FBR POS Prize Scheme 2022

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FBR encourages people to shop at the Point of Sale integrated outlets and to participate in the lucky draw to win cash prizes every month. This is a significant step towards documenting the economy. FBR (HQs), Islamabad, hosted the first computerized draw for the POS Prize Scheme. The computerized ballot was transparently conducted and in the presence of mainstream media. Federal Board of Revenue announced Rs. 53 Million, including the top prize of Rs. 1,000,000, two prizes of Rs. 0.5 million, four prizes worth Rs. 0.25 million, four prizes of Rs. In the first computerized draw, 50,000 were each. The verified receipts for one month, covering the period 1 December to 31 December 2021, were used in this event.

POS Prize Winners 2022 – Federal Board Of Revenue Government

The winners were notified instantly via text message to the designated mobile number. Chairman FBR congratulated and congratulated the winner of the huge prize (Rs 1,000,000), by phone. The prize program will continue to award Rs. Through a computerized ballot, the lucky 1007 winners will be awarded Rs. 53 million. For receipts valid from 1 January to 31 January 2022, the next lucky draw will be held on 15 February 2022.

Www.fbr.gov.pk POS Prize Scheme 2022

The Federal Board of Revenue announced an FBR POS Scheme where you can win 10,00,000. Rupees each month. FBR POS Prize Scheme: Every month, you could win 10,00,000. Rupees from the Federal Board of Revenue FBR announce prizes for buying any item in the Shops/Retailers/Superstores that are part of the FBR POS System. M FBR announces prizes for buying any item in the Shops/Retailers/Superstores associated with FBR POS System.

FBR Lucky Draw Winner List 15 July 2022 POS System

Federal Board of Revenue Lucky Draw Winners List was announced for the 5th Lucky Draw on 15 July 2022. FBR 6th Lucky Draw Winner List is expected to be announced on 15 June 2022.

Download FBR Lucky Draw List 15 July 2022 POS System

A system has been introduced that charges only Rs 01 on your total bill for shops. FBR Lucky Winners will receive Rs.53 million between 15-07-2022, and every month thereafter through FBR Lucky Draw. The lucky draw winner will receive an Rs.1 million first prize if he purchases from retailers that are integrated with POS machines.

FBR Holds First Computerized Draw Of POS Prize Scheme On 15th January 2022

Every month, the Federal Board of Revenue distributes prize money among 1007 lucky winners. Each month, four prizes and a third prize each valued at Rs.250,000 will be awarded. Two prizes each for the second prize are worth Rs.500,000. You can also send in entries to the FBR Lucky Draw by following this process:

FBR Lucky Draw Live Streaming

Only these entries will be eligible for Federal Board of Revenue Qura Andaz, which will be verified until the end of each month.

Check Online

FBR POS Lucky Draw 15 March 2022

Your Bank Account will receive the prize money directly. This draw is open to all customers who have verified approximately 3,70,000 invoices between April and May.

FBR Lucky Draw 2022

The Pakistani People have been awarded the Prize Winning Scheme by the Federal Board of Revenue. One of the 1007 winners could win Rs.53 million in prizes.

Check The Complete List In the PDF

1 Metro Pakistan
2 Car sale outlets
3 Sweet shops
5 Imtiaz super market
6 Hotels
7 Famous foods point
8 Gourmet Foods
9 Superstores
10 Pizza shop
11 Bakery shop
12 Shoe sale shops

FBR POS Verification

FBR POS Scheme 2022 was announced to encourage shoppers to shop at registered Merchandise/Shops/ Brands/ Super Stores. Here is how to view the online FBR POS Scheme List in PDF. On your total purchase bill, Rs 01 will be added.

Prize Amount

Number of FBR Winner

10,00,000 01 Winner
5,00,000 02 Winners
2.50,000 04 Winners
50,000 1000 Winners

FBR POS Lucky Draw Date

Lucky winners who purchase from retailers with POS terminals will receive a 1,000,000 rupee first prize. Lucky you if your purchase came from retailers that are integrated with POS terminals. Four prizes/second prizes of 500,000 rupees each and four prizes/Third prizes of 250,000 rupees respectively will be available.


FBR Helpline can reach through phone (051-111-772-772)

FBR Online Verification 2022

PBTE Result 2022 DAE


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