King Faisal University Admission 2022

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King Faisal University (KFU), is a public university in Saudi Arabia. This means that admission applications must be made at the start of each academic year. There will not be any admission after the first.
semester. KFU was established in 1975. University ranking. No priority is given to admission based on the date of application. King Faisal University was ranked among the top 10 universities in Saudi Arabia. It doesn’t matter if the application was made on the first or second day. Or the last day, as long as it falls within the submission period. According to international rankings, King Faisal University ranks in the top 5%.

King Faisal University  Rankings, Fees & Courses Details 2022

Priority for admission is determined by the compound average, provided that not more than five years have elapsed since your graduation. From high school. The application process and tuition costs. What should I do if I have been registered on the portal but was denied admission? Admission Apply Online 2022

You should submit a new application. Admission boards require both certificates of academic performance and exam results. A student enrolled at a university cannot apply to the portal unless he/she withdraws. As the university has a low competition of applicants, it is easy to be accepted. There are 90 seats for 100. On the residence permit, the student must enter his/her ID number. Signing should be done by the student’s guardian.

 Alfaisal University | Riyadh. Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

You can access the link of specialties for male students and for female students on the website of the unified electronic admission portal to review the available specialties for the academic year 1433/1434 AH.

 King Faisal University – Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

An entire year of bachelor’s studies will run you approximately 5,000 USD. The user should fill in (15) preferences. It is recommended to order the preferences in priority order. If you are looking to earn your master’s degree in this country, be prepared to pay at least 1,000 USD annually.

 King Faisal University | World University Rankings

You can change it by using the link on your account at the unified electronic admit portal. The tuition fees aren’t too high but students can still apply for scholarships. Priority for admission is determined by the compound average, provided that not more than five years have elapsed since your graduation

 King Faisal University Employees, Location, Alumni

The university offers many programs that can be done online. Yes. Yes. The student can use the test results from last year. It is important to check for current tuition fees on ( with the desirable faculty in mind.

 King Faisal University | Al Hufūf, Saudi Arabia

Your data has been updated. Login is possible within 24 hours of the update. The university’s composition. You can get the grade through the website of the National Center for Measurement and Assessment in the Higher Education It is the highest score a student receives in the general aptitude exam that is used.

King Faisal University Vacancies

King Faisal University has more than 32,000 students concurrently. Saudi mothers’ non-Saudi daughters are treated the same as Saudi students. Applications from foreign citizens are accepted by the admission committee.


King Faisal University, a public university located in Al Ahsa in Saudi Arabia, is the main campus. It was established in 1975. KFU began with four colleges, two in Dammam and two in Al-Ahsa.

University Ranking

About 1% of students are foreigners. Once the file has been approved, the student should mail the file by Express Mail within the given period. The female applicant must also submit the application form and the passport, residence permit, birth certificate, and mother’s national identification card.

Application Process And The Cost Of Tuition

The university employs more than 1900 academic specialists to ensure the highest quality education. Only a few distinguished students are admitted to universities.


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Many teachers are foreign specialists. To find out more about universities, students should visit their websites. They should then follow the Deanship for Admissions and Registration at the university.

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The Composition Of The University

The university actively participates in international programs that promote academic exchange between educational institutions. Students must log in to their accounts by the dates set out in the application timeline. You can find more information on students and events at universities by visiting their social media pages.


Address PO Box 400, Al Ahsa, Eastern Region, Saudi Arabia
Phone +966 (3) 580 0000
Fax +966 (3) 580 8954
Website Click here
Email Click here to send an email

Headquarters: Al Hofuf, Saudi Arabia

Students: 90,000+

Campus: 6 Km2 (2.3 Sq Mi)

Academic Staff: 2,121

Established: 1975; 47 Years Ago

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