Physics Guess Paper 2022 Class 12

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Physics is the field of science that investigates the subject matter, energy as well as their interactions. 12th Class Physics Guess paper 2022 Punjab Board. For students in 12th grade, physics is essential. The key questions to ask in Physics Lesson 12 have been presented in this article. The best facilities are available to students in their 2nd year here. Here are some important short and long guessing papers. We have the 2nd year Physics guess paper 2022 in this article that is significant from a paper’s point of view. Second Year Physics is a crucial guess paper 2022.

2nd Year Physics Guess Papers 2022

The guess paper also contains significant long questions on Physics for the 2nd year chapter 2022. Also, check out these guess papers for every subject for 2022, the year following the second. Our team made these physics guess papers for 2022 class 12 with more care using the experience of 12th-grade students.

2nd Year Physics Guess Paper 2022 All Punjab Board

2nd-Year-Physics-Guess-Paper 2022

12th Class Physics Guess paper 2022 Punjab Board. It’s the dedication of our highly skilled and highly qualified staff, which can be very beneficial to the students. Here is a crucial guess paper for the 2nd year of Physics, and it is available in PDF format for download at no cost. These guess papers from 12th-grade physics are provided for free on this page. StudyHelp.PK provides high-quality services for students and teachers. The physics guess papers 2022 2nd Year are accessible for download at no cost here.

2nd Year Physics Guess Paper 2022 | Punjab Boards

This is a guess-paper for the exam that will be the final one of the 12th Physics class in 2022. All Punjab Board Past Paper 2022. The guess paper of Physics 2nd year covering all schools of Punjab is provided here for all students in Punjab.

12th Class Physics Guess Paper 2022 Punjab Board | 2023

12th Class Physics Guess paper 2022 Punjab Board. Physics is a difficult and complex subject, so these guess papers will help you pass the physics test. The 2022 second-year questioning test papers are offered to students in the 12th grade in order to fully prepare for the board exams across all subjects.

2nd Year (12th Class) Physics Guess Paper Solved 2022

To score high grades in Physics Download these handy Guess papers for a certainty. These papers on guessing tests are given by our students in the highest format, specifically for those who are diligent. Download the 12th class physics guess paper in pdf format so that you can try these guess papers on your own.

2nd Year Physics Guess Paper 2022 Punjab Boards

Take a look at the 2022 level 12 Quiz Test Paper to improve your test scores. These guess papers from physics can be found in soft forms. “Remember that 12th class Guess Paper from the pure study is changed every year. Paper is prepared each year to conform to the latest calendar.

2nd Year Physics Guess Paper 2022

These 12th-grade guess papers in Physics are extremely helpful and crucial. This Schedule, therefore, is for 2022 only. I will be updating this page for 2023’s year”. To make it easier for students in 12th grade These crucial guess papers have been created.

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Fsc Part 2 Physics Guess 2022

These files of speculation for all boards in Punjab are accessible online and can be downloaded. These second-year guess tests are designed as mock board tests. Check out the guessing paper on the site StudyHelp.PK  and download the pdf format.

12th Class Physics Guess Paper 2022 | Fsc Part 2 Phy

Students can download 12-level guessing tests in pdf format by clicking here. Students can then prepare these crucial guessing test papers online or offline for more marks on the exam.


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Practice these important guess paper questions prior to attending the take the physics board test.




  1. Show that Coulomb’s law is in compliance with the 3rd law of motion.
  2. Define five characteristics that electric fields have.
  3. What are the factors on the basis of which fluxes in electricity are based?
  4. Determine Gaussian Surface and Electric Lines of Force.
  5. Find the electric field intensity within the uncharged sphere.
  6. How can you tell the distinction between electrical force and gravitational force?
  7. The definition of farad and capacitor is to define capacitor.


  • Define electric potential. Find the expression for electric potential at a specific location due to a particular charge.
  • A proton in an electric field uniform of 5000 NC-1 oriented towards the right can traverse the distance of 10.0 cm. Calculate the potential differences between the two points completed and the velocity.



  1. What are the challenges in checking whether that filament in a lit bulb is in compliance with Ohm’s Law?
  2. Determine the temperature coefficient of resistance, and then write down the formula.
  3. It is important to distinguish between conductivity and resistance.
  4. Write two examples of the rheostat and draw their diagrams.
  5. What are the thermistors? How do they get made?
  6. State Kirchhoff’s 1st rule.


Explain Ohm’s law.

  • The resistance of the iron wire at the temperature of 0 to equals 1 x 1 ohm. How much resistance is there in 500 oC in the case of temperatures? The resistance coefficient of iron is 5.2 10 3 K 1.



  1. State Ampere’s law, and make it mathematically written.
  2. What’s Lorentz’s force? Provide its formula.
  3. What is CRO? Give the name of any four primary components of it.
  4. Definition of magnetic flux as well as the unit it is used to measure.
  5. What’s the role of grids in a cathode ray oscilloscope?
  6. Define briefly the operation of the electron gun in CRO.


  1. State ampere’s law and use it to calculate the magnetic field caused by a solenoid with a current-carrying circuit.
  2. What is the method by which the e/m of an electron can be measured? Explain.
  3. Example 14.4



  1. Define electromagnetism, and provide the name of a device where electromagnetism is utilized.
  2. State Faraday’s law of electromagnetism. Write it down in its mathematical form.
  3. It is evident that the induced emf, as well as the rate of change in flux, are the same units.
  4. How big is the mutual inductance?
  5. Define self-induction as well as self-inductance.
  6. Make a note of the back motor effect of the generator?
  7. Discuss two ways to increase the efficiency of the transformer.
  8. How can the current induced be amplified?
  9. Self-induced emf can also be known as back emf?


