FPSC Descriptive Test Syllabus 2022

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The Federal Public Service Commission is the premier organization that organizes FPSC Tests for candidates from Pakistan who are seeking public jobs. The Federal Public Service Commission issued the scheme & syllabus for the Screening/Professional and Descriptive Exams of the female Lecturer Jobs under FPSC Advertisement No. 03/2022, and other jobs in Advertisement No. 03/2022. Only high-quality and internationally recognized standards can ensure the quality of all job applicants. We will give you all the details regarding the posts available, their qualifications, test specifications, and topics in the syllabus.

FPSC Syllabus 2022 PDF Free Download

Applicants who want to pass the required examination for public positions in the FPSC Syllabus 2020 are encouraged to apply. The applicants who score passing marks in the MCQ/Descriptive tests will be eligible for the next stage.

Www. fpsc.gov.pk Descriptive Test Syllabus 2022

Www. fpsc.gov.pk Descriptive Test Syllabus 2022

You must pay attention to the syllabus and curriculum as it is important that job applicants do not make a mistake. The next round will be the Viva Voce Test/Interview stage. All applicants, good luck! Students and FPSC Job Applicants that wish to have a higher chance of passing their required FPSC exam must be able to understand the FPSC Test Syllabus. The Screening/Professional Exam of the FPSC Advertisement.

FPSC Syllabus Importance

No. 03/2022 will feature an Objective Type or MCQ-based examination following the below pattern. Vocabulary, sentence structure, general knowledge, everyday Science, Basic Athematic, Current Affairs, and others.

FPSC Syllabus For Inspector Technical (BS-16)

The Descriptive Tests for the FPSC Advertisement No. 03/2022 will have a Subjective Type exam with 100 marks. Without proper planning, preparation, and execution of the Syllabus for FPSC, job applicants will not be successful. You can view the Screening/Professional Tests scheme & syllabus for FPSC Advertisement No.03/2022 from the link below.


While many test prep academies can help job seekers and students prepare for the upcoming CSS Test and public job postings, they do not guarantee success if they don’t pay attention to the approved curriculum and syllabus of the FPSC. https://www.fpsc.gov.pk/sites/default/files/Syllabus%20Combined%20Ad%20No%2003-2022.pdf

FPSC Job Advertisement 04/2022 Syllabus

The federal public service commission (FPSC), issued the syllabus for the subjective technical proficiency test. Good news for those who are seeking a job after completing a Bachelor’s degree in at least 2nd division.

About Descriptive Test Syllabus 2022

FPSC Descriptive Exam Notes by Aamir Mahr (CPEC, Pakistan, US policy in South Asia and Kashmir Issue – A historical description of the tragedy) — Part – I/ Download in pdf.FPSC Descriptive Test notes by Aamir Mahar


Download Online

(“The Salient Features & Amendments of 1973 Constitution, Status of Women in Islam, Economic Challenges for Pakistan and Rising Islamophobia in Western Europe, Islamic Concept of Human Rights and Afghan Factor”) — Part – II/ Download as PDF.

FPSC English Lecturer Syllabus 2022

The maximum marks for this post are 100 The Federal Public Service Commission has announced the FPSC FBR Custom Inspector Jobs 2020. The last date to submit an Online Application for the FPSC Custom Inspector Jobs 2020 is 21 September 2022.

Assistant Director Legal FPSC Syllabus

Minimum Qualification and Experience Required: B.Tech degree If the Public Service Commission is involved in any type of Job recruitment, then one thing is certain. You must appear in the written exam conducted by officials.

FPSC Female Lecturer Syllabus 2022

If you pass the test, you will be eligible for job interviews. This syllabus covers electrical and electronics circuits, troubleshooting and working with RF communication systems, and working with CCTV cameras.

FPSC Lecturer Syllabus 2022

The Custom Inspector or Intelligence Officer job vacancy is 158, so you have more chances to be hired. Designing of a prototype type, and other topics. Below is a complete list of eligibility criteria for the FPSC Custom Inspection Intelligence Officer 2022. You can find the syllabus here in PDF.



Consolidated Advertisement 10 FPSC Syllabus PDF Download Syllabus PDF
Consolidated Advertisement 09 FPSC Syllabus PDF Download Syllabus PDF
Consolidated Advertisement 08 FPSC Syllabus PDF Download Syllabus PDF
Consolidated Advertisement 07 FPSC Syllabus PDF Download Syllabus PDF
Consolidated Advertisement 06 FPSC Syllabus PDF Download Syllabus PDF
Consolidated Advertisement 05 FPSC Syllabus PDF Download Syllabus PDF
Consolidated Advertisement 04 FPSC Syllabus PDF Download Syllabus PDF
Consolidated Advertisement 03 FPSC Syllabus PDF Download Syllabus PDF
Inspector Custom/Intelligence Officer FPSC Syllabus PDF Download Syllabus PDF

FPSC Assistant Director Syllabus 2022

It is important that you read the entire document from beginning to end. You should also know the FPSC Custom Inspection Syllabus before you go to the examination hall. Also, which type of MCQs will you face in the Written Test for the Custom Inspector Job?

FIA Inspector Investigation Syllabus 2022

PBTE Result 2022 DAE


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