PTA Mobile Registration 2022

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The exciting news was revealed concerning PTA mobile registration for foreign Pakistani citizens. You might be wondering if the latest leaks regarding tax removal for the PTA Tax Removed June 2022 were true or not. Pakistan Telecommunication Authority has posted on its official Twitter handle that foreign Pakistani citizens are able to register their mobile phones online. According to the sources, PTA did open the mobile networks of all mobile phones for a period to allow non-PTA users to see what they’re lacking.

PTA Mobile Registration Online for Overseas Pakistanis 2022

The registration online will be absolutely free, and there will be no tax to pay for one computer. Social media was used to disseminate the word about the identification of subscribers’ modules (SIMs) functioning again on their phones that were blocked.

Www.Pta.Gov.Pk Mobile Registration 2022


Overseas Pakistanis can make their mobiles registered on the internet. It’s been 4 days and all Non-PTA devices are functioning without interruption in the network. Mobile registration is completely free There is no tax to pay. Certain smartphones that are not PTA may not be functioning because the PTA tax was eliminated in June 2022 and is not confirmed by the official source. There isn’t a permanent solution to unlock the PTA tax-locked phones and those that are working could be locked once more in the coming weeks or days as no one knows the reason for this.

PTA Tax Removed June 202

At the moment, international Pakistani citizens are allowed to use one telephone for up to two months within Pakistan but the new mobile registration temporary permits them to make use of one phone for between 120 and 180 days, without any tax.

PTA Mobile Registration in Pakistan | PTA Mobile Tax List 2022

What happens now when the phones are shut down again, or the ones that are functioning will continue to operate on mobile networks? We’ll give you all the information we’ve collected from different sources.

Benefits Of PTA Mobile Registration

According to the most recent press release issued by PTA on Twitter A new web portal is scheduled to be launched within the next few days. people from overseas Pakistani are able to register mobile phones for free.

PTA Mobile Registration Online 2022

In the first place in the event that there was a chance that the PTA tax was abolished, there was official information on the news channel as well as their official website. Unfortunately, we didn’t find any of this.

PTA Tax List 2022 – Pta Tax Calculator On Mobile Registration

The registered mobile phone will be in operation in Pakistan for four months. Be aware that there is the small probability of the PTA tax being lifted in June 2022, as Pakistan is among the top countries listed on this list.

Everything You Need To Know About PTA Mobile Registration 2022

Users may submit an application for registration on mobile devices through the official portal for PTA’s Device ID Registration System and Blocking Systems of the PTA.

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Mobile Application Creator – PTA Mobile Registration 2022

The government of Pakistan each year collects tons of tax due to the mobile duty fees that are imposed.

PTA Mobile Registration 2022 Online Registration

They must enter the personal details of their identification together with the IMEI number of their mobile device.

PTA Online Complaint Registration 2022

We have observed a steady decline in the smartphone import business due to the hefty taxation that is being introduced and increasing annually.

PTA Mobile Registration Online Check 2022

PTA will allow mobile devices to be registered by using the FIA’s Integrated Border Management System and the SIM verification system used by the mobile operators.

Www.Pta.Gov.Pk Mobile Block 2022

We don’t know the primary reason why some phones that aren’t PTA are functioning perfectly with cellular networks. More details on PTA Mobile registration on a temporary basis are expected to be released.

Www.Pta.Gov.Pk Mobile Block 2022

If you recall, it happened in the past and non-PTA phones were operating on cell networks. While abroad Pakistani citizens will get 120 days, a slender time frame to make use of their phones in Pakistan but it’s more favorable than the 60-day duration.

PTA Mobiles Tax List (Updated 2022)

It could be due to any security update or server in the PTA department. It will provide a sense of comfort to foreign Pakistanis. At present, PTA tax has not been eliminated and we recommend that you pay the tax that is required to the PTA to enable you to use your smartphone with a network lock legally in Pakistan.

Model Tax
iPhone 7 & 7+ PTA Tax Rs. 36,554
iPhone 8 & 8+ PTA Tax Rs. 49,118
iPhone X to 12 PTA Tax Rs. 69,814
iPhone 13 Pro PTA Tax Rs. 72,839
iPhone 13 Pro Max PTA Tax Rs. 73,819

PTA Mobile iPhone Tax List 2022

On the other hand, foreign Pakistanis would like the government to permit their use of at minimum one phone for free with no limit on their staying within Pakistan.

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Pakistan Telecommunication Authority

PTA Mobile Registration and PTA Approved Check Method

The need for overseas Pakistanis seems reasonable given the current situation of pandemics where flights are canceled at any moment. FBR as well as PTA are the responsible parties in the event of any changes concerning the PTA tax being eliminated in June 2022 or any adjustments to tax fees, but there was no news.

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