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Federal Public Service Commission FPSC approved the schedule and timeline to be used for CSS Competitive Examination 2023. Here, you can find out details about the Exam timetable to be held for CSS 2023. FPSC has released the CSS 2023 exam schedule. Concerning this schedule, an announcement was sent by FPSC. As per it, an announcement to apply for CSS 2023 will go live on the website of the FPSC website from the 1st of July 2022. The official Schedule will be released at the beginning of July 2022, on the FPSC website.


FPSC will invite applicants to fill out an application to take the MCQ preliminaries based on MCQ Test (MPT) as well as the screening Test beginning on 7th July 2022. Check out the CSS 2023 Schedule approved through the Federal Public Service Commission FPSC.

Www.fpsc.gov.pk FPSC CSS 2023


The aspirant is eligible to apply for the Screening Test between August 8 and the 22nd of August in 2022. MPT stands for MCQ-based preliminary Test. The Ad is scheduled to run in effect for 15 consecutive days. FPSC will determine the seating plan to conduct the MPT/Screening Test until September 10, 2022. It will be introduced in the first quarter of this year in 2022. The MPT or Screening Test for CSS 2023 will take place on October 2nd, 2022 (Sunday). The result of the Screening Test will be announced on the 17th of October in 2022.

CSS – 2023 Schedule Approved By Federal Public Service Commission FPSC

The candidates who plan to appear in CSS tests first need to sign up to MPT, and then be present for the MPT Test. Following the MPT Screening Test After the MPT / Screening Test, the announcement of the CSS 2023 Written examination will be released. CSS 2023 Written exam will be published.

You Need To Know About FPSC’s Schedule For CSS Exam 2023

There will be 200 marks awarded to the MPT test. Aspirants who have completed the screening test are eligible to take the CSS written exam from 30th October – 14th November 2022. Candidates who have passed the MPT only are eligible to apply for the CSS Written Examination 2023.

Exam Schedule For CSS 2023

After submitting the online application The applicant must return the original application to the FPSC office within 10 days of the closing date, which is the 14th of November 2022. The Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC) has announced the dates for the CSS exam 2023 to be used for the post of BS-17 in the Federal government.

CSS CE 2023 Approved Schedule

The CSS 2023 exam will begin on February 1st, 2023 (Wednesday). Learn more on CSS 2023 here in the entire exam guide. According to the information that is available, the 2023 CSS examination cycle is scheduled to begin at the beginning of July 1st, 2022 after the publication of an open notice on the FPSC’s website.

CSS CE 2023 Approved Schedule For MPT And Written Exam

You will find CSS 2023 EXAM Complete Information including CSS Screening Test 2023, and CSS Screening Exam 2023. CSS Register and Advertisement 2023 and CSS 2023 Syllabus. It will be concluded by the beginning of the written portion on February 1st, 2023. You will find the following information more in-depth about the CE-2023.

CSS 2023 Syllabus

Federal Public Service Commission has recently issued a statement about the CSS Competitive Exam 2023 exam schedule. To find out more about what to expect from this CSS Screening Test 2023 one must go through all the instructions that were used in the most recent Screening of CSS Exam for the year 2022.

CSS 2023 Age Calculator

The commission published the schedule following the approval of the relevant authority.

CSS-Schedule 2022

Check Online

The Cabinet has approved the screening test for CSS 2022, the competition Exam for the exam CSS 2022. The screening test is expected to likely be conducted in February 2022.

CSS 2023 Subjects

According to the announcement notice, the FPSC will begin the registration process for CSS MPT 2023. CSS MPT 2023 in August 2022. According to some sources, passing marks will be 33% of 100 percent. The written Exam for the CSS CSS will be conducted in May 2022.

CSS Admission 2023

However, however, the CSS MPT (MCQs-Based Preliminary Test) is scheduled for October 2022. It is required to pass MPT in order to appear in the primary written CSS Competitive Examination in 2022 for the purpose of securing posts in BS-17 in 12 Occupational Services/Groups in the Federal Government.

CSS 2023 Syllabus Pdf

Following CSS MPT2023 has been passed successful candidates will be able to take taking the CSS CE written exam. Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC) will conduct MCQ Based Preliminary Test (MPT) on the 20th of February 2022(Sunday).

CSS Schedule

After the registration process After the complete registration procedure, the FPSC will then conduct an exam called the CSS CE Written exam 2023 in February 2023. Eligibility: Males, as well as females as well as special individuals with at least a 2nd Division Bachelor’s degree between the ages of 21-30, are eligible.

Serial No Activity Timeline
01 Placement of Schedule for CSS CE – 2023 on FPSC website 01 July
02 Advertisement & Receipt of applications for MPT CE – 2023 07 August 2022
03 Receipt of online applications for MPT CE 2023 08 August – 22 August
04 Reservation of Halls and Preparation of breakup 10 September 2022
05 Conduct of MPT 2023 and Posting of Answer Keys 2 October 2022
06 Announcement of MPT Result 17 October 2022
07 Advertisement for Written Exam 30 October 2022
08 Receipt of online application form MPT Qualifiers 30 October – 14 November 2022
09 Receipt of hardcopy of online application along with documents Until 24 November 2022
10 CSS Written Examination 2023 Commencement date 1st February 2023

CSS 2023 Advertisement

We have the entire CSS CE 2022 schedule. The upper limit of age is lowered by two years in the categories listed within Rule 6, the CSS Competitive Examination Rules-2019 and beyond provided that you meet the specifications of the document.

CSS 2023 Registration Check Online
CSS 2023 Syllabus Fpsc Check Online
MPT CSS Check Online
When CSS Exam Held In 2022 Check Online

CSS 2023 Schedule

The FPSC advised all departments and wings to take the required steps for CSS 2023 in accordance with the Approved CSS CE 2023 schedule. The date at which the cutoff is used to determine the eligibility of a candidate as regards the candidate’s age, qualifications and domicile are 31st December 2022.

What is MPT

MPT is an MCQ-based Premilinary Test. It will be introduced at the beginning of the year, 2022. Candidates who wish to take part in CSS examinations first have to apply for MPT registration and must take the MPT test. The MPT test will comprise 200 marks on the MPT exam.

  • Candidates who have passed the MPT only have the option of applying for the CSS Written Examination 2023.
  • MPT date has been announced for CSS CE 2023 – 2023. MPT is scheduled for 2 Oct 2022 ( Sunday)
  • CSS CE written exam will take place on 1st February 2023.
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