PP-167 – Election 2018 Results

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The complete election outcome of the PP-167 Lahore with details on votes for the General Election 2018.n PP 1767 Lahore XXIV Election Results in 2018 – There are nine candidates in the general elections 2018 in PP 173 Lahore XXIV the city of Lahore constituency. Election Pakistani Give the details regarding the names of candidates, their affiliation to a party, and their votes in the general election of 2018 for PP the 167 Lahore M.P.A seat Punjab Assembly.  The name of the party, details about the constituency report, and the previous results of 2008, 2002and 2013, and PP the 167th PP Lahore XXIV.

PP-167 – Election 2018 Results

Parties that contest from PP of 167 LahoreXXIV are PTI, PML N, TLP, AATPK, PPPP, MMA, APML, and Independent. Elections from PML-N, TLP, MMA, and PTI candidates. MQM Pakistan and other popular political parties are taking part in the elections 2018 on July 25, 2018.

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Www.ecp.gov.pk 2022The list of candidates who are part of PP the 167th Lahore XXIV, includes NAZIR AHMAD CHHAN, MIAN MUHAMMAD SALEEM, KHALEEQ AHMAD AWAN, KHALID NAIK, MUHAMMAD ASLAM PERVAIZ, ASIF RAZA BAIGSYED IHSAN ULLAH WAQAS, SUMATRA BIBI, AHMAD HASSAN. Nazir Ahmed Chohan, MPA was elected from P. You can view here all election results of PP 1767 Lahore.

PP 167 Lahore General Election 2018 Result

XXIV along with the total votes cast in the 2018 election with online voting by the users and the election candidate’s name- District 167 Lahore in the general elections of 2018.

PP-167 Lahore Election 2018 Full Result Candidates Vote

Additionally, you can find the complete analysis and predictions of the most powerful political parties during the election of 2018 which include Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML N), Muttahida Majlis-e-Amal (MMA), Pakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarians (PPPP), Awami National Party (ANP), PSP,

 PP 167 Election Result 2018 Lahore XXIV

However, this seat became vacant because of the de-notification of M.P. LAHORE (Dunya The News) The son of PTI candidate for the PP-167 constituency Khalid Gujjar and the son of

PP 167 Election Results 2022

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PML-N’s candidate Nazir Chohan suffered injuries following a fight that broke out as both parties started campaigns in the area for the by-election scheduled for July.

 PP 167 Election Result | Lahore-XXIV Candidates

A Nazeer Ahmed Chuhan was elected as a bye-election candidate in the PP-167 Lahore on 17-07-2022. They confirmed it with the police and claimed that the incident occurred in the presence of PML-N as well as PTI candidates.

 PP-167 Result – Election Results 2018 – Lahore 24 – PP-167

Check Bye-Election Result 2022. PTI campaigner Khalid Gujjar claimed that their office in PP167 was targeted by Nazir Chohan, who tore up the banners while his guards fired. The PP-167 Lahore general election results for 2018 consolidated all candidates’ complete information.

 PP-167 Lahore Election Result 2018. Punjab Results

“My son got injured after being hit by a vehicle and is currently being treated at Jinnah Hospital,” He said. He also said that they’ve filed an official request for filing an FIR for the accused.

 Mr. Nazir Ahmad Chohan – Punjab Assembly

All Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz, Pakistan Peoples Party, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, Muttahida Majlis-e-Amal Tehreek-iLabbaik Pakistan Party intelligent and independent candidates including their complete votes.

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 PP 167 Lahore Election Result 2018 – Punjab Assembly

In the meantime, a candidate for PML-N claims that he had returned home from a campaign, at the time PTI employees opened fire and wounded his son. Nazir Ahmad Chohan Mian Muhammad Saleem Khaliq Ahmad Awan Khalid Naik, Muhammad Aslam Pervaiz, Asif Raza Baig, Syed Ihsan Ullah Waqas, Sumaira Bibi, and Ahmad Hassan were the candidates for P.P. 167 in G.E 2018.

All Candidate Votes Election 2018 of PP167 Lahore

Candidate Name Party Name Votes
Nazir Ahmad Chohan PTI 40680
Mian Muhammad Saleem PML-N 38444
Khaleeq Ahmed Awan TLP 6286
Khalid Naik AAT 2905
Muhammad Aslam Pervaiz PPP 2788
Asif Raza Baig Independent 938
Syed Ehsan Ullah Waqas MMA 899
Sumaira Bibi APML 183
Ahmad Hassan Independent 40

PP 167 Lahore By-Election Result 2022 Candidates And Party Affiliation

The ECP has announced a date for 20 provincial seats which were vacant after MPAs who had defected to the PTI were removed from the seats. Vote for the winner as well as the runner-up candidate. any other candidate. The candidates will be announced with elections symbols on the 24th of June and the voting will begin on the 17th of July.

PP-90 – Election 2018 Results


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