sahiwal, BISE Sargodha, BISE DG Khan, BISE Faisalabad, BISE Rawalpindi, and BISE Jammu Kashmir. It highlights the most important chapters that students should concentrate on.

1st Year English Pairing Scheme 2022

The complete details regarding the subjective and objective components of the first-year English papers-paired scheme are included in the plan. Paper schemes are a crucial way to get through examinations with high marks. Through this article, you will be aware of the amount of MCQs, Questions/Answers that will be asked as well what the mark division is going to be.

11th Class English Pairing Scheme 2022 for All Punjab Boards


The Punjab Board conducts the intermediate exams according to the prescribed schedule as it does each year. We will also provide specific grammar questions. Therefore, it will be possible to get information on the first-year English Exam Paper 2022. The Board provides a paper scheme and numerous model papers for each subject, in order to assist students to score higher on intermediate 1st year Board Exams. It is important to know the English paper pattern has to be considered as students prepare for their board exams. Paper schemes allow the student to plan for examinations in a manner that would not be feasible without them.

1st year English pairing scheme 2022 Punjab Boards

The paper plan for English is usually regarded as a challenging subject, which is why students should go over it at least once in order to be prepared. This draws attention to the most important aspects. The use of the paper scheme can assist students with attempting the exam more effectively. English is among the subjects required by the Intermediate Board.

1st Year English Pairing Scheme 2022 – 11th Class

This method helps students be able to comprehend the paper pattern and concentrate on the most crucial questions within the text. The curriculum is designed to provide a solid understanding of grammar, vocabulary, as well as writing for students. We offer the following pairing scheme for First Year English 2022.

English 1st Year (11th Class) Paper Scheme 2022

English is a simple subject for some, while other students are unable to write essays or other assessments. To prepare for their annual examinations students must obtain an official copy of the 1st Year matching scheme 2022 prior to the start in the calendar year. Just prior to the final exams they will receive the Punjab board releases the pairing scheme that will be used for students in the eleventh grade of 2022.

1st Year English Pairing Scheme 2022 Punjab Board

To facilitate student learning, and to make it easier for students, the Board of Punjab has published the first-year pairing scheme for English. Our website has every paper scheme Punjab board for each area so that you can look it up as you please. This scheme also explains the types of questions as well as the specifics of the types of questions.

11th Class English Paper Scheme

  1. Book – 1 (Short Stories)                                                                     20 Marks
  2. Book – III (Plays and poetry )                        (15+15)                         30 Marks
  3. Composition :

(a)    Letter / Application writing                                              10 Marks

(b)   Story Writing (With Choice)                                             10 Marks

  1. Applied Grammar:-                             (5+5+5)                                     15 Marks

(a)    Correct use of Tenses.

(b)   Punctuation.

(c)    Differentiation in Meaning of Words (Pair of words)

  1. Retranslation:                                                                                      15 Marks

(A Continuous prose passage from Book – I English into Urdu)

  1. An unseen Paragraph in English OR

A candidate whose medium of examination is English will write an essay on…

English Scheme 1st Year 2022 StudyHelp.Pk

It’s not just helping students in their studies however, it will give them an idea of what parts to focus on more. Although the authors did their best.


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Then there is the chance of mistakes. One of the first Year Pairing Schemes can help improve the understanding and the ability to learn students. However, suggestions to improve it are welcomed. If you want to comment, please do so here. Do you have any concerns regarding this?

Pairing Scheme 2022 1st Year Punjab Board Pdf

It will provide the most significant topics as well as their percentage distribution. We’re hoping to be able to get back to you within a brief time.

11 Class English Pairing Scheme 2022

The students are advised to pay attention to these pairing schemes released from the Punjab Board for 1st Year Intermediate Exams. The 11th Grade English Pairing Scheme 2022 for all Punjab Boards. As you are aware, we’re keeping our students updated through this website.

