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The computer world is huge and packed with intricate details that are hard to be taught in a single class. The most important concepts an aspiring computer science student must learn have been covered in this course provided through the Board of Punjab. Here’s a new 2nd-year computer paper plan for ICS Part 2 students. But Second Year Computer Science Pairing Scheme. The most important concepts students of computer science who are new should be aware of are taught in this class offered through the Board of Punjab.

2nd Year Computer Pairing Scheme 2022 | Punjab Boards

Thus, the computer world is filled with vast and intricate details that cannot be taught in a single class. The scheme is available here, and you can download it as a pdf. So 12th Class Computer Science Paper Scheme All Punjab Boards.

2nd-Year Computer Paper Scheme 2022

2nd-year-Computer-scheme 2022

The topics cover fascinating topics such as the introduction of computer systems different elements in the computing system and their functions, data processing programming languages, the most important computer applications, and many more. 12th-grade computer paper scheme 2022 is now available to download in pdf. Students should focus their exam preparation around assessment schemes, such as the computer-based 2nd year pairing schemes 2022. At present, I’ve posted it as an image and also as text.

 12th Class Computer Science Paper Scheme All Punjab Boards with Paper Pattern

These plans provide students with an easy overview of all the subjects that will be tested during the test day. The pdf version contains the two-year-long pairing schemes 2022 for all subjects. In this computer program, students receive an idea of what they will need to study for their final test.

2nd year computer science pairing scheme 2022

I’m not sure whether students learn according to the paper pattern or simply cram through the entire book or want to master their computer science concepts in the 2nd year. Additionally, they will gain an understanding of what the test taker wants students to be able to comprehend.

2nd year computer science notes pdf download

The 2nd year computer science scheme 2022 has been published in pdf form here. It is possible to use the computer’s 2nd-year pairing scheme as a guideline for your subjects.

2nd year Computer Science Pairing Scheme 2022 – 12th Class

Download it here. You can mark the subjects you’ve learned about and note down the one’s subjects that need to be researched.

12th computer pairing scheme 2022

The paper’s scheme will give one an insight into how the document will be designed keeping in mind the importance of an amount of weightage for different chapters. It also has a checklist of the practicals included in the 2nd Year Computer Science Pairing Scheme 2022.

2nd year Computer scheme 2022

Now the students can find the following paper scheme computer science issued by Punjab board:

Question No. 1 MCQs = 15(1 from chapter 1, 3, 6, 8, 9, 10, 13, 14 each and 2 mcqs from chapter 2, 4, 11, 12 each)

Short questions

  1. Question No. 2 (6/9)
    Chapter 1 = 2
    Chapter 2 = 1
    Chapter 3 = 1
    Chapter 4 = 2
  2. Chapter 5 = 1
    Chapter 6 = 1
    Chapter 7 = 1
  3. Question No. 3 (6/9)
    Chapter 8 = 2
    Chapter 9 = 3
    Chapter 10 = 4
  4. Question No. 4 (6/9)
    Chapter 11 = 3 (Find error/output of code)
    Chapter 12 = 3 ( 1 output, 1 conversion)
    Chapter 13 = 2

Chapter 14 = 1

Long questions (Attempt ANY THREE questions from FIVE Questions)

  1. Questions No. 5
    Chapter 1 OR 3
  2. Questions No. 6
    Chapter 6 OR 7
  3. Questions No. 7
    Chapter 8 (theory)
  4. Questions No. 8
    Chapter 11 (theory)
  5. Questions No. 9
    Chapter 12 (program)

Computer Scheme 2nd Year 2022 Gujranwala Board

The paper pattern and pairing scheme of computer 2021 are given in the following table for each of the Punjab boards. All the subjects that you must study are covered within the plot of 2022 pairings, 2nd-year computer science. It is available on this website.

Computer Scheme 1st Year 2022

If you are unable to download the pdf or image of the paper scheme for 2022, you can capture screenshots.

Computer-Scheme-2nd-Year 2022

Download Online

It is vital to mention that the second Year computer science pair scheme that is used for all Boards that fall under the Punjab Board is the same.

2nd Year Computer Scheme 2022

You may also copy texts to your mobile. For instance, Multan Board, Sahiwal Board, and Gujranwala Board all use the same scheme of assessment. The paper design to be used for ICS part 2 2022 in computer science is identical to the one in 2021.

English Scheme 2nd Year 2022

Do you want to be able to get the top three positions on the top 3 positions of the Punjab Board? There’s one method you can do, and that is by practicing. However, there are two or three minor adjustments with the brand new pair scheme.

12th Class Computer Pairing Scheme 2022 Punjab Board


chapter 1 1 MCQs
chapter 2 2 MCQs
chapter 3 1 MCQ
chapter 4 1 MCQ
chapter 5 1 or 2 MCQs
chapter 6 1 MCQ
chapter 7 1 or 0 MCQs
chapter 8 1 MCQs
chapter 9 1 MCQ
chapter 10 1 MCQs
chapter 11 2 MCQs
chapter 12 2 MCQs
chapter 13 1 MCQs
chapter 14 1 MCQs

Short Questions Section

Question# 2

Chapter 1 2 Questions
Chapter 2 1 Questions
Chapter 3 1 Questions
Chapter 4 2 Questions
Chapter 5 1 Questions
Chapter 6 1 Questions
Chapter 7 1 Questions

Question# 3

Chapter 11 3 Questions
Chapter 12 3 Questions
Chapter 13 2 Questions
Chapter 14 1 Questions

Question# 4

Chapter 8 2 Questions
Chapter 9 3 Questions
Chapter 10 4 Questions

Long Questions

Question 5 Chapter 1 or 3
Question 6 Chapter 6 or 7
Question 7 Chapter 8 (descriptive)
Question 8 Chapter 11
Question 9 Chapter 12

Pairing Scheme 2022 2nd Year Computer Science Lahore Board

Examining past papers following revision of your classes will reinforce concepts in your mind, to make sure you’re equipped to respond to questions in the test. The students are now able to find the following computer science published by the Punjab board:

2nd Year Computer Scheme 2022 Sargodha Board

Furthermore, past paper experience helps you to identify areas you’re weak on and focus your attention on these areas.

Computer Scheme 2nd Year 2022 has just released new notes on short questions for the 2nd year of ICS part 2 in computer science.

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