  1. How do you define a transformer? Explain its fundamental design and its theory.
  2. A good step-down transformer can be connected to the main electricity supply of 240V. It is ideal to use a 12 V 30-watt lamp. Determine the current in the primary and transform ratio.



  1. Select the device that permits direct current flow but blocks the flow of alternation current.
  2. What exactly do you mean by the phase-in A.C.?
  3. Define peak value as well as peak values for A.C. Voltage?
  4. Definition of A.C. the current. Create its wave shape.
  5. What happens when you double the frequency? alter the reaction of an inductor?
  6. In the R the C Series circuit will the current be a lag or cause the voltage. Explain your answer using a diagram.
  7. What exactly do you mean by the term “phase lag” and “pose lead”?
  8. Write down the impedance formula for the R L Series circuit. L Series circuit.


  1. Define electromagnetic waves, modulation, and the like in an R L L series circuit. Does the cunt delay or cause the voltage to rise? Explain your answer using an illustration of a vector.
  2. Numerical No. 16.8
  3. Consider the inductor’s behavior within an A.C. Circuit. Write a formula for the inductive reaction.
  4. An iron core coil with 2.0 H, 50 Ohm, and connected in series has a resistance of 350 Ohm. An AC power supply with 100 V and 50 Hz is connected to the circuit. Find the current flowing through the coil.



  1. Give a definition of the crystal lattice, and an illustration.
  2. Define the modulus of elastic and write down its formula.
  3. What exactly is strain energy?
  4. What are the hard and soft magnetic materials?
  5. Define the temperature of a curie.
  6. What is the meaning of strain energy? What can be deduced by analyzing the force-extension graph?


  1. Numerical No. 17.2,17.3,17.4
  2. Define strain and stress. What is the energy of strain? Calculate its value using the formula of the modulus of elastic.
  3. What is the energy band theory of solids? You can distinguish between conductor’s insulation and semiconductors based on the principles of this concept.



  1. What is the net charge for P-Type and N-Type substances? Give a reason for the answer.
  2. Differentiated between P-Type semiconductors and semic conductors of the N-Type.
  3. What is the flow of current through the forward and reverse biased diode?
  4. Why do ordinary silicon diodes produce light?
  5. Define the open-loop gain of an operational amplifier, and then define the formula.
  6. The gate’s inputs are 1 and the outputs are 1 and. Determine the gate’s input if the output is) (0 b) 1
  8. The current that flows through the base of a transistor is 100 Meo A. Find the ratio Ic /I e if the value of the current gain of B equals 100.



  1. If light’s speed was unlimited, how would the formulas of the special theory of relativity reduce to?
  2. Can objects be moved at light speed? Please explain your answer.
  3. What are the black body radiations? What are the steps to get the black body?
  4. Which color, red or blue, has more energy and has greater velocity?
  5. What happens when light behaves as a wave? What happens when it behaves as a particle?
  6. State the uncertainty principle. Explain its two mathematical forms.


  1. What exactly is Photo-Electric Effect? Define it on the basis of quantum theory.
  2. How do you determine the de Broglie’s wavelength for an electron with a kinetic energy that exceeds 120 eV?
  3. A particle with a mass of 5.0 mg is moving at a speed of 8.0 milliseconds. Calculate its de Broglie Wavelength.
  4. Numerical – 19.10
  7. What is the meaning of line spectrum? A case study of how line spectrum might be used to identify elements?
  8. What is the hydrogen spectrum? could contain many lines when hydrogen is only one electron?
  9. Can energy be conserved in the event that an electron emits a beam of light? Explain.
  10. Discover the rate of an electron within 1 1st The Bohr’s first orbit.
  11. What is the meaning of the term “population inversion? Explain.
  12. How do K and Kp Xrays produce?


  • What are the meanings of inner shell transitions as well as characteristic X-rays? What is the process of making X-rays? Note down two properties and/or the types of X-rays.
  • What are X-rays? Define the processes that produce the X-rays.



Why are elements of heavy nature unstable?

In 235 U 92find. A) Atomic Number b) Charge number c) The number of neutrons

  1. d) Quantity of Electrons.
  2. Radioactive decay is what it sounds like? Please give an instance.
  3. Define Decay constant, and then write the unit.
  4. Define the function of control rods within the nuclear reactor.
  5. What exactly is Quenching? Explain.
  6. Make a brief note of the Geiger Müller’s counter.
  7. What is a fission chain reaction?


  1. How do we define radioactivity? Discuss the emission of alpha, beta radiations, and gamma radiations that come from radioactive nuclei.
  2. Numerical – 21.8
  3. Discuss the basic idea. Working and construction of G.M. Counter.

Guess Paper Of Physics 2nd Year 2022

In order to improve their scores, students should take advantage of these helpful testing papers that are based on guessing. You can also find the papers that were previously submitted to the 12th class. Graduating students in grade 2 may get the papers to guess their subjects in the 12th grade on StudyHelp.PK.

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Physics Guess Paper 2022 Class 12 Sindh Board

Guess papers for the other subjects in 12th grade are also available on the StudyHelp.PK  website. Students may also access previous essays and online classes in the 12th grade These are a huge aid for students.

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