NAPHDA Scheme 2022

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Easy Home – Mera Pakistan Mera Ghar provides affordable and convenient options for you to purchase and construct affordable housing units. This is done using the Diminishing Musharakah financing method. The rapid growth of the population and urbanization have resulted in huge housing demand. UPDATE (July 22, 2021): Lt. Gen., the Chairperson of Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme Project. It will also help Pakistan’s economy by offering youth employment opportunities. You can apply for the scheme if your family’s monthly income falls within the following bracket.

Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme 2022

According to the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP), the housing backlog, which was 4.3 million in 1998, has risen to 10 million in 2017. A large portion of this increase is due to Punjab. Anwar Ali Hyder stated that there would be a lucky draw for 1. Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme 2022 2022

Additionally, the existing supply of different sizes of houses is not proportional to the income distribution. 6 Million loan applications There is a shortage of 36,258 housing units currently in Chiniot. He confirmed that NPHP can be invested in by investors who cannot reveal their income sources until December 31. The housing shortage will grow to 49,032 units by 2023. Their dire need is to have affordable housing for the low- and moderately-income groups of the population.

Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme Registration Check Online

In addition, the government announced a 5% and 7% mortgage for 5 and 10 marla homes in the scheme. The government has established a Naya Pakistan Housing Project. Update (October 16, 2019: The deadline for applying in the second phase to register for Naya Pakistan Housing Program has been extended to November 15, 2019.

Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme Islamabad

Naya Pakistan is an ambitious housing development. We shared information about the government housing program and how to apply in a blog entitled “Get to Know All About Naya Pakistan Housing Program”.

Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme Lahore

Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme’s main objective is to build 5 million homes. You should be aware of a major update. These applicants could be low-income people or people who don’t have a house.

Online Registration For Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme

Due to the increasing popularity of the scheme, the government also created a portal where you can follow the online registration process for Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme.

Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme Draw List

State Bank will introduce policy and regulatory initiatives that will complement the efforts of the Government in the housing industry. On July 15, 2019, the second phase of online registrations for the Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme in Pakistan was launched.

An Overview Of Naya Pakistan Housing Program

  • Less than PKR 20,000
  • Between PKR 20,001 and PKR 40,000
  • Between PKR 40,001 and 60,000
  • Between PKR 60,001 and PKR 100,000
  • More than PKR 100,000

Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme Details

SBP initiatives include regulatory relaxations for banks/DFIs and the introduction of housing finance targets to banks.

Www.Naphda.Gov.Pk Online Apply

Families who are eligible can apply for the program in the three months prior to October 15. SBP provided a subsidized fixed-rate loan facility to help low-cost housing in special areas.

Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme Loan

If you have lived in a rented apartment for a while due to a lack of funds, this is the perfect opportunity. These initiatives will promote low-cost housing finance in the country. They are now able to buy a house in any Pakistani city. Naya Pakistan Housing Program promotes housing.

Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme Phase 2

Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme, a government-run program that will build 5 million homes for Pakistanis, is called Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme.

NAPHDA-Scheme 2022

Online Registration

This project is designed to provide low-cost housing for the homeless or low-income households. It is very popular with people from middle-income families.

Eligibility Criteria • All men/women holding CNIC.

• First time homeowner.

• One individual can have subsidized house loan facility under this scheme only once.

Parameter Tier 1 (T1)

(NAPHDA Projects)

Tier 2 (T2)


Tier 3 (T3)


Size of Unit (a) House up to 125 sq. yds. (5 Marla) with maximum covered area of 850 sq. ft. and

(b) Flat/apartment with maximum covered area of 850 sq. ft.

(a) House up to 125 sq. yds. (5 Marla) and

(b) flat/apartment with maximum covered area of 1,250 sq. ft.

(a) House up to 250 sq. yds. (10 Marla) and

(b) flat/apartment with maximum covered area of 2,000 sq. ft.

Age of housing units Newly constructed housing units during last one year from the date of application. However, this    requirement will not be applicable till March 31, 2023 under Tier 0, Tier 2 and Tier 3.
Financing Tenor Minimum 5 years and maximum 20 years loan tenor, depending upon choice of customer.
Subsidized Profit Rate First 5 years = 3%

Next 5 years = 5%

For period exceeding 10 years = 1 year KIBOR+2.5%

First 5 years = 5%

Next 5 years = 7%

For period exceeding 10 years = 1 year KIBOR+4%

First 5 years = 7%

Next 5 years = 9%

For period exceeding 10 years = 1 year KIBOR+4%

For loan tenors exceeding 10 years, market rate i.e. bank pricing will be applicable for the period exceeding 10 years.

(Applicant & Co-applicant)


25 to 60 years

Monthly Income Ø  For Individual & Household

PKR 25,000 per month net disposable income

Work Experience Minimum employment / business experience: 5 years
Maximum Price of Units PKR 3.5 million*


*Market value of a single residential unit at the time of approval of financing



No cap



No cap

Financing Range Maximum PKR 2.7 million Maximum PKR 6.0 million Maximum PKR 10.0 million
Early Payment/ Unit Purchase Option No restrictions on early payment/unit purchase.

Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme Registration Form

The housing sector was not a priority for previous governments in Pakistan. They didn’t even have any discussion in parliament about the issue. It was more than just a political campaign. The current housing crisis in urban Pakistan is estimated to be around 4 million.

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