MCQs 20

BOOK I 5 synonyms + 3 MCQs = 8
Book III (Plays) 3 Synonyms + 2 MCQs = 5
Book III (Poems) 2 Synonyms =2
Choose the Correct for of Verb 5 MCQs = 5

Subjective Part

Question No. Item Details Marks
Q.2 Book I 9 Short Questions (attempt any 6) 6×2 = 12
Q.3 Book III (Plays) 8 short questions (Attempt any 5) 5×2 = 10
Q.4 Book III (Poems) 6 Short Questions (Attempt any 4) 4×2 = 8
Q.5 Letter/Application There is a choice between letter and application 10
Q.6 Story Write a story on ANY ONE of the given 2 topics 10
Q.7 (A) Explanation of stanza Explain the given stanza with reference to the context 5
Q.7 (B) Punctuation Punctuate a small paragraph taken from Book I 5
Q.7 (C) Pairs of Words Use ANY FIVE of the given 7 pairs of words in your sentences 5
Q.8 Translation Translate English paragraph taken from book I into Urdu 15
Note: English medium candidate will write an essay on the given topic instead of translation in Q.No.8

Scheme Of the 1st Year 2022 Gujranwala Board

They’ll be able to try their hand at writing more quickly. We all know that every student is given the top priority on the test and with the right preparation, each candidate is able to score the highest number of marks.

Board Name Official Website Links
BISE Lahore Board English Past Paper www.biselahore.com Download
BISE Gujranwala Board English Past Pape GRW www.bisegrw.edu.pk Download
BISE Multan Board English Past Paper web.bisemultan.edu.pk Download
BISE Faisalabad Board English Past Pape FSD www.bisefsd.edu.pk Download
BISE Sargodha Board English Past Pape www.bisesargodha.edu.pk Download
BISE Rawalpindi Board English Past Pape RWP www.biserwp.edu.pk Download
BISE Bahawalpur Board English Past Pape www.bisebwp.edu.pk Download
BISE DG Khan Board English Past Pape www.bisedgkhan.edu.pk Download
BISE Sahiwal Board English Past Pape www.bisesahiwal.edu.pk Download
BISE Federal Board English Past Pape Fbise www.fbise.edu.pk Download
BISE Peshawar Board English Past Pape BISEP www.bisep.edu.pk Download
BISE Swat Board Result 9th BISESS www.bisess.edu.pk Download
BISE Kohat Board English Past Pape BISEKT www.bisekt.edu.pk Download
BISE Malakand 9th Board Result www.bisemalakand.edu.pk Download
BISE Abbottabad Board English Past Pape www.biseatd.edu.pk Download
BISE Bannu Board English Past Pape www.biseb.edu.pk Download
BISE Mardan Board English Past Pape web.bisemdn.edu.pk Download
BISE DI Khan Board English Past Pape www.bisedik.edu.pk Download
BSEK/BIEK Karachi Board English Past Pape www.bsek.edu.pk Download
BISE Sukkur Board English Past Pape www.bisesuksindh.edu.pk Download
BISE Hyderabad Board English Past Pape www.biseh.edu.pk Download
BISE Larkana Board English Past Pape www.biselrk.edu.pk Download
BISE Mirpurkhas Board English Past Pape www.bisemirpurkhas.com Download
Aga Khan Board English Past Pape examinationboard.aku.edu Download
BISE Quetta Board English Past Pape www.bbiseqta.edu.pk Download
BISE AJK Board English Past Pape www.ajkbise.net Download
BISE Nawabshah Board English Past Pape www.bisesba.edu.pk Download
KIU English Past Pape www.kiu.edu.pk Download

Urdu Scheme 1st Year 2022

1st Year English Paper Pattern is applicable to all Punjab Boards, which comprise Lahore Board, Gujranwala Board, Bahawalpur Board, Multan Board, Rawalpindi Board, Faisalabad Board, DG Khan Board, Sahiwal Board, and Sargodha Board.

1st Year English Pairing Scheme 2022 Lahore Board

You can earn a great deal from Benefit Pairing Program 2022 through this scheme. You must search for an FA, Fsc I.com Class Pairing Scheme 2020 which candidates can get in touch with this website. Keep an eye out for further information concerning board exams.

Subject English
update 19 March
Year 2022
Class 11th class
Board 11th Class Pairing scheme is only for the Rawalpindi Board, Gujranwala Board, Lahore Board, Dera Ghazi Khan Board, Multan Board, and Kashmir Board
Keyword 11th Class Pairing Scheme 2022 All Punjab Board Board-

1st Year Pairing Scheme 2022 Pdf

Whatever subjects you will choose from the beginning of the course you have to pass the test ready according to the board’s perspective. Please join us and like us on Facebook and Twitter. Students who wish to do well in their final Board Exams must follow the eleventh-class English pair plan. 11th Class English Pairing Scheme 2022 Punjab Board.

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