NA-104 – Election 2018 Results

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Details and the complete election results of the NA-104 election for 2018 in Faisalabad IV including votes details for General Election 2018. NA 100.4 Faisalabad IV Election Results in 2018 – There were 14 candidates in general elections in 2018 from NA the 104th Faisalabad IV city, which is located in the Faisalabad constituency. Election Pakistani Give the names of the candidates, as well as their affiliation to a particular party and votes in the general election 2018 for NA 104 Faisalabad M.N.A seat in the National Assembly of Pakistan.

 NA-104 Faisalabad Election 2018 Full Result Candidates Vote

Parties that contest the NA104 Faisalabad IV are PML N, PTI, PPPP, TLP, AATPK, TLI, TLI as well as Independent. The votes are cast by PML-N, TLP, MMA, PPP, and PTI candidates. The NA-104 election results for 2018 are not yet announced. Results of the 2018 NA-104 Faisalabad IV election and the complete results for the national assembly will be accessible here once ECP announces the results. NA-104 – Election 2018 Results 2022

Here is the all election results of NA 044 Faisalabad IV, including the total number of votes cast in the 2018 elections and online votes cast by users as well as the election candidate’s name, the name of the party, details about the constituency, and the previous results of 2008, 2002and 2013, and NA and NA 104 Faisalabad IV. Chaudhary Mohammad Shahbaz is the elected MP from N.A- the 104 District of Faisalabad in the general election of 2018. Find the complete review and predictions of the most prominent political parties during the election of 2018 which includes Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI).

 NA 104 Election Result 2018 Faisalabad IV

The Pakistan Muslims League Nawaz (PML N), Muttahida Majlis-e-Amal (MMA), Pakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarians (PPPP), Awami National Party (ANP), PSP, MQM Pakistan, and other popular political parties, who are taking part in the elections of 2018 on July 25, 2018.

 Election Result NA-104 – 2018

NA-104 Faisalabad general election results 2018 consolidated all candidates who participated in the election’s complete information. NA 104 Election Results for 2018 15 Candidates taking part in the general election in 2018 in the NA Faisalabad-IV Constituency in Punjab Province.

Na-105 Election Result 2018

Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz, Pakistan Peoples Party, Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf, Muttahida Majlis-Amal, Tehreek-i-Labbaik Pakistan party-wise, and independent candidates with full vote details. The major players and political parties in NA 104 are as follows: Sardar Dildar Ahmed Cheema PTI.

 NA-104 Election Results 2018 Details

Chaudhary Muhammad Shahbaz Babar, Sardar Dildar Ahmad Cheema, Khalid Mehmood Gill, Rana Muhammad Farooq Saeed Khan, Fahd Ghaffar, Abdul Khaliq, Raheel Abid, Muhammad Faheem Akhtar, Muhammad Bilal Farooq Khan, Shafqat Rasool, Ch.

NA-104 Faisalabad Election 2018 Complete Result

You can check here the full election results for NA Faisalabad 104, Faisalabad IV.

NA-104-Election-Results 2022

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It includes total votes cast as well as the election candidate’s name, party name, report on constituency as well as previous results from 2003, 2008, 2013, and 2002 of NA 104.


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Punjab (141) – National Assembly Of Pakistan

Mazhar Ali Gull Muhammad Shaukat Iqbal, Sardar Sarfraz Ahmad Cheema and Muhammad Younus were the four candidates in G.E 2018. They are from N.A-104. You can also find the top party information of NA 104, including other popular parties from elections in Pakistan.

All Candidate Votes Election 2018 of NA104 Faisalabad

Candidate Name Party Name Votes
Chaudhary Muhammad Shahbaz Babar PML-N 95274
Sardar Dildar Ahmed Cheema PTI 73716
Khalid Mehmood Gill Independent 57547
Rana Muhammad Farooq Saeed Khan PPP 21792
Fahd Ghaffar TLP 6404
Abdul Khaliq AAT 4297
Raheel Abid TLI 3045
Muhammad Faheem Akhtar Independent 2259
Muhammad Bilal Farooq Khan Independent 1016
Shafqat Rasool Independent 902
Choudhry Mazhar Ali Gull Independent 866
Muhammad Shaukat Iqbal Independent 626
Sardar Sarfraz Ahmed Cheema Independent 536
Muhammad Younis Independent 382


Vote for the winning candidate, runner-up candidate, and any other candidate. NA 104 Election Result 2018 – Ch. Muhammad Shahbaz Bazaz PML-N was the winner of the election getting 95099 votes, beating Sardar Dildar Ahmed Cheema, a PTI candidate who received 73320 votes. other candidates from NA the 104.

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