Cadet College Wana Admission 2022 Result 8th Class & 1st Year

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Cadet College Wana Admission 2022

Cadet College Wana Admission 2022 opens in 8th grade and the 1st year. The applicant must be no less than 12 years old or over 14 years old age. Cadet College Wana is one of Pakistan’s most famous Cadet colleges. This well-known institute of higher education is situated in the stunning area of Wana Pakistan. Admissions offices at the college are open at various times during the day to students who are interested in registering in different areas. The college has also announced that students who are in the 8th grade can apply to apply for admission in 2022.

Cadet College Wana Prospectus

The Cadet University Wana Application 8th Class Form for 2022 Prospectus, Prospectus, and Fee Structure are all accessible here. Therefore, it is feasible for students who wish to attend this prestigious school to apply and achieve their goals in education. You’ve arrived at the right website if you’re searching the 8th-grade entrance. Cadet College Wana Admission 2022 for information on 8th class including how to apply for admission, the prospectus, and tuition costs, are all on this page to help you. If you’re interested in knowing details about Cadet College Wana Admissions, take a look.

Cadet College Wana Admission 2022 Criteria

Students in the 7th grade who are within the seventh grade are able to apply to this school. It has both a max as well as a minimum age limit as shown in the image below. If anyone is looking to apply to the school, there will be an admission test that they need to be able to pass. Candidates who want to enroll in the institution can get an application form at the admissions office. To apply for admission, fill out an application form following receipt of the prospectus and gather all the required documentation. Only applications that are filled out are considered for admission to this highly respected institution.

Cadet College Wana 1st Year Admission 2022

This Cadet School Wana Admission 2022 8th Class Registration Form Prospectus, Prospectus, and Fee Structure can all be found via this site if you have additional questions. If we can we’ll contact you as soon as we can. We encourage you to join us on our social channels to stay current with the most recent news and developments.

Cadet College Wana 1st Year Admission

Cadet College Wana Admission form 2022

Students who are interested in finding out about the expenses to attend this school could do so by checking the school’s website or looking through the prospectus. Test Results for the 1st year of Cadet College Wana. Pre-Medical and Pre-Engineering classes within Cadet College may apply for an 11th-grade limit of seats. Students who have scored at least eighty percent on the SSC examination scale.

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Cadet College Wana admission 2022 1st Year last date

At the time of application, the applicant is required to be in 10th or higher. The applicant must not be older than 17-years old. For the duration of six months, students at Cadet College Wana will lower the requirements for admission to Hafiz-e-Quran. Students who haven’t been notified of their results can apply to be admitted by submitting an assurance of hope that they will get an overall grade points average of at least 80 percent for the SSC Annual Examination 2022.

Applications that are completely filled out and along with a bank draught at 2200 rupees. 2200/-, can be downloaded from the website of the college,, and sent to the Cadet College Wana Admission Section. C/O PO Box 31, Dera Ismail Khan’s General Post Office.

Cadet College Wana Admission 2022, Form & Entry Test Result

The Wana Cadet college in Pakistan’s South Waziristan Agency cadet college was founded just two years ago. The college is a favorite with students from the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA). Students are able to join the military with help from Cadet Colleges. Students are trained for examinations for the preparatory exam as well as the ISSB test in order that they are able to be commissioned into as members of the Pakistan Air Force, Pakistan Navy as well as the Pakistan Army as commissioned officers. Many of the graduates of the college are currently working for Pakistan’s military. Pakistani military.

Cadet College Wana Fee Structure 2022

For the class 2022 Cadet College Wana is taking applications to be admitted. In 2022 the college will conduct an entrance test that is unique to this reason. In April of 2022 students can begin classes. The cities listed below will require an entrance test.

Admissions 2022 will assess students taking the 7th-grade classes: English, Urdu, Mathematics, and Punjab’s textbook boards course syllabus is used in the admissions test. The final round, which is that of the test, is scheduled to take place only for those who have passed the first two steps. Cadet college Wana South Waziristan is only accepting applicants who pass the written test as well as the interview (FATA).

Cadet College Wana Test Date 2022

Students in the 7th grade or who have completed the class test for 7th grade from a school that is recognized can apply for this job. There’s an age limit lower than 12 years old, and an upper age limit of 14 years. For the purpose of determining a candidate’s age, the cutoff is March 2022, 00. Hafiz the Quran is expected to be granted a grace period within the age limitation, which is to be monitored closely. Results 2022

The application process for admission at Cadet College Wana in 2022 by buying an admission form at the college’s admissions office. The admission application form as well as the roll number slips for 2022’s class may be downloaded from Cadet College Wana’s site at

Cadet College Wana official website

Cadet college Wana’s admission Section will be able to provide application forms. The acceptance or refusal of an application form is up to the decision of Cadet College Wana. Applications for admission must be submitted by the deadline date by the latest.

Cadet College Wana contact number

Address: At, Angoor Adda Rd, Wana, South Waziristan Agency, 29540

Ph.  (0965) 211988


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