Election Result Pakistan 2022

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Election Result Pakistan. General elections took place in Pakistan on the 25th of July 2018 to elect members of the National Assembly and the four provincial assemblies. Details and complete details about the full candidates for Pakistani general elections 2018 across all cities and districts in Pakistan. In the National Assembly elections, the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) received the highest number of votes and also won the majority of seats. Pakistan general elections in 2018 were held on the 25th of July, 2018.

Election Result Pakistan 2022

On the level of provincial at the provincial level, the PTI was the most powerful group in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) as well as it was the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) continued to dominate within Sindh and the newly-formed Balochistan Awami Participation (BAP) was able to establish itself as the most powerful group in Balochistan. Na 160 Election Result 2018.

Punjab Election Result 2018

The name of the final results of the candidate for all districts of the Pakistan MNA seat. The opinion polls prior to the campaign’s beginning had shown that the PTI had the upper hand over.

Na 240 Election

PTI over the Pakistan Muslim League (N) (PML-N) over the PTI. Details of the results for all Constituencies of the National Assembly of election 2018. Karachi Election Today



Information about the result of the elections and the position of each party in the National Assembly of Pakistan.MNA seats in N.A complete result and information on the vote. In Punjab, the outcome was a hung Parliament and PML-N winning the most seats. Election Result Pakistan Pakistan Muslim League (N) (PML-N) won the majority of seats. National Assembly of Pakistan in the outcome of the 2018 election.

Jamshed Dasti Election Result 2018

In the end, a few independent MPAs joined PTI and the PTI became the biggest group and was in a position to create an administration. But, the time before the elections revealed the strength of the military and its capability to influence the outcome of elections and even control portions of the press. Result Of Na 240

About ECP

There is an Election Chief Commissioner (in this section known as the Commissioner) who is selected by the president. The Commissioner cannot be appointed as a Commissioner unless they have been a Judge or a Judge of the Supreme Court or has been an officer of the senior civil service or is a technocrat and not more than 68 years old. Explanation 1. Election Result Pakistan  .–“senior civil servant” refers to a civil servant who has served for at least 20 years in the Federal as well as a Provincial Government and has retired with a BPS 22 or higher.

Na 71 Election Result 2018

Na 71 Election Result 2018 Explanation 2. .–“technocrat” refers to someone who holds an academic degree that requires completion of at least 16 years of schooling.

NA 154 Election Result 2013

which is acknowledged through the Higher Education Commission, and has at least twenty years of professional experience with a tracklist of accomplishments at the international or national or international level. (2A) the Prime Minister must consult with Opposition Leaders the National.

Kpk Election Result 2018

From an 11-point lead, PML-N’s lead began to shrink in the closing days of the campaign, and some polls near the election show PTI with a marginal lead. PTI with a small but growing advantage. Results of all provincial assembly districts of National.

National Assembly Election Result 2018

In the months leading up to the election, there were rumors of rigging pre-polls that were being carried out by the military, the judiciary, and intelligence agencies to influence the results of the elections favoring the PTI and against the PMLN.

2018 Election Results Pakistan Total Votes

We offer the full report for the Constituency of the National assembly with specific results.  Nevertheless, Reuters polling suggested PML-N’s advantage had.

NA 74 election result 2018

actually dwindled prior to the elections as well as that PML-N had been hit “blow upon blow” that led to setbacks for any chance of reelection.

MNA Election Result 2018

We have the full results for each Constituency of the national assembly, with the complete outcome. Click on the Constituency’s number to view the complete election results with the votes of all candidates. The day of the election saw PTI get 31.

Election-Result-Pakistan 2022

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General Election of Pakistan 2018 full and complete details including votes. Complete full detail live updated general election 2018 result. 82% of voters voted (its largest share of votes since the time of its founding) and the PML-N got 24.35 percent.

Election Result 2018 Date

National Assembly seats from N.A 1 up to NA 272. StudyHelp.pk is the largest election website for Pakistan General Election 2018. Details and the complete results of the 2018 election in NA-73 Sialkot II along with the results from General Election 2018.

NA 16 Election Result 2018

Complete and detailed election results of NA-16 Abbottabad II with the vote details for General Election 2018. NA 16 Election Results 2018 There are 18 candidates taking part in the general election in 2018 in the NA 16 Abbottabad-II Constituency in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province.

NA-73 election result 2018

Election Pakistani Give the details regarding the names of all candidates, their affiliation with a party, and their votes during the general elections 2018 in NA Sialkot II M.N.A seat in the National Assembly of Pakistan. All election results of NA Sialkot II.

