PLRA Online Booking Appointment 2022

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The government has authorized agencies that manage land records throughout the country. There are many options available, including hiring someone’s services online, visiting offices premises, or visiting officials’ offices on foot. All businesses can access land records from the country, which are maintained by government-approved entities. Here are some ways you can make use of Pla land record authority’s services and all of its services.

PLRA Online Booking Appointment 2022

Over the years, millions of properties were registered at the authorized centers. First, we need to know what the Pla Land Record Authority does for you if you’re thinking of visiting it. Many parcels were recorded at the centers, which have been approved over the years. Appointment 2022

This agency is responsible for maintaining records about properties that have been settled in the region. If you sell or buy a property, your authorized documentation is also added to or updated by the provincial land records management authority. They also keep property registration records. The attestation that you received from the property must be processed or integrated into the Land Records department of any authority that has the authority to sell or buy your home.

PLRA Online Token Booking 2022 Appointment

These records are vital for your legal status and the mortgage value of your property. These documents are vital to your legal status as well as the value of your mortgage. If you lose your documents, contact your local authority to obtain the official land record. This will allow you to verify ownership and transfer status (if applicable).

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The Punjab Land Record Authority made bold decisions to offer the easiest way to book appointments online without having to visit the PLRA office in person. This article focuses on the Punjab Land Record Authority (PLRA), which is intended to assist citizens of Punjab with their land and property matters.

Punjab Land Records Authority Booking

Before you visit the Punjab Land Record Center PLRA Computer Office, it is important to schedule an appointment at least one day in advance.


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We have all the information you need to make an appointment at Punjab Land Record Authority (PLRA).

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To make an appointment, you don’t have to visit the Computer Office of the Punjab Land Record Center. The government of Pakistan has introduced digital reforms in Pakistan over the past few years. You can book an appointment at your home. Call the official PLRA Phone Number 042111222277.

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These reforms allow citizens to easily access the state authorities online for their needs. A mobile phone or computer can also be used to make an appointment in Punjab Land Record. Similar is true for Punjab Land Record Authority (PLRA). Online appointments are possible without cost.

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We can see that the old practices required citizens to visit the office multiple times in order to get an appointment. Farmers are advised to make an appointment at least 48 hours in advance so they can save time and money. PLRA appointments can now be made online with the help of the online forum.

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You are looking for the best methods to make an appointment with Pla Land in your city or town? It is an integral part of one’s life. Depending on what kind of work you want to do, it can be quite challenging.

Punjab Land Records Authority PLRA Contact Numbers

Phone: (042) 99330111, 99330112

Fax : (042) 99330127

Contact DG PLRA: (042) 99330298

For Appointment: 0333-1222277, (042) 111-22-22-77

For Complaints UAN: (042) 111-22-22-77

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