PTCL Complaint Registration 2022

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Sometimes, you require or require assistance in PTCL’s products or services. Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) has launched a variety of online services for its customers to resolve complaints and issues swiftly. Imagine your phone line was down or has distortion or a problem with your broadband internet connection is not working or a slow internet connection or your EVO single or Chrji device is not receiving the correct signals and speeds of 4G or 3G. PTCL offers numerous complaint-reporting options to its customers in order to provide exceptional customer service and attain the highest levels of satisfaction with its customers.

PTCL Complaint Registration Online 2022

In the moment of anger, you will feel the need to talk to an actual human-managed support representative to address your issues as soon as possible. The customers of PTCL are now able to submit complaints through their PTCL online complaint service as well as via SMS from their mobile phones. There are a variety of methods to file complaints with PTCL to address your concerns or issues you’re having regarding their services.

Www. Complaint Registration 2022 2022

The two ways to file a Complaint Registration with PTCL have been explained in the article. Examine each one separately. To contact the PTCL helpline using your landline or mobile phone, just dial 1218. You’ll be connected to PTCL support representatives at their call center, after waiting just a few minutes. This is the most popular PTCL complaint registration method since there aren’t any fees other than the charges for data or internet for using this service online from your laptop or computer. Sometimes, you’ll have to wait for a while because of a long line of people trying to connect with the helpline rep.

PTCL Complaint- Online Registration Process 2022

In your computer browser, go to to access the PTCL Online Complaint Registration Form. PTCL has developed an innovative and speedy method to solve customer issues by making complaints known by SMS. It is necessary to fill in the following information on this form: Open Complaint Form one at a: Complaint- Online Registration Process 2022

Customers are now able to easily submit with their personal cellphones regarding any issues they face with PTCL services. The final product (Landline Broadband, Broadband, 3G EVO IPTV, Vfone or Charji)Complaint Type (Busy Tone, Here’s the step-by-step procedure described below on how to send an SMS to PTCL.

How to online register for PTCL Complaint 2022

Call Drop or Cross Talk, no Dial Tone, No Noise or single ring Modem Issue, Internet Disconnection Gamer’s Issues, Slow Internet Gaming Issues, no Signal or Poor signal) MDN in the case of 3G EVO or Charji complaints, as well as Service ID or Number in the event complaints involving Landline, Broadband, IPTV and Vfone complaints)

  • PTCL Whatsapp Complaint Number
  • PTCL Complaint Email
  • PTCL Complaint Number Lahore
  • PTCL Complaint Number Islamabad
  • PTCL Complaint Whatsapp Number 2022
  • PTCL Packages

PTCL Internet Complaint Online 2022

PTCL live chat is also available to customers to reach PTCL customer support live and resolve their issues or raise complaints about their concerns.


Online Complaint Registration

A completely redesigned service for registering complaints by mobile SMS is offered as part of PTCL’s promise to provide the highest quality customer care and satisfaction.

PTCL Complain From Mobile 2022

It is a simple and efficient way to call the helpline. Offer a fast method for broadband and landline customers to file complaints. Reduce or eliminate the waiting time to register complaints in call centers However live support agents are available only from 9 am to 9 pm on Monday through Saturday.

Go to PTCL Complaint Status page Check Online
You will see a form as shown below Check Online
In the product field, you can select the service for which you have previously registered the complaint. Check Online
Then provide your phone details with city code. Check Online
In the last field enter your complaint number which you should have received when you made a complaint. Check Online

PTCL Complaint From Mobile

To avoid issues, send the message HELP for help to 0512181218. The PTCL representative will contact you within minutes – or even days, in some instances. You can also make a complaint online by going to the official website of PTCL.

PTCL Complaint Online Chat

If the issue is with the consumer, PTCL will dispatch a crew to your residence. To file a complaint on their website, follow the steps below: If you’re looking to review the status of your PTCL Duplicate Bill you can visit the link.

PTCL Helpline Numbers – Complaint

New service requirement or purchase assistance 1218
To Update Directory Inquiry 0800 0 1217
OSS Helpline 111 28 28 28
Corporate Helpline Number 1260 & 111 20 20 20
Billing information 1200
Inquiry or directory services 1217
PTCL Complaint registration/help on fault 1218
Assistance with all services 1218

PTCL Online Bill 2022

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