PP 198 election result 2018

Sialkot II along with the total votes cast in the 2018 election as well as votes of users cast online and the position of the candidate for election with the name of their party as well as the constituency’s detail report. earlier results of 2003, 2008, and for NA Sialkot II. Sialkot II.

NA-135 election result 2018

It provides all the information all-inclusive and the final results of Pakistan elections from 1970 until the year 2018.

Election Districts

  • NA-1 Chitral
  • NA-2 Swat
  • NA-3 Swat
  • NA-4 Swat
  • NA-5 Upper Dir
  • NA-6 Lower Dir
  • NA-7 Lower Dir
  • NA-8 Malakand
  • NA-9 Buner
  • NA-10 Shangla
  • NA-11 Kohistan /Kola Pallas
  • NA-12 Battagram
  • NA-13 Mansehra
  • NA-14 Mansehra / Torghar
  • NA-15 Abbottabad
  • NA-16 Abbottabad
  • NA-17 Haripur
  • NA-18 Swabi
  • NA-19 Swabi
  • NA-20 Mardan
  • NA-21 Mardan
  • NA-22 Mardan
  • NA-23 Charsadda
  • NA-24 Charsadda
  • NA-25 Nowshera
  • NA-26 Nowshera
  • NA-27 Peshawar
  • NA-28 Peshawar
  • NA-29 Peshawar
  • NA-30 Peshawar
  • NA-31 Peshawar
  • NA-32 Kohat
  • NA-33 Hangu
  • NA-34 Karak
  • NA-35 Bannu
  • NA-36 Lakki Marwat
  • NA-37 Tank
  • NA-38 Dera Ismail Khan
  • NA-39 Dera Ismail Khan
  • NA-40 Bajour
  • NA-41 Bajour
  • NA-42 Mohmand
  • NA-43 Khyber Agency
  • NA-44 Khyber Agency
  • NA-45 Kurram
  • NA-46 Kurram
  • NA-47 Orakzai
  • NA-48 North Waziristan
  • NA-49 South Waziristan
  • NA-50 South Waziristan
  • NA-51 F.R FATA
  • NA-52 Islamabad
  • NA-53 Islamabad
  • NA-54 Islamabad
  • NA-55 Attock
  • NA-56 Attock
  • NA-57 Rawalpindi
  • NA-58 Rawalpindi
  • NA-59 Rawalpindi
  • NA-60 Rawalpindi
  • NA-61 Rawalpindi
  • NA-62 Rawalpindi
  • NA-63 Rawalpindi
  • NA-64 Chakwal
  • NA-65 Chakwal
  • NA-66 Jhelum
  • NA-67 Jhelum
  • NA-68 Gujrat
  • NA-69 Gujrat
  • NA-70 Gujrat
  • NA-71 Gujrat
  • NA-72 Sialkot
  • NA-73 Sialkot
  • NA-74 Sialkot
  • NA-75 Sialkot
  • NA-76 Sialkot
  • NA-77 Narowal
  • NA-78 Narowal
  • NA-79 Gujranwala
  • NA-80 Gujranwala
  • NA-81 Gujranwala
  • NA-82 Gujranwala
  • NA-83 Gujranwala
  • NA-84 Gujranwala
  • NA-85 Mandi Bahauddin
  • NA-86 Mandi Bahauddin
  • NA-87 Hafizabad
  • NA-88 Sargodha
  • NA-89 Sargodha
  • NA-90 Sargodha
  • NA-91 Sargodha
  • NA-92 Sargodha
  • NA-93 Khushab
  • NA-94 Khushab
  • NA-95 Mianwali
  • NA-96 Mianwali
  • NA-97 Bhakkar
  • NA-98 Bhakkar
  • NA-99 Chiniot
  • NA-100 Chiniot
  • NA-101 Faisalabad
  • NA-102 Faisalabad
  • NA-103 Faisalabad
  • NA-104 Faisalabad
  • NA-105 Faisalabad
  • NA-106 Faisalabad
  • NA-107 Faisalabad
  • NA-108 Faisalabad
  • NA-109 Faisalabad
  • NA-110 Faisalabad
  • NA-111 Toba Tek Singh
  • NA-112 Toba Tek Singh
  • NA-113 Toba Tek Singh
  • NA-114 Jhang
  • NA-115 Jhang
  • NA-116 Jhang
  • NA-117 Nankana
  • NA-118 Nankana
  • NA-119 Sheikhupura
  • NA-120 Sheikhupura
  • NA-121 Sheikhupura
  • NA-122 Sheikhupura
  • NA-123 Lahore
  • NA-124 Lahore
  • NA-125 Lahore
  • NA-126 Lahore
  • NA-127 Lahore
  • NA-128 Lahore
  • NA-129 Lahore
  • NA-130 Lahore
  • NA-131 Lahore
  • NA-132 Lahore
  • NA-133 Lahore
  • NA-134 Lahore
