Marie Curie Fellowship Online Apply 2022

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MSCA Postdoctoral Scholarships enhance the creativity and ingenuity of those with a Ph.D. and who are looking to improve their skills by undergoing advanced education internationally. Are you an accomplished postdoc who is looking forward to the next step in your career? This Marketing study group (Faculty of Economics and Business at the University of Antwerp, Belgium) solicits inquiries from those who would like to submit an excellent Marie Sklodowska-Curie postdoctoral fellowship proposal within the broad field of marketing in collaboration with the Department of Marketing as the host.

Marie Curie Fellowship Online Apply 2022

Inter-sectoral and inter-disciplinary mobility. We are seeking Expressions of Interest for proposals to conduct postdoctoral research within the marketing field in general. MSCA Postdoctoral Scholarships will be available to exceptional researchers from any nationality.

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The unique location that is the home of our department of Marketing offers many study opportunities within the fields of consumer behavior and marketing communication, as well as service and product innovation, as well as value co-creation between a vast array of stakeholders. The program also encourages researchers to participate in research and innovation projects that are not academic and is available for researchers looking to integrate into. Check out our website as well as the outline of supervisory capacities included in the attachment below to learn more about our particular expertise.

Marie Curie Phd Fellowship 2022 Deadline

Europe is home to people who have been displaced by conflicts and to scientists with a high-potential looking to revive their research careers. We will offer assistance and direction to help develop those ideas that we consider promising. Visit this link for more concerning MSCA Postdoctoral Fellows. When you write your proposal you’ll be able to depend on your supervisor to provide the required support.

Marie Curie Fellowship 2022 Results

The scholarship will be awarded to outstanding researchers conducting international mobility or within EU member states and Horizon Europe Associated Countries. The Grants Office provides administrative support as well as an MSCA starter kit and an in-depth training session on ‘Preparing to apply for a Horizon Europe MSCA Postdoctoral Fellowship’.

Marie Curie Scholarship

And also to Third Countries. We anticipate candidates to be highly innovative, creative researchers with outstanding track records that are suitable for their career stage as demonstrated by academic publications as well as other outputs from the scientific community.

Marie Curie Fellowship 2022 Results

Only interest expressions that satisfy the following MSCA eligibility requirements are considered Applications are jointly submitted by the research team and the beneficiary from either the non-academic sectors. You cannot have lived or been employed in Belgium for longer than 12 months within the three years preceding the deadline of the call.

Marie Curie Fellowship Salary

Postdoctoral Scholershipeither could be held in Europe. The 2022 call for applications is open until 12 May 2022. The deadline is on September 14, 2022. in the country of an EU Member State, or in a Horizon Europe Associated Country) or in a Third Country that is not connected to Horizon Europe: European Postdoctoral.

Marie Curie Fellowship 2022 Deadline

Make sure to check on the MSCA site as well as the European Commission’s Online Portal for further information on the call. Scholarships are available to researchers from any nation who want to participate in R&I projects, either by moving from.

Marie Curie Scholarship

Europe from any part of the world or by relocating within Europe. In order to be eligible for a position at the Department of Marketing (University of Antwerp) as the host institution, you must provide the following information in a single PDF file:

Marie Curie Fellowship Eligibility

The normal duration of these Scholarships must range between twelve and 24 months. A two-page proposal for the project, with your name, the department’s Marketing supervisor, as well as the type of fellowship (European or Global) you plan to use for the project.

Marie Curie Fellowship 2022 Results

Global Postdoctoral Scholershipare is available to European citizens or residents for a long time who are interested in participating in R&I-related projects with organizations outside of the EU. A two-page CV, which includes your complete name, contact information your current job and institution the highest degree you have earned, the date of award, as well as the name of the institution which conferred the degree, and so on.

Marie Curie Fellowship Success Rate

The EU Member States and Horizon Europe Associated Countries. Contact details and names of two referees (who will testify to your academic capabilities) The Scholershiprequire an outgoing period that is between 12 and 24, in any Third Country and a mandatory 12-month return period for a host organization located in the same country.

Indicative timeline

Are you considering becoming a Marie Curie Fellow and working on your research? Do you want to use your own University of Macerata as your host institution? You should consider applying for a Marie Sklodowska-

Marie-Curie-Fellowship-Online-Apply 2022

Apply Online

Curie postdoctoral Fellowship through the Horizon Europe program, which aims to promote excellence in research across national borders. EU Member State or a Horizon Europe Associated Country.

12 May 2022: Launch of the call for proposals Click Here
14 September 2022: Deadline for submitting proposals Click Here
February 2023 (second half): Notification of call results to applicants (to be confirmed) Click Here
April 2023: Grant agreement signature for successful projects (to be confirmed) Click Here
April 2023: First EU-funded projects start (to be confirmed) Click Here

Indicative budget

The University of Macerata will award the funding, training, and support package to skilled researchers who wish to apply for this European MSCA Postdoctoral Scholarship Call. The call will be accompanied by a research project that involves Macerata as the University of Macerata as a host institution (European Fellowships) or returns host institution (Global Fellowships).

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