E-Tag registration 2022

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E-Tag registration 2022. NADRA developed an eToll system to facilitate vehicle movement on Pakistan’s highways. This was in response to the increasing traffic volume. Regular motorway users may be aware of the E-Tag facility, which provides an expedited way to access motorways for frequent users. You must have an E-Tag to travel on the M2 Motorway (Lahore-Islamabad) starting 7 December 2021. Here are details about ‘How do I get E-Tag for Motorway? and ‘How do I recharge my E-Tag? So that you can travel on M-2 Motorway (Lahore to Islamabad) or M-9 Motorway where the E-TAG is mandatory after 7/12/2022.

E-Tag registration 2022

People who want unrestrict motorway access would choose a radio frequency identification sticker (RFID) that would be placed on their car’s windshield. The system uses electronic readers that install at toll points to capture information from all vehicles entering the system.

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An RFID chip is placed on the car’s windscreen and captured by the reader. The E-Tag lanes are only available to users who drive into them. The toll booths will automatically check for the E-Tag sticker and allow the cars to pass. This decision was taken to reduce the long lines of vehicles at M2 Motorway Toll Plaza and to curb air pollution. The E-Tag facility was discontinued on 31 March 2018 in favor of the newer E Tag.


It removes unnecessary and time-consuming steps and allows for toll collection in the country without errors. Learn how to obtain an E-Tag for your vehicle easily by reading this post. It also ensures financial reconciliation and real-time information collection. The system is cost-effective.


It was mandatory for commercial vehicles to have M Tags in order to gain access to the motorway. However, the Frontier Works Organization and M Tag Pakistan Motorway authorities recently reiterated that private vehicles should also have an M Tag as soon as possible.

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The M Tag, like its predecessor, is a pre-paid RFID card that attaches to your car’s windscreen. It can be read by scanners at motorway toll booths. While the E-TAG is required for M-2 and M-9 Motorway travel, others are being added.

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Motorway police stated that no vehicle without an E-Tag will allow traveling on motorways starting December 7, 2021. It is easiest to obtain an E-Tag for your vehicle by going to the M2 Motorway Toll Plaza. The booths that issue E-Tags are located at the Toll Plaza.

About E- TAG

NADRA developed the e-Toll system for Pakistan’s highways to manage the increasing traffic volume and facilitate vehicle movement. The system uses electronic readers to capture information from all vehicles entering the toll plazas. In the same blog, we also explained the process for getting Motorway E-Tag. However, NHMP has updated the process and changed all the necessary documents to get an E-Tag sticker on your vehicle. E-TAG Documents:

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M-Tag Registration Islamabad

You used to need your CNIC, Car Registration Book, and Driving License. However, there have been some changes. According to the National Highway and Motorway Police, you will now only need your CNIC in order to obtain your E-TAG.

CNIC Car Registration Book
Drivers License COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate

What is E Tag?

Your car’s windshield must be clear from the top. E-Tag stickers will place there. If the glass tint, the machine won’t able to read them. According to the police, vehicles without M tags will not allow on motorways starting December 7, 2022.

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