  • NA-135 Lahore
  • NA-136 Lahore
  • NA-137 Kasur
  • NA-138 Kasur
  • NA-139 Kasur
  • NA-140 Kasur
  • NA-141 Okara
  • NA-142 Okara
  • NA-143 Okara
  • NA-144 Okara
  • NA-145 Pakpattan
  • NA-146 Pakpattan
  • NA-147 Sahiwal
  • NA-148 Sahiwal
  • NA-149 Sahiwal
  • NA-150 Khanewal
  • NA-151 Khanewal
  • NA-152 Khanewal
  • NA-153 Khanewal
  • NA-154 Multan
  • NA-155 Multan
  • NA-156 Multan
  • NA-157 Multan
  • NA-158 Multan
  • NA-159 Multan
  • NA-160 Lodhran
  • NA-161 Lodhran
  • NA-162 Vehari
  • NA-163 Vehari
  • NA-164 Vehari
  • NA-165 Vehari
  • NA-166 Bahawalnagar
  • NA-167 Bahawalnagar
  • NA-168 Bahawalnagar
  • NA-169 Bahawalnagar
  • NA-170 Bahawalpur
  • NA-171 Bahawalpur
  • NA-172 Bahawalpur
  • NA-173 Bahawalpur
  • NA-174 Bahawalpur
  • NA-175 Rahim Yar Khan
  • NA-176 Rahim Yar Khan
  • NA-177 Rahim Yar Khan
  • NA-178 Rahim Yar Khan
  • NA-179 Rahim Yar Khan
  • NA-180 Rahim Yar Khan
  • NA-181 Muzaffargarh
  • NA-182 Muzaffargarh
  • NA-183 Muzaffargarh
  • NA-184 Muzaffargarh
  • NA-185 Muzaffargarh
  • NA-186 Muzaffargarh
  • NA-187 Layyah
  • NA-188 Layyah
  • NA-189 Dera Ghazi Khan
  • NA-190 Dera Ghazi Khan
  • NA-191 Dera Ghazi Khan
  • NA-192 Dera Ghazi Khan
  • NA-193 Rajanpur
  • NA-194 Rajanpur
  • NA-195 Rajanpur
  • NA-196 Jacobabad
  • NA-197 Kashmore
  • NA-198 Shikarpur
  • NA-199 Shikarpur
  • NA-200 Larkana
  • NA-201 Larkana
  • NA-202 Kamber Shahdadkot
  • NA-203 Kamber Shahdadkot
  • NA-204 Ghotki
  • NA-205 Ghotki
  • NA-206 Sukkur
  • NA-207 Sukkur
  • NA-208 Khairpur
  • NA-209 Khairpur
  • NA-210 Khairpur
  • NA-211 Naushahro Feroze
  • NA-212 Naushahro Feroze
  • NA-213 Shaheed Benazirabad
  • NA-214 Shaheed Benazirabad
  • NA-215 Sanghar
  • NA-216 Sanghar
  • NA-217 Sanghar
  • NA-218 Mirpur Khas
  • NA-219 Mirpur Khas
  • NA-220 Umerkot
  • NA-221 Tharparkar
  • NA-222 Tharparkar
  • NA-223 Matiari
  • NA-224 Tando Allahyar
  • NA-225 Hyderabad
  • NA-226 Hyderabad
  • NA-227 Hyderabad
  • NA-228 Tando Muhammad Khan
  • NA-229 Badin
  • NA-230 Badin
  • NA-231 Sujawal
  • NA-232 Thatta
  • NA-233 Jamshoro
  • NA-234 Dadu
  • NA-235 Dadu
  • NA-236 Malir
  • NA-237 Malir
  • NA-238 Malir
  • NA-239 Korangi Karachi
  • NA-240 Korangi Karachi
  • NA-241 Korangi Karachi
  • NA-242 Karachi East
  • NA-243 Karachi East
  • NA-244 Karachi East
  • NA-245 Karachi East
  • NA-246 Karachi South
  • NA-247 Karachi South
  • NA-248 Karachi West
  • NA-249 Karachi West
  • NA-250 Karachi West
  • NA-251 Karachi West
  • NA-252 Karachi West
  • NA-253 Karachi Central
  • NA-254 Karachi Central
  • NA-255 Karachi Central
  • NA-256 Karachi Central
  • NA-257 Killa Saifulla Zhob Sherani
  • NA-258 Loralai Musa Khail Ziarat Dukki Harnai
  • NA-259 Dera Bugti , Kohlu , Sibi , Barkhan
  • NA-260 Nasirabad , Kachhi , Jhal Magsi
  • NA-261 Jafarabad , Sohbatpur
  • NA-262 Pishin
  • NA-263 Killa Abdullah
  • NA-264 Quetta
  • NA-265 Quetta
  • NA-266 Quetta
  • NA-267 Mastung , Kalat
  • NA-268 Chagai , Nushki , Kharan
  • NA-269 Khuzdar
  • NA-270 Panjgur , Awaran
  • NA-271 Kech
  • NA-272 Lasbela , Gwadar

By-Poll Election Results Today Live

In regards to the election process Concerning the process of voting, the subject of voting, the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) categorically denied claims of rigging and declared that the elections were democratic and free.Na 245 Election Result 2018

Pp 209 Election Result 2018

In July, Pakistanis voted in what was the third successive transfer of the power of one civilian government to another within the country’s history of 71 years.

Na-56 By-Election Result 2018

Complete and detailed election results for the 2018 official NA-55 election result in Attock I along with the results from General Election 2018. NA 55 Election Results 2018 There are 9 candidates who are participating in the general election of 2018 in the NA 55.


Attock I constituency in Punjab Province. A-55 District Attock during the general election in 2018. NA-55 Election Results 2013 – There are many candidates who participated in the general election of 2013 in the NA-55 Constituency.

Na57 Election Result 2018

Election Pakistani Give the names of all candidates, their affiliation with their respective parties, and their vote in the general elections 2018 in the NA 55 Attock M.N.

Balochistan Local Body Election 2022 Result

The main participants and political parties in NA 55 are as the following: Shiekh Aftab Ahmed PML-N. A seat National Assembly of Pakistan.

Attock Election Result 2018

Here are the all election results of NA 55 Attock-I, including total votes cast, the positions of each candidate with their name of the party, a report on constituency as well as previous results from the years 2008, 2002, and 2013 and NA 55. There were votes for PML-N, TLP, PPP, MMA, and PTI candidates.

NA 55, including Election

Additionally, you can find the top party details of NA 55, including the other political groups that are popular in elections in Pakistan. Major (R) Tahir Sadiq is elected MNA from N. NA 55 Election Results 2018 The result of the NA 55 election was announced. Tahir Sadiq PTI is leading the election with 145168 votes, beating Shiekh Aftab Ahmad PML-N with 101773 votes. He also beat other candidates from NA 55.

Name Party Constituency #
Dr. Shireen M. Mazari (Chairperson) PTI RS (Women)
Mr. Pervez Khattak PTI NA-25
Mr. Asad Umer PTI NA-54
Raja Pervaiz Ashraf, Speaker National Assembly PPPP NA-58
Mr. Fawad Ahmed PTI NA-67
Rana Sana Ullah Khan PML-N NA-106
Khawaja Saad Rafique PML-N NA-131
Ms. Shahida Akhtar Ali MAP RS (Women)
Azam Nazeer Tarar Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PMLN) Senator
Manzoor Ahmed Kakar Balochistan Awami Party (BAP)
Muhammad Azam Khan Swati Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Senator
Taj Haider Pakistan People s Party Parliamentarian (PPPP) Senator

Election Results 2022

The most reputable watchdog for elections, Free and Fair Election Network (FAFEN) is added that the general elections of 2018 in Pakistan have been “more transparent in certain ways” as compared to previous polls. The election could be described as successful because the winners have been announced.

Election Results

In its initial report in its preliminary report, in its preliminary report, the European Union Election Observation Mission declared that no rigging of the election had been detected during the election day however it noted a “lack the equality” and criticized the election much more than they did been in the Pakistani elections in 2013.

ECP Info:

Headquarters: Sector G5/2, Constitution Avenue, Islamabad

Founded: March 23, 1956

Agency executive: Sikandar Sultan Raja, Chief Election Commissioner of Pakistan

BISE Lahore Punjab Police Result 2022


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