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10th Class Math Guess Paper 2024. Mathematics is technically an essential subject, but the majority of the students believe it’s a tough subject. 10th Class Mathematics Guess Paper 2024 Punjab Board. General Math 10th class guess paper 2024 pair scheme Punjab board. If you’re trying to find the 10th Class Math Guess Paper 2024 as a pdf file and.pdf format, then you’re at the right spot. It is easy to master by practicing more of it. Mathematics is a mandatory subject in every class. 10-the class – Mathematical Guess paper All Punjab Board 2024,10th Class Math Guess papers 2024 are available for all Punjab Boards, including Lahore Board, Gujranwala Board, etc in PDF format for download or browse online.

10th Class Math Guess Paper 2024 | All Punjab Board

Students have to be able to pass this test regardless of whether they belong to the science section or the Urdu medium. Many students struggle to do well on the board examination and get high scores. In some instances, maths is hard to comprehend. That’s the reason why many students fail to get high marks on the final test.

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All students are able to download the General maths guess papers for the 10th grade 2024 in pdf format. They can then be ready for the test. We have provided you with 10th class math guessing worksheets 2024. Our team of experts has prepared. The guess papers are created in accordance with the experiences of previous years. The Punjab School Education Board (PSEB) will start the examination on March 17, 2024. Students in the 10th class will definitely find these guessing papers useful and helpful in the test. The test will conclude on April 8, 2024. 10th Class Mathematics Guess Paper 2024 Punjab Board.


  • Exercise 1.1 1q (I,iii,iv), 2q (ii,iv), 3q (I,v,ix)
  • Exercise 1.2 1q (I,iii,vii,viii)
  • Exercise 1.3 q2, 9, 10, 14
  • Exercise 1.4 q1,3,8,9
  • Misc Exercise 1 Q#1 and 2


  • Exercise 2.1 q1 (ii,iv), q2 (I,iv) 3,4 (iii), 10
  • Exercise 2.2 q2 (ii,vi, viii), 4
  • Exercise 2.3 q1 (I,v,vi) 2(ii), 5(ii)
  • Exercise 2.5 q1 (f,g,h) 3(b)
  • Exercise 2.6 1(i), 2(ii), 5(ii)
  • Exercise 2.7 q2, 5, 10, 13
  • Exercise 2.8 q 1 and 5
  • Misc Ex 2 q1, 2(I and vii)


  • Exercise 3.1 q1(iv,v), 4, 5, 7, 9, 11 (iv, v)
  • Exercise 3.2 q1(iii) 2(ii), 5, 8, 10, 13
  • Exercise 3.3 q1 (I, iv) q2 (ii,iv,v), 3(iv), 4(ii,iii)
  • Exercise 3.4 Q1 (I,v, viii), 2 (vi, viii)
  • Exercise 3.5 q3
  • Exercise 3.6 q1 (ii, iii, vi), 2(ii)
  • Exercise 3.7 q2, 3,9


  • Exercise 4.1 Q 2,4,8
  • Exercise 4.2 Q# 1,2,6,8
  • Exercise 4.3 Q# 1,6,8
  • Exercise 4.4 Q#2,3,6


  • Exercise 5.1 q1 (I,ii,iv), 3(I and v), 4(i and iii), 6(i and ii)
  • Exercise 5.2 q1 (v and vi), 2(iv), 3 and 4(ii) 5.3 Q1 (1,ii,v), 2 (ii,iii), 4 (iii,iv) 5.4 q3 (iii), 5(ii)


  • Exercise 6.1 Q( 1 and 3)
  • Exercise 6.2 (3,7,11,12)
  • Exercise 6.3 Q4 and 5(ii)
  • Misc Exercise 6 Q 1 and 2


  • Exercise 7.1 q1 (vii), q3 (v), q4 (iii, v), q5 (iii, vii),
  • Exercise 7.2 q3 (i), 5, 6
  • Exercise 7.3 q3 (iii. Iv), 4(ii. vi), 8, 9, 12 (vii, viii)
  • Exercise 7.4 q7, 10, 11, 16, 20, 24
  • Exercise 7.5 q1,3,8,9


We also have updated PSEB 10-Class Test Paper 2020-2024PDF is designed for students in middle school Follow the link here to download the PSEB 10th Class Model Paper 2024 PDF and 30 percent of the syllabus’s question bank as well as answer solutions.

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All Pakistan BISE Boards is doing great Jobs regarding Students Educations. Still, In Pakistan 5 Provinces (Punjab, Sindh, KPK, Baluchistan and AJK) are independently responsible to conduct the 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th Boards Examination.

Get 40+ Marks in 10th Class Math Guess

Download math guesses for the 10th grade 2024 paper in pdf format and then make exercises. The board exam for 10th grade is just about to begin and is in the process of being completed. Predicting the essay is the most effective method of preparing for the exam.

c Subjective Type
Total Marks 15 Total Marks 60
Time Allowed 20  minutes Time Allowed 2:10 hrs
Number of MCQs 15 Number of Questions 6
Distribution of Marks Each MCQ of 1 mark Distribution of Marks Attempt 6 short questions out of 9 having 12 marks
Total 15 MCQs Attempt 6 short questions out of 9 having 12 marks
Attempt 6 short questions out of 9 having 12 marks
Attempt 3 long questions out of 5 having 24 marks. The last question is compulsory. Each question has 8 marks with 2 parts each.
Total 60 marks

Math Guess Paper 10th Class 2024

You can also download previous papers on all disciplines on StudyHelp.pk website. If you know the format the examiner will employ for the examination then you can adapt it to suit. It is also essential to know the most recent speculation exam papers.

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