NA-154 Election Result 2018

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Detail and complete 2018 election official results of NA-154 Multan 1 with votes detail for General Election 2018. The by-election schedule of NA154 Lodhran was announced on December 19, 2017, by the Election Commission of Pakistan. Election Pakistani Provide information about all candidates, their party affiliations and their votes in the general election 2018 of NA-154 Multan M.N. The deadline to submit nomination papers was December 28, 2017. A seat in the National Assembly of Pakistan.

NA-154 Election Result 2018

On 18 January 2018, a revised and final list was published with the symbols of all candidates for NA 154 Lodhran 2. Votes for PML-N and TLP, PSP as well as PPP, PPP, and PTI candidates. General elections were held on 10 October 2002. Sikandar Bosan, PML-Q, won with 47.368 votes. [1] Malik Ahmad Hussain Dehar, N.A. is elected MNA. NA-154 Election Result 2018

NA 154 Election Results 2018 – 13 candidates are participating in the general election 2018. They are from the NA154 Multan-I constituency, Punjab Province. A- 154 District Multan participated in the general election 2018. These are the key players and political parties for NA 154: Syed Abdul Qadir Gilani PPPP. All contestants’ detailed information. NA-154 Multan general elections 2018. View here the complete election result for NA 154 Multan I with total votes cast, election candidate’s position, constituency report, and previous results from 2008, 2002, 2013, and NA 154.

NA-154 Results – – Candidates List – Constituency Details

Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz – Pakistan Peoples Party – Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf – Muttahida Majlis-e-Amal – Tehreek-i-Labbaik Pakistan independent candidates and party wise with their complete votes detail. Find also the details of top political parties in NA 154, including other popular parties for election 2018.

NA 154 Multan 1

Malik Ahmed Hassan Dehar and Makhdoom Siddiqadir Gillani were defeated by Haji Sikandar Hayyat Khan Bosan. NA 154 Election Result 2018. – Ahmed Hussain Diehr PTI won the election with 74220 votes. He defeated Syed Abdul Qadir Gilani PPPP received 64257 votes and other candidates from NA 154.

NA-154 – ECP – Election Commission of Pakistan

Mian Muhammad Suleman Ali Qureshi, Malik Azhar Ahmad Sandila, Makhdoom Syed Muhammad Sher Ali Shah. I believed that the PPP was over after Bibi’s death, but it was already in chaos when Bilawal decided that he would continue the mission of the mother he loved. Muhammad Talal Zohaib, Rana Ameeq Ur Rehman, Tahir Razzaq, Irum Gull.

NA-154 Multan Election 2018 Full Result Candidates Vote

I have decided to vote for PPP. I am certain that Bilawal will lead this country as his mother envisioned. Aneela Iftikhar, Shaukat Hayyat Bolsan and Malik Noor Hassan Dehar ran as candidates in G.E 2018. Vote for the winning candidate, runner-up candidate, and any other candidate.

NA 154 Lodhran Bye-Election 2018 Result

NA 154 Multan I Election Results 2018 – 13 candidates are participating in the general election 2018. They hail from NA 154 Multan I. Multan is a city within the.


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Detail and complete detail about the Bye-Election 2018 result for NA-154 Lodhran 1.

All Candidate Votes Election 2018 of NA154 Multan

Candidate Name Party Name Votes
Ahmad Hussain Dehar PTI 74283
Syed Abdul Qadir Gillani PPP 64262
Haji Sikandar Hayyat Khan Bosan Independent 37156
Mian Muhammad Suleman Ali Qureshi PML-N 20983
Malik Azhar Ahmad Sandila TLP 7663
Makhdoom Syed Muhammad Sher Ali Shah Independent 1855
Muhammad Talal Zohaib PSP-T 1815
Rana Ameeq Ur Rehman Independent 1787
Tahir Razzaq Independent 1574
Irum Gull MMA 1105
Shaukat Hayyat Bosan Independent 1175
Aneela Iftikhar APML 614
Malik Noor Hassan Dehar Independent 472

Election Result NA-154 – 2018

PTI, PPPP, and PML N are the political parties that contest NA 154 Multan 1. Election Pakistani Information about all candidates, their party affiliations, and votes in the 2018 election of NA 154 Lodhran II Punjab Pakistan.

Contesting Candidates Party Affiliation Votes Polled
Ahmad Hussain Pakistan Tehreek-E-Insaf 74283
Aneela Iftikhar All Pakistan Muslim League 614
Iram Gull Muttahida Majlis-E-Amal Pakistan 1105
Makhdoom Syed Muhammad Sher Ali Shah Independent 1855
Malik Azhar Ahmad Sandila Tehreek-E-Labbaik Pakistan 7663
Malik Noor Hussain Dehar Independent 472
Mian Muhammad Suleman Ali Qureshi Pakistan Muslim League (N) 20983
Muhammad Talal Zohaib Pakistan Siraiki Party (T) 1815
Rana Ameeq Ur Rehman Independent 1787
Shoukat Hayat Bosan Independent 1175
Sikandar Hayat Khan Bosan Independent 37156
Syed Abdul Qadir Gillani Pakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarians 64262
Tahir Razzaq Independent 1574

NA 154 Election Result 2018 Multan

Here is the complete election result for NA 154 Multan I, including total votes cast in 2018, votes cast online, and the election candidate’s position. You can also see a report detailing constituency details, as well as previous results from 2008, 2002, 2013, and 2015 of NA-154 Multan I. Jahangir Khan Tareen, P.T.I, was elected MNA from N.A 154 District Lodhran during the bye-election 2015.

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NA-154 Multan Election 2018 Complete Result

You can also find a detailed overview & prediction for top political parties in 2018 including Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz, Muttahida Majlis-e-Amal, and Pakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarians, Awami National Party, PSP, MQM Pakistan, and other popular parties participating in 2018’s elections on 25 July 2018.

NA 154 Lodhran By-Election Result 2018 – PTI Vs PMLN

This constituency became vacant after Jahangir Khan, a Member of the National Assembly, was disqualified. Names of all candidates in the NA-154 Multan constituency of the Pakistan National Assembly. Election held in NA154 Lodhran. Pir Syed Shah Qureishi elected M.N.

Voting Statistics of Constituency 385233
Registered Voters 219737
Votes Polled 214744
Valid Votes 5120
Rejected Votes 57.04 %
Percentage of Votes Polled to Registered Voters 385233

NA 154 Election Results, Candidates Details

The names of all candidates, their party affiliations, and votes in the 2018 general election of Pakistan. A candidate from NA-154 Lodhran IV in the bye-election on 12-02-2018 Candidat from National Assembly seat NA154 Multan district in general election 2018.

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