Physics Guess Paper 2022 Class 12

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Physics is the field of science that investigates the subject matter, energy as well as their interactions. 12th Class Physics Guess paper 2022 Punjab Board. For students in 12th grade, physics is essential. The key questions to ask in Physics Lesson 12 have been presented in this article. The best facilities are available to students in their 2nd year here. Here are some important short and long guessing papers. We have the 2nd year Physics guess paper 2022 in this article that is significant from a paper’s point of view. Second Year Physics is a crucial guess paper 2022.

2nd Year Physics Guess Papers 2022

The guess paper also contains significant long questions on Physics for the 2nd year chapter 2022. Also, check out these guess papers for every subject for 2022, the year following the second. Our team made these physics guess papers for 2022 class 12 with more care using the experience of 12th-grade students.

2nd Year Physics Guess Paper 2022 All Punjab Board

12th Class Physics Guess paper 2022 Punjab Board. It’s the dedication of our highly skilled and highly qualified staff, which can be very beneficial to the students. Here is a crucial guess paper for the 2nd year of Physics, and it is available in PDF format for download at no cost. These guess papers from 12th-grade physics are provided for free on this page. StudyHelp.PK provides high-quality services for students and teachers. The physics guess papers 2022 2nd Year are accessible for download at no cost here.

About Physics

Physics is a branch of science that studies the nature of matter and how the primary components of the universe interact. It examines the interaction between objects from very small to quantum mechanics, to the whole universe by using general relativity

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  1. Show that Coulomb’s law is in compliance with the 3rd law of motion.
  2. Define five characteristics that electric fields have.
  3. What are the factors on the basis of which fluxes in electricity are based?
  4. Determine Gaussian Surface and Electric Lines of Force.
  5. Find the electric field intensity within the uncharged sphere.
  6. How can you tell the distinction between electrical force and gravitational force?
  7. The definition of farad and capacitor is to define capacitor.


  • Define electric potential. Find the expression for electric potential at a specific location due to a particular charge.
  • A proton in an electric field uniform of 5000 NC-1 oriented towards the right can traverse the distance of 10.0 cm. Calculate the potential differences between the two points completed and the velocity.

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  1. What are the challenges in checking whether that filament in a lit bulb is in compliance with Ohm’s Law?
  2. Determine the temperature coefficient of resistance, and then write down the formula.
  3. It is important to distinguish between conductivity and resistance.
  4. Write two examples of the rheostat and draw their diagrams.
  5. What are the thermistors? How do they get made?
  6. State Kirchhoff’s 1st rule.


Explain Ohm’s law.

  • The resistance of the iron wire at the temperature of 0 to equals 1 x 1 ohm. How much resistance is there in 500 oC in the case of temperatures? The resistance coefficient of iron is 5.2 10 3 K 1.



  1. State Ampere’s law, and make it mathematically written.
  2. What’s Lorentz’s force? Provide its formula.
  3. What is CRO? Give the name of any four primary components of it.
  4. Definition of magnetic flux as well as the unit it is used to measure.
  5. What’s the role of grids in a cathode ray oscilloscope?
  6. Define briefly the operation of the electron gun in CRO.


  1. State ampere’s law and use it to calculate the magnetic field caused by a solenoid with a current-carrying circuit.
  2. What is the method by which the e/m of an electron can be measured? Explain.
  3. Example 14.4

Physics Guess Paper 2022 Class 12 Sindh